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Two belts are better than none


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Elimination Chamber Match

Boss & Hug Connection vs. Fire & Desire vs. The IIconics vs. Fabulous Glow vs. The Riott Squad vs. Tamina & Nia Jax

Tonight is the night, it’s finally time to crown the first ever WWE Women’s tag team champions!

Now, I make fun of WWE a lot for patting themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum when it comes to equality in women’s wrestling, but that doesn’t mean I’m not truly excited for tonight’s coronation. It seems like ages ago that the rumblings of a division were in random hashtags or on the dirt sheets, and it’s surreal that it’s finally time - and in an Elimination Chamber no less!

But how did we get here?

Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Vince McMahon dressed in full Santa Claus regalia announced the long awaited women's tag team division. Oh, you didn’t think I would ever let that go did you? Let me repeat that. On a pre-taped show, Vince McMahon DRESSED AS SANTA announced the historic women’s tag team division.

Sigh. We really take what we can get from WWE, don’t we?

A Blissful reveal

On January 14th, Alexa Bliss unveiled the women’s tag team belts on the worst talk show in WWE history, A Moment of Bliss. The belts were unveiled, and then Paul Heyman came out to talk down to Alexa and then Otis came out to oogle Alexa. Oh, and this was mere moments after Alexa was rudely interrupted in her dressing room in a state of undress.


Why am I bringing all of this unpleasantness up you ask? Because while I am excited that the women are getting this opportunity I think it’s important to remember that we as an audience, as well as the superstars backstage, had to basically beg WWE to bring these belts back. The way they introduced them into the world feels like a reflection on how much they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into 2019 into an era of equality for women's wrestling.

The Chamber Matters

Fortunately for us, it seems the women’s tag division is on track to make up for these missteps. Putting the belts on the line in an Elimination Chamber match seems like a huge deal as there are only two gimmick matches on the card. It makes it feel must see.

Plus, the fact that they made the decision to introduce the belts before WrestleMania means that they are likely going to have a women’s tag championship match at WrestleMania for the first time ever (even if it will be on the pre-show).

The Teams
In order of most likely to win to least

Boss & Hug Connection


Over the past few weeks WWE has done an excellent job of working around Sasha’s rumored injury all the while building up (rebuilding really) Bayley to be a force in the women’s division. From the moment these two were paired together the eventuality of a women’s tag division felt real. Why else would you take these two popular singles stars and smoosh them together?

Plus, if you think about what their win would mean in the context of the four horsewomen story line it feels like a sure thing. Charlotte was the first ever Raw women’s champion, Becky was the first ever Smackdown Live women’s champion, and now Bayley and Sasha will be the first ever WWE women’s tag champions.

It even plays into the MMA 4HW versus WWE’s 4HW story. “Sure, you were the first to hold the name, but we were the first champions of the new the women’s evolution.”

Story telling gold.

Also, man, Bayley needs it so much.



A win for this duo would be, frankly, iconic (NO I AM NOT SORRY). They are the epitome of tag team wrestlers. Great alone, better together. Really, if you think about it they are the only true tag team in the division. They were together in NXT and not just randomly paired together for the sake of the main roster. That alone puts them at an advantage.

The story of growing up together, wrestling together, moving to America together, signing with WWE together and tagging together to then be crowned the first tag team champions is a rags-to-riches story that seems to good for WWE to pass up.

Also, think about how fun their IIconic super hero pose would be with gold around their waists?

Tamina & Nia Jax


For some reason this tag team seems to be getting a massive push. Kudos to WWE for capitalizing on Nia’s heat, but frankly Tamina is so bad that it’s hard to watch. Coupled with the fact that Nia has seemingly been injuring everyone she’s in the ring with it doesn’t seem like they should be awarded the belts.

But this is WWE and they love to cause unnecessary controversy, so the likelihood of them winning the belts is higher than it should be. Bruisers get to win, even when they don’t deserve to.

Fire & Desire


Mandy was in the middle of a push before they entered the Elimination Chamber match so it’s very likely that they would use this as an opportunity to continue that push.

Mandy and Sonya have been in the Elimination Chamber before, so they can use their previous knowledge to their advantage. Plus, taking the belts to SmackDown isn't a terrible idea. Asuka is no where to be found and Becky is embroiled in a feud with Ronda so they need something for the women of SDLive to do. And if they win they have Naomi and Carmella to feud with right away!

The Riott Squad


Ruby is going to lose to Ronda, so maybe they give the Riott Squad a consolation prize in the tag team belts. The faction has proven that they belong on the main roster, but still need to rack up some W’s to become a threat. Winning the belts would certainly do that.

Sadly, I have a feeling all three of them will be icing bruises and egos after the PPV.

Fabulous Glow


I love these two together. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s exciting, but it’s also random. There is no way that these two are walking out the champions, but you better be sure they’re going to look good trying!

Find out who will be crowned the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions tonight by tuning into Elimination Chamber and keeping it right here at Cageside Seats!


Who will win?

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  • 55%
    Boss & Hug Connection
    (423 votes)
  • 19%
    The IIconics
    (147 votes)
  • 7%
    Nia Jax & Tamina
    (60 votes)
  • 7%
    Fire & Desire
    (57 votes)
  • 6%
    The Riott Squad
    (51 votes)
  • 2%
    Fabulous Glow
    (18 votes)
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