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Lucha Underground Roundup: Bad news for season five, LU vs Impact, Kobra Moon earned US citizenship

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In the Lucha Underground off-season, sometimes bits and pieces of information pop up. Let’s go through some LU-related and LU-adjacent items in the Lucha Underground Roundup.

Season five dead?

Lucha Underground’s hiatuses always bring up the same question. Will the show return for another season? In a bit of bad news, executive producer Chris DeJoseph provided a gloomy answer to a Twitter question.

Even though DeJoseph thinks season five is dead, he does state that he hopes not. So, he’s telling us there’s a chance? They don’t call the LU fans Believers for nothing. Even if the current status for season five looks like slim to none at the moment, I’ll still be keeping my fingers crossed. Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

Lucha Underground vs Impact

Despite the glum news about season five, that hasn’t stopped Impact from trying to cash in on the Lucha Underground name. Impact announced a duel between promotions for their United We Stand event on April 4.

Representing Impact will be Cage, Moose, Eddie Edwards, and Johnny Mundo. Representing Lucha Underground will be Drago, Daga, Aerostar, and King Cuerno. Forget for a moment that Cage and Mundo are also on the LU roster. The contest is full of name power, but I’d give the edge to Impact. They have a hefty advantage in muscle. Although, Daga has been looking pretty yoked lately. To borrow another reference from Dumb and Dumber, look at the butt on that.

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coolest pinche tag team ever. #losjefes

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The United We Stand card will also feature the Lucha Bros vs RVD & Sabu, an Ultimate X three-way with Jake Crist vs Jack Evans vs Kotto Brazil vs more to be announced, and an intergender match between Eli Drake and Tessa Blanchard. The show will be available on for $19.99.

Tweet time

Kobra Moon is now or soon will be a US citizen.

Congratulations to the reptile queen. It took her twenty years to complete the naturalization process after migrating from Mexico. Kobra Moon (aka Thunder Rosa, Melissa Cervantes) told News4SA, “For me it has been worth every penny that I’ve spent on it and that my parents have spent on it. I am supper blessed that I’m here in this country.”

The mayor of Slamtown has a new t-shirt available.

If you like the design, there is only one week left to purchase the limited edition garment at so you too can sit and look at stuff with Johnny Mundo on your chest.

Taya and Johnny’s dog, Prince Presley, had quite the weekend. From debuting on commentary for Bar Wrestling to hanging with Kris Wolf to making an entrance in the ring.

The Lucha Bros broke out new entrance attire.

It is no doubt a cool look from Fenix and Pentagon, but I don’t know what to make of the head protrusions. Are they ant antennae or antelope horns? Whatever the case, perhaps Lucha Underground can formulate a story if they need a new tribe.

Inside the Ring with Joey Ryan

Detective Joey Ryan was the focus in the latest episode of Inside the Ring. Ryan talked about his rivalry with Cortez Castro, his handcuff strategy for Aztec Warfare, being sleazy, his fetish for lollipops, and reasons for using baby oil.

I’ve completely forgotten about the 5.0 match. Time to add that match to my evening viewing schedule.

Joey Ryan’s sense of style may be an acquired taste, but he sure does make sound points about his use of baby oil.

Why wouldn’t you want to look your best if you’re out here half-naked in front of the audience, you know? Baby oil really shines up the body, really shines up the muscles, really makes my chest hair glisten.

I’d bet Randy Orton fully supports that logic. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must make an emergency trip to the baby oil emporium.

Will you still hold out hope for season five? Are you excited for Impact vs Lucha Underground? Where do you stand on the topic of baby oil in wrestling?