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AAA Roundup: Jeff Jarrett is back, Taya’s official ring return, Vampiro and Konnan still hate each other

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling action. Time to play catch up after being without the internet for a little while. Jeff Jarrett is still strutting in Mexico despite his WWE contract, get a sample of AAA’s English commentary, and the new year’s TV kicked off from Mexico City with Taya’s official in-ring return to AAA. Oh yeah, Vampiro and Konnan still hate each other.

Jeff Jarrett returned to Mexico

In the last AAA Roundup, Jeff Jarrett was advertised to appear at a TV taping in Morelia, but he had just signed to be with WWE. Whatever that arrangement is, it won’t stop Jarrett from continuing to participate with AAA.

I bet Dr. Wagner Jr. wishes Jarrett was gone so he wouldn’t be kabonged on the head with a guitar anymore. It didn’t seem like Jarrett was written out of AAA storylines. Perhaps WWE will allow him spot appearances to cash those sweet checks from AAA’s major events.

English commentary is a go

AAA set up Vampiro and Australian Suicide for English commentary during their February 16 live airing on Twitch. The format seems like two dudes duding it up instead of traditional roles of play-by-play and color analyst. I believe they were also interacting with viewers via the Twitch chat. You can listen to a small sample in the below tweet.

That particular clip isn’t anything must-hear. It was Sammy Guevara promoting himself rather than AAA hyping the commentary, so I’ll reserve judgement. I’m sure there were plenty of face-palm moments, and I mean that in a good way. English commentary will be available on AAA’s English Twitch channel.

AAA also posted a tutorial for fans to do their own commentary while watching on Twitch. I recall Impact doing something similar, but I don’t remember anything coming from it. I guess it is all about engagement to drive up those social media numbers.

TV Azteca crossovers

To celebrate AAA’s new deal with TV Azteca, various luchadores appeared on Azteca programs. Here is a general backstage video of silliness and chaos. The best part was Niño Hamburguesa splashing Facundo off a table, at the 2:20 mark.

Luchadores appeared on a couples competition show hosted by Facundo. The teams were Goya Kong & Carta Brava, Hiedra & Dave the Clown, Lady Shani & Bengala, and Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa. Contests included blowing up balloons inside glasses without using hands to carry them over to another table, lighting candles while blindfolded, and a ball in a basket challenge. Since I know you are dying to find out who was victorious, the grand winners were Hiedra and Dave the Clown.

Tope Sonico

If you have been watching AAA lately, Aerostar has been using a super suicide dive where he ends up crashing into the crowd. I thought it was by accident, but it is now looking like it has become a patented Aerostar maneuver called the tope sonico.

That move is intense. I’ll never get tired of seeing it, so I hope it is safe.

Killer Smokeshow

Here is another cryptic message endorsed by Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux.

I have nothing to add.

Conquista Total: Mexico City, Part 1

AAA kicked off the new year on TV Azteca with a big show from Mexico City. The title has changed from Gira de Conquista to Conquista Total. Feuds were reignited between Dr. Wagner Jr. and Blue Demon Jr., Vampiro and Konnan, and Poder del Norte and Jinetes del Aire. The seeds were planted for Fenix vs Hijo del Fantasma. Hijo de La Parka was introduced. Taya made her return to AAA.

The feature bouts of Part 1 (full episode) were Killer Kross vs La Parka Negra vs Dave the Clown (match), La Mascara, Chessman, & Faby Apache vs Maximo, Murder Clown, & Taya (match), and Poder del Norte vs Jinetes del Aire (match).

Part 2 is also available. I’ll be covering that show later this week.

Conquista Total opened with highlights of 2018’s big stories in AAA. It was a good refresher for any fans that have been watching over the past year.

Dr. Wagner Jr. promo, plus seven other luchadores

Dr. Wagner Jr. had a promo in the center of the ring to welcome us to a new year of AAA. I didn’t recognize Wagner at first until he said his catchphrase, “Bien, bien, bien.” He looks younger. I don’t know if it was from shaving his beard or because he was wearing mascara on his eyes. It also looks like he used Just For Men to dye his hair, eyebrows, and beard stubble black.

Wagner wants a grand fight with Blue Demon Jr. Enter the man himself. Blue Demon Jr. has been looking for Wagner and he’s tired of searching. He respected Wagner before. Now, he thinks Wagner is a mediocre luchador and a product of marketing. Demon said Wagner’s time is over.

Slap! Demon slapped Wagner across the face. Fight! Wagner pummeled Demon and tried to remove Demon’s mask.

Enter Konnan as a distraction for Los Mercenarios to come through the crowd and beat the crap out of Wagner. Konnan grabbed the mic to humorously insult the crowd.

Konnan’s attention turned toward Fenix and the Megacampeonato. He was angry that Fenix betrayed him and Fenix will pay with blood. Konnan pumped up lucha libre’s hot chocolate, Hijo del Fantasma, as a challenger for Fenix. Konnan knows all the ladies want to taste a piece of that chocolate but it is only for ladies oh la la, which is a reference to hotties in Fantasma’s fan club, and there aren’t any in the crowd tonight. At that moment, Fantasma buttoned his suit jacket back up and shook his head in disgust. Konnan promised Fantasma that the Megacampeonato will become his.

Fantasma demanded silence when the chocolate champ speaks. Fantasma is the most elegant and most distinguished in the company. He is AAA. The Latin American championship that he lost to Drago is now insignificant; Drago as well. Fantasma is the best.

