Cageside Community Ratings: Eliminaton Chamber

Elimination Chamber was the next stop on the road to WrestleMania. As with every PPV each match has been rated by members of the Cageside Community in order to a cSs rating. All the votes have been tallied and compared with the scores awarded by Dave Meltzer.

Highest Rated match of the night

WWE title match - Daniel Bryan v Kofi Kingston v AJ Styles v Randy Orton v Jeff Hardy v Samoa Joe - Cageside Rating: 4.42

Votes: 703

Meltzer Rating: 4.5

2018/19 rank: 2nd out of 37

  • A men’s match takes match of the night honours for the first time since Cedric Alexander’s Cruiserweight title loss to Buddy Murphy at Super Show Down.
  • This is the highest rated cSs rating for a match involving either Samoa Joe or Jeff Hardy.
  • Daniel Bryan’s successful defence has the highest cSs score for an Elimination Chamber match, beating the 4.25 achieved by John Cena, Bray Wyatt, The Miz, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose and Styles in 2017.

2nd Place

WWE Cruiserweight title match - Buddy Murphy v Akira Tozawa - Cageside Rating: 4.08

Votes: 132

Meltzer Rating: 4

2018/19 rank: 7th

  • Murphy’s run of bangers continues with another four plus rating from Cagesiders’.
  • The Juggernaut is the only wrestler to receive three 4 plus scores from both cSs and Meltzer this season.

3rd Place

WWE Women’s tag team title match - Boss n Hug Connection v Fire and Desire v Tamina/Nia Jax v Riott Squad v The IIconics v Carmella/Nia Jax - Cageside Rating: 3.88

Votes: 572

Meltzer Rating: 3.5

2018/19 rank: 13th

  • Narrowly beats the score for the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match (3.82). Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Bayley and Sasha Banks competed in both encounters.
  • With the exceptions of Banks and Naomi, every participant in the match obtained their personal best cSs, beating the 3.86 score for last month’s Rumble match.

SDL tag team title match - The Miz/Shane McMahon v The Usos - Cageside Rating: 3.44

Votes: 117

Meltzer Rating: 3.25

2018/19 rank: 18th

  • Cagesiders awarded this match a slightly higher score than the ‘Best team in the world’s’ championship win at the Royal Rumble (3.26).
  • Match received both the lowest number of total votes (117), and maximums (7).

Intercontinental title match - Bobby Lashley/Lio Rush v Finn Balor - Cageside Rating: 3.01

Votes: 117

Meltzer Rating: 2.5

2018/19 rank: 26th

  • Excluding battle royals, this is the second highest rating Cagesiders have awarded to a match involving Bobby Lashley. Only his Extreme Rules victory over Roman Reigns (3.36) was rated higher.

Braun Strowman v Baron Corbin - Cageside Rating: 1.8

Votes: 117

Meltzer Rating: 1

2018/19 rank: 36th

  • Third time in six months a Strowman match has been rated lower than two by Cagesiders’.
  • This clash received a lower score than their TLC encounter, which scored 2.91.
  • Meltzer was non-plussed with both matches, only awarding one star for each.

Raw women’s title match - Ronda Rousey v Ruby Riott - Cageside Rating: 1.8

Votes: 117

Meltzer Rating: N/A

2018/19 rank: 36th

  • Ronda and Ruby bring up the rear, both for the PPV and season.
  • The squash nature of the match enraged a large portion of Cagesiders. This outing received 197 zero votes, almost four times more than Strowman and Corbin received (53).
  • Meltzer refused to award a rating for this match. The last time he did this was when Shinsuke Nakamura wrested the US title from Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules.

The average match score for the Elimination Chamber was 3.13, Which means it’s the lowest ranked event of 2018-19. We scored every match higher than Meltzer, and this was reflected in his significantly lower average score of 2.68

The Houston event had a slightly lower average than last year’s Raw branded PPV (3.19), but outscored SmackDown Live’s 207 effort (3.04).

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