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Everything that happened at AEW’s Double or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party

Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks are promising we’ll learn about new talent coming to All Elite Wrestling, new partnerships Tony Khan’s promotion will have and, oh yeah, when you’ll be able to get tickets to their first pay-per-view (PPV), May 25’s Double Or Nothing.

It’s a Super Tix Party!

The event goes down at The Splash Pool at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (which is also the venue for Double Or Nothing) at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific on Thurs., Feb. 7.

Watch along with the Cageside community via the above live stream from BTE, and find out what surprises the All Elite team have in store for us. And discuss them with your fellow Cagesiders in the comments below!

- Conrad Thompson, Alex Marvez and Excalibur hosted a pre-show on the stream, and talked up the partnership with China’s OWE.

- MJF showed up to put himself over and continue making fat jokes about Conrad like he did at the first press conference.

- Conrad and Alex are back to emcee, and they quickly introduce their first new roster member... Sonny Kiss (who wrestled in Lucha Underground as XO Lishus). We’re told Brandi Rhodes signed him. They welcome Cody to the stage.

- Cody (re)announces the AAA partnership. He announces ticket info for Double Or Nothing (Presale sign up is NOW through Feb 11th through; general public sale will be Feb 13th), and welcomes AAA Cruiserweight champ Sammy Guevara. Guevara cuts a standard promo about being the best in the world.

- Hangman Page is here. He jokes about not being in full gear because he’s not in shape yet. Then he starts to cut a promo on the “slimy haired bastard” who interrupted him last time, but PAC isn’t here this time... then PAC shows up on the video screen for a fire promo that sets up a match between them for Double Or Nothing. Page responds, saying he’s sorry PAC couldn’t be here, but he’s doing what he does best - sitting at home. He makes their match official for May 25.

- The Young Bucks are out next. They lament the current state of tag wrestling, and Matt says their goal is to give fans the best tag team division in the world. Nick asks if tag team wrestling can be the main event? The crowd says yes, and he introduces one of their favorite tag teams... Best Friends! Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor are here. They’re gonna change the world through the power of friendship.

- As The Bucks are heading offstage, the Lucha Bros arrive. They pose on stage, then Fenix superkicks Nick and Pentagon piledrives Nick off the stage. Fenix gets on the mic and says the Bucks say they’re the second best tag team in the world. In All Elite, they’ll prove their the best tag team in the universe. Penta cuts a promo in Spanish, ending by saying the Lucha Bros have zero fear. I’m guessing that might be our second Double Or Nothing match...

- Conrad and Alex tease the tag team match and mention the women’s division, then bring out Brandi. She’s gonna start with two joshi stars. First, Yuka Sakazaki. Next, AJA KONG! She apologizes for not being able to bring those women here tonight. But she didn’t want to come, so she introduces another signee, “one of the hottest free agents in wrestling”, Kylie Rae. She thanks the crowd for their warm reception, and AEW for allowing her to be on the ground floor of their efforts to change the world.

- Brandi cuts off the music, because she brought someone else... the American Kaiju, Nyla Rose. She makes a b-line to the stage, and immediately starts jawing with Kylie. Security breaks things up.

- Excalibur brings SCU out. They announce that the official afterparty for Double Or Nothing will be hosted by them and called SCU All Night. Excalibur hypes OWE, and kicks it to a highlight clip while Cima & the President & CEO of OWE make their way to the stage. Christopher Daniels gets on the mic to hype Cima and their history. He tells him to get two of his best men, and they’ll have a trios match at Double Or Nothing.

- Conrad & Alex say they have one more announcement... Kenny Omega is here! The graphic introduces him as an Executive Vice-President, and he says he signed this morning as a full-time member of AEW.

- He says years ago, he and the Bucks made a pact to change the world. That journey had to end in Japan, but with the platform they’ve been given by the Khan family, they’ll be able to make this bigger and better than ever before. He’s always asked what “change the world” means, and he can never quite put it into words. But when he was at ALL IN last year, he saw the fans understood what they meant by “change the world” and wished they could do that all the time. Now they can. And everyone at AEW will show what they mean. Omega starts to sign off, and “Judas” hits the speakers. Chris Jericho is here.

- Staredown and FIGHT! SCU, Cody and a team of guys pull them apart. Omega ends up wearing Y2J’s hat. He bids us adieu... GOOD BYE AND GOOD NIGHT, BANG!