Psycho Clown decided to make the save on Dr. Wagner Jr. a good five minutes after the beatdown started. He cleared the ring with Wagner. They had Konnan cornered. Konnan pleaded as a distraction until Los Mercenarios recovered and kicked ass once again. When you know the answer, Konnan changes the question.

Killer Kross vs La Parka Negra vs Dave the Clown

Lucha Libre AAA

The first match of the new season was a three-way battle. Killer Kross was in control either physically or strategically for most of the bout. Highlights include Kross’ suplexes, a springboard moonsault by La Parka Negra to the outside, a super hurricanrana by Parka Negra to Kross, a standing moonsault by Parka Negra, and a flipping piledriver by Dave the Clown.

For the finish, Kross was taking a breather to observe the other two wrestling each other. Once Kross entered the ring, he delivered a chokeslam to Dave and a powerbomb to Parka Negra. Kross then grabbed Dave for a sort of standing chicken wing choke. Dave submitted. Afterward, Parka Negra attempted to attack Kross, but Kross handled him easily with a Saito suplex.

La Mascara, Chessman, & Faby Apache vs Maximo, Murder Clown, & Taya

Lucha Libre AAA

Taya is officially back with AAA. She had been in the Lucha Capital tournament, but that was more as a free agent. She brought the Impact and Lucha Capital title belts with her. Unfortunately, Taya had a little trouble getting her coat off. She had to step on it to get her arms out of the sleeves.

La Mascara was wearing American football gear. I have no idea why. Maximo was accompanied by his uncle, Brazo de Platino. Last we saw Brazo de Platino, he was getting stomped by Mascara at Guerra de Titanes. Brazo de Platino ended up getting some payback during the match as he steamrolled all the rudos. Mascara had the last laugh with a chair shot to send Brazo de Platino out on a stretcher.

Highlights of the trios match itself were a suicide dive by Maximo, a 619 by Murder Clown, a flying crossbody by Taya to the outside, and a tope con hilo by Murder Clown. For the finish, Maximo did a triple kiss to Mascara and rolled him up for victory.

After the match, Mascara beat on Maximo up the entrance ramp. Chessman attacked Murder Clown for whatever reason. Murder Clown wasn’t having it. That’s when Averno snuck up to hit him with a broom stick.

Lucha Libre AAA

Murder Clown felt no pain. Faby hit him in the back with a chair. Still no sign of pain. Murder Clown picked Faby up for an overhead press, but Averno and Chessman struck with a double spear. Averno snatched Murder Clown’s mask, and the rudos stood tall.

One story to keep an eye on is between Hijo de Tirantes and Faby Apache. I’ve never understood why he favors Faby other than that they are both rudos. They’ve had miscommunication in the past as Faby lost her hair and then her Reina de Reinas championship, both to Lady Shani.

New year, same problems. Tirantes started on Faby’s side by pulling Taya’s hair, but Faby accidentally dropkicked him when Taya moved out of the way. After Faby raised hands with 2/3 of the OGTs, Tirantes began arguing with here. I’m not sure if it was about the dropkick or something else.

Hijo de Tirantes had a backstage promo talking about Faby. Tirantes is taking those mishaps personal as in Faby is doing it on purpose. Tirantes wanted to make it clear that he is the authority in the ring. Remember that he is one who gives surprises.

Introducing Hijo de La Parka, with a bonus appearance from Vampiro

La Parka entered with his son in tow. None of La Parka’s kids ever spoke to him about becoming luchadores except that particular son, but it is up to the fans whether or not his son can carry the La Parka character forward. Hijo will need to practice the La Parka dance moves. He looked a little stiff and tripped on a step when leaving.

Enter Vampiro. He offered his support for training because AAA is family. Vampiro officially welcomed Hijo de La Parka. Vampiro then went on a rant about promising Los Mercenarios a bleeping surprise and also how he hates Konnan. Vamp still plans on honoring his word from Triplemania about a loser leaves Mexico match versus Konnan.

Poder del Norte vs Jinetes del Aire

Lucha Libre AAA

This was a non-championship rematch from Guerra de Titanes when Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, and Myzteziz Jr. won the trios titles. It was another awesome outing from both teams given the short amount of time. There were plenty of cool moves. Laredo Kid was held up on the rudos’ shoulders for a suicide dive by Mocho Cota Jr. Vikingo had a parkour flying headscissors by stepping on Myzteziz’s back then off the ring post. Laredo and Vikingo had a dual attack with a simultaneous flying splash and flying leg drop from opposite corners. Laredo did a springboard frog moonsault to the outside.

For the finish, everyone jumped on everyone else on the outside. Carta Brava dumped the referee through the ropes then ripped the mask off Laredo Kid. Spear, pin, win for the rudos. The ref didn’t know what happened before his three count.

The premiere episode of Conquista Total was thumbs up. The two promo sections were full of funny insults by Konnan and Vampiro. The wrestling action was rock solid. Poder del Norte vs Jinetes del Aire was easily the best of the three. I could watch those two teams feud forever. They are always pulling out variations of their top maneuvers to keep things feeling fresh. And, yippee, for Taya’s return to AAA. She is always entertaining.

Are you happy Jeff Jarrett is still hanging around in AAA? What did you think of Taya’s official return? Who are you rooting for in the feud between Vampiro and Konnan?

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