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AAA Roundup: Young Bucks at Rey de Reyes?, LA Park angling for Triplemania, Match of the year contender

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling action. Could the Young Bucks appear at Rey de Reyes? How about LA Park into the Triplemania XXVII mask vs hair main event? On TV, Conquista Total featured Vampiro with a surprise for the tag team champs, Laredo Kid vs Taurus in a AAA match of the year contender, Drago defending his Latin America Championship, and pure chaos in the main event.

Before we get cooking with the news, here is a reminder that Rey de Reyes (full card) is going down this weekend on Saturday, March 16. The prime bouts will be the Rey de Reyes tournament itself and tag champs Texano and Rey Escorpion defending against the Lucha Bros, Fenix and Pentagon. Cody Rhodes will also be making an appearance.

The show will be available for free live streaming on Twitch in Spanish and English. I believe the start time is 8 pm Mexico City time. Important note: Mexico hasn’t had a time change yet, so it is best to think of it as 10 pm ET and adjust accordingly. Join us here on Cageside Seats for full coverage of the event.

Young Bucks at Rey de Reyes?

As noticed by thecubsfan at Luchablog, there was a possible tease of sorts at the end of this week’s Being the Elite. The Young Bucks were packing their bags for a wrestling trip and popped out a passport. With Cody Rhodes scheduled to appear at Rey de Reyes this weekend, that has led to speculation that the Young Bucks will visit Mexico to try to advance their AEW feud with the Lucha Bros.

I don’t quite know what to make of that idea. Fenix and Pentagon will be in the main event, so having the Young Bucks in the ring as the show closes might not mean much to Mexican fans. However, the internet wrestling community would probably get excited. That could be enough to rope in some first-time viewers to AAA, especially if it sets up a big match for Triplemania XXVII in August.

LA Park angling to be part of the Triplemania XXVII main event

If you recall the ending to Triplemania XXVI, Dr. Wagner Jr. came out to challenge LA Park to a hair vs mask bout. LA Park had just won Poker de Ases and removed the mask of Hijo del Fantasma. AAA seemed set to capitalize on that heat. For whatever reason, Blue Demon Jr. ended up taking that prime slot against Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs hair main event at Triplemania XXVII.

LA Park recently tweeted out a passage from the website Pasala.

It basically says that after the big money fight with Rush fell through in MLW due to Rush signing with ROH, LA Park would be interested in joining the Triplemania XXVII main event with Dr. Wagner Jr. and Blue Demon Jr. The opportunity is there if AAA general manager Dorian Roldan decided to make that call.

Seeing as LA Park tweeted the article out himself, there must be validity to the claim. On Park’s part, it would probably be a matter of money. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

Unfortunately for Park, I’m not sure if the Triplemania main event needs any extra sizzle. Blue Demon and Wagner have been doing good work to keep their feud hot. But, it is another five months or so until the big show. Perhaps a jolt of juice will be needed as Triplemania nears.

Would you like to see LA Park added to the Blue Demon Jr. vs Dr. Wagner Jr. main event?

Conquista Total: Mazatlan

The latest episode of Conquista Total hailed from the beach resort town of Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Vampiro had a treat for Los Mercenarios, Laredo Kid and Taurus stole the show, Drago put his Latin America Championship on the line in a four-way, and a tombstone piledriver turned the main event into a hodgepodge.

You can watch the full show on YouTube.

Vampiro’s surprise for Los Mercenarios

Konnan, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara, and Rey Escorpion took to the ring for an extended promo.

Fantasma said that with all the talent in that ring right now, the fans should have to pay double the ticket price. He has a message for the Megacampeon, Fenix. Fantasma wants the belt around the waist of lucha libre’s perfect body, the chocolate champ (himself). It will be the most desired wish of the fans.

Rey Escorpion said Los Mercenarios are the most dominant group in AAA. Texano and Rey Escorpion have defended their tag titles against the best and no one can beat them. They will continue to be victors with those championships.

Hit Vampiro’s music.

Vampiro addressed all three of Los Mercenarios present. He said Fantasma will never beat Fenix. He told La Mascara that he needs more hair so it can be cut. Vampiro said he is going to bet on Maximo to defeat La Mascara. There is no official hair vs hair match yet, but the storyline has been heading that way. Vampiro continued with a surprise for Rey Escorpion.

Vampiro pointed to the big screen for a taped promo from Fenix and Pentagon. Fenix said that there is one simple reason why Rey Escorpion and Texano can’t call themselves the best tag team. They have never wrestled the Lucha Bros. A challenge was issued for Rey de Reyes.

Los Mercenarios were upset with Vampiro’s news. Out of nowhere, Vampiro headbutted Mascara and punched Rey Escorpion. I guess Vampiro knew it has hit or be hit. Vampiro motioned for Konnan to give him his best shot. Konnan threw a punch, then Los Mercenarios trounced Vampiro.

Psycho Clown and Laredo Kid sprinted down to clear the ring. Faby Apache ran down with a chair to whack the two tecnicos. Next up was Taya to dropkick Faby. Taya chased Faby away. In the ring, Los Mercenarios put the boots to everyone else.

That segment was heavily edited but still a whole lot of fun. Good trash talk and an overall sense of chaos.

