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BTE’s got jokes about the AEW/NXT ratings sprint/marathon/war

AEW Dynamite took back the viewership crown from NXT this past Wednesday, but competition is still on The Elite’s mind. The Wednesday Night War gets sent up in the opening moments of “Sprint”, the latest edition of The Young Bucks’ Being The Elite YouTube series.

Nick and Matt Jackson are running around a building when Nick pulls ahead and his older brother drops to the ground. Kenny Omega comes along, and when Matt says he “dead” (but asks if he at least won “in the key demos”), Omega delivers him a pep talk which parrots WWE’s statement from early October about the ratings battle being a marathon, not a sprint. After encouraging Jackson to keep going in the “war”, he laments their being “dead” and repeatedly says it’s “Game Over”. That line is delivered like the late, great Bill Paxton in Aliens, but it also fits in nicely given NXT’s head honcho’s nickname.

Check it out:

Funny, or cringe-y? We’re sure you’ll tell us below.

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