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Mask vs. hair main event official for AAA’s Triplemanía XXVII

The hype has begun for AAA’s biggest event of the year, Triplemanía. AAA held a press conference to announce the main event and provide other bits of news. Dorian Roldán, Konnan, Vampiro, Lady Shani, Texano Jr., Psycho Clown, and La Parka were guests on the panel. Surprisingly, Vampiro didn’t go on any rants about how he hates Konnan.

The biggest story coming out of the press conference was the announcement for the official main event at Triplemanía XXVII on August 3.

Blue Demon Jr. will wrestle Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs hair match.

The 32 year rivalry picked up steam when Blue Demon Jr. turned on Dr. Wagner Jr. to hit him with a steel chair while Dr. Wagner Jr. was wrestling bitter rival Jeff Jarrett at Héroes Inmortales XII in October. Ever since then, the two legends have had a bullseye on each other.

The press conference face-off was heated as Dr. Wagner Jr. shoved Blue Demon Jr. The masked one told Wagner to wait for Triplemanía then asked if Wagner wanted some action right now. Wagner replied, “Now? No, hahahaha.” Blue Demon Jr. went on to request that Dr. Wagner Jr. dress in all white to honor Dr. Wagner Sr. in a lucha clasica.

Las Ficheras

Blue Demon Jr. had his son tag along, since he knew Dr. Wagner Jr. would bring his two sons as backup. Blue Demon Jr. said his son is still training and not ready yet for an official presentation to the public.

It was interesting to observe the dynamic between the two at the press conference. Dr. Wagner Jr. totally came off as the rudo in front of the reporters, while Blue Demon Jr. is clearly the rudo in television storylines. I’m curious who the live crowd will side with when the match takes place on August 3.

The most intriguing question presented to the panel was about which fight they would prefer at Triplemanía XXVII.

Lady Shani is hoping to wrestle Taya with both the Reina de Reinas and Lucha Capital championship titles on the line. Shani upped the stakes by requesting an extreme match, street fight, or inside a cage. Hell yeah. Sign me up to see that show stealer.

Psycho Clown wanted something for the people. He liked the idea of fans using social media to choose his match. Psycho Clown threw out the ideas of fighting Pentagon in an extreme match or facing stars from other promotions. That got me thinking about a singles bout against Cody Rhodes or perhaps a trios match with the Young Bucks joining Rhodes.

Texano Jr. replied that he would like to challenge for the Megacampeonato. The answers were real and not part of storylines, but I’m curious to see if Hijo del Fantasma, a fellow member of Los Mercenarios with Texano, will have anything to say about that by turning a shoot into a work, brother. Fantasma currently has his sights set on taking the Megacampeonato from Fenix.

Other notes:

  • Cody Rhodes will be making an appearance at Rey de Reyes on March 16 as part of the relationship between AEW and AAA. There has been no news yet about his role, but I’d like to see Rhodes do some English commentary for a match or two.
  • It was mentioned that Triplemanía XXVII will have six feature matches at the top of the card, along with lower card bouts such as the Llave de la Gloria final on the pre-show. LLave de la Gloria is a match to discover new talent. About those six prime fights, the mask vs hair and Copa Triplemanía will take up two slots. My guess is that Lady Shani vs Taya, Konnan vs Vampiro, Fenix vs Hijo del Fantasma for the Megacampeonato, and something with Psycho Clown will be the other headliners. More announcements will come after Rey de Reyes when AAA can better see the future landscape.
  • TV Azteca had 4 million viewers for the debut of AAA’s weekly program, Conquista Total.
  • AAA had more than 6 million views on Twitch in 2018.
  • The Lucha Capital tournament had more than 1 million views on Facebook.
  • AAA’s Youtube channel had more than 100 million views in 2018.
  • Attendance for the 2019 TV tapings have been full crowds.
  • AAA plans to do a 6 city tour in Colombia this summer after success with last year’s visit.

The press conference is available in full on AAA’s Facebook page. The interest picks up for the final 35 minutes with better questions and the tension filled showdown between Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr.

Conferencia de prensa Triplemania XXVII

Conferencia de prensa: #TriplemaníaXXVII desde la Arena Ciudad de México

Posted by Lucha Libre Triple A on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Who are you picking to win in the mask vs hair bout between Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr.? Which matches would you like to see fill out the Triplemanía XXVII card?

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