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Cody Rhodes undergoes knee surgery, expected to be fine for Double Or Nothing

Cody Rhodes injured his knee back in November of last year. He said he was going to take some time off to address it, but not until after gutting through a Wrestle Kingom match at the Tokyo Dome last month which was generally rated... no bueno.

That’s part of why the All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice-President decided he couldn’t put off surgery any longer:

His wife, Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes revealed that today (Feb. 12) is the day for surgery on what was reported as a meniscus tear:

And it didn’t take long, because the American Nightmare is out of surgery and ready to get some pizza with Don, Mike, Raf & Leo (or Nick, Matt, Kenny & Hangman, more likely, cause those other guys are turtles):

See you at Double Or Nothing! And probably a lot of YouTube videos and indie shows between now and May 25, too.