Taurus vs Laredo Kid

Whew whee, this match (at 14:30) was hot. The two went full speed ahead. Highlights include a frog moonsault by Laredo Kid, a springboard moonsault by Laredo, a corkscrew suicide dive by Taurus, a pumphandle slam by Taurus, a twisting crossbody by Taurus, and a huge spear by Taurus.

The final few minutes were big moves and big kick outs. There was a springboard cutter by Laredo, a Mexican Destroyer then a 450 splash by Laredo, and a Michinoku driver by Taurus. A Laredo Fly was the move that finally finished the fight. Mighty fine match.

Latin American Championship: Drago vs Flamita vs Jack Evans vs Hijo del Vikingo

Lucha Libre AAA

The majority of the four-way title bout (at 32:00) was various one-on-one encounters with fanciful footwork and flips. Highlights include a handspring flipping bomb by Jack Evans over the ropes to the outside, a leaping senton by Hijo Del Vikingo over the ropes to the outside, a slingshot DDT by Flamita, an outside in springboard dropkick by Vikingo, a standing corkscrew moonsault by Evans, a spider suplex involving three luchadores, and a 630 back splash by Evans.

For the finish, Drago battled Vikingo. Vikingo went high risk for a shooting star press, but Drago got his knees up. That led to a running blockbuster by Drago to pin and win. Drago retained his Latin America Championship.

Rey Escorpion breaking beer bottles

Cut to a scene outside what I presume is the arena. Rey Escorpion walked up to some empty Michelob Ultra bottles and began throwing them against a wall. Images of Psycho Clown’s face were spliced in as if that was the cause of Rey Escorpion’s frustration. Rey Escorpion turned to the camera to complain how the world is talking about Psycho Clown when they should be talking about a real luchador, himself. He is going to destroy Psycho Clown just like he destroyed those bottles.

Is AAA setting up a feud for Triplemania? Rey Escorpion has been attacking Psycho Clown prior to matches they are both involved in, so maybe that video puts it into clearer focus.

Killer Kross & Rey Escorpion vs La Parka & Psycho Clown

Rey Escorpion got Psycho Clown again by attacking him before the opening bell (at 51:20). Escorpion later hit Psycho with a chair. Inside the ring, Killer Kross was putting a beating on La Parka. The rudos were in control for the first five minutes until the tecnicos picked up some steam.

Match highlights include an overhead press slam by Escorpion to Psycho, a suicide dive by La Parka, and a flying double stomp by Psycho to Kross.

During the contest, Hijo del Fantasma and La Mascara came down to the ring. Mascara distracted the referee, while Fantasma put the pain to La Parka with an outlawed tombstone piledriver. That’s now two tombstones if you are keeping score at home.

After Mascara and Fantasma left, Laredo Kid entered through the crowd to attack Kross and Escorpion. Hahaha, Escorpion press slammed Laredo onto La Parka’s broken body. Kross used the backboard stretcher to ram La Parka’s throat.

Kross and Escorpion ran the ropes to attack Laredo again, but Psycho grabbed their feet. Laredo pounced with a suicide dive to Kross, and Psycho did one of his own to Escorpion. La Parka was finally taken out on the stretcher as the others brawled into the crowd. The rudos continued to kick butt on the tecnicos. So, I guess the match is still going on with Laredo as a legal replacement for La Parka?

Just as a I say that, Hijo del Vikingo ran to the ring to attack Kross and Escorpion. Vikingo took out Kross with a springboard 360 cannonball to the outside. Psycho and Escorpion had some one-on-one action culminating with a suicide dive by Psycho.

Back in the ring, Vikingo nailed Kross with a 450 splash. The ref actually began counting the pin attempt even though Vikingo wasn’t a legal participant the match. Kross raged up with a suplex, a powerbomb, and a Saito suplex to cover Vikingo 1, 2, 3. If the recap makes little sense, that is because the match made little sense in terms of following the rules of wrestling.

Afterward, Rey Escorpion ripped off Psycho Clown’s mask.

Lucha Libre AAA

This week’s episode of Conquista Total was aces. The wrestling was exciting and the stories were intriguing. It might have been AAA’s best episode of television that I have seen.

Laredo Kid and Taurus put on a show in their match. The year is young, but that bout will probably end up on the short list in the conversation of AAA match of the year. While those two definitely earned steaks, the only thing lacking was stakes. If this contest had any importance rather than being a standard singles bout, it would have been that much sweeter.

Drago now has two successful Latin America title defenses on television. I like that Drago is becoming a fighting champ. It also adds something extra to be excited for on Conquista Total, since we know the matches will always be entertaining.

How about that main event? Yeah, it is best to turn off the brain and just ooh and ahh at the action. In that sense, it was pretty cool seeing Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo with their flashy maneuvers and Killer Kross with his power of destruction.

I’m curious where the feud between Hijo del Fantasma and La Parka is leading. Two tombstone piledrivers is nothing to take lightly. Retribution will be paid. The question is when. Fantasma has his sites set on the Megacampeonato, and I don’t think Hijo de La Parka is anywhere near ready for a big time battle in honor of his father. Is AAA planning hair vs mask between Hijo del Fantasma and La Parka for Triplemania 2020?

What did you think about the Lucha Bros surprise? How will Laredo Kid vs Taurus stack up with the best by the end of the year? Did the lack of adherence to the rules in the main event turn you off or did you go with the flow?

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