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ACH goes in depth on his issues with ROH, Jay Lethal

ACH just returned to MLW in a deal which will put him on television for the first time since he lost to Adam Cole on the Sept. 4 edition of NXT, back when he was still signed to WWE and working as Jordan Myles.

He was, you’ll no doubt recall, released from his WWE contract after publicly accusing them of racism on a number of occasions. The flap surrounding a t-shirt design the company produced for him, which ACH & others saw as evoking blackface, is covered in his latest round of tweets about his issues with the business. But most of what he addressed this afternoon on social media had to do with his time at Ring of Honor, and one of that company’s top stars, Jay Lethal (who ACH insulted in a deleted tweet which was one of the most debated facets of his October postings):

“I asked to leave both promotions. Hated working for a grown man who didn’t have the BALLS to even look me in my eye and tell me the truth (Hunter Johnston) EVEN leaked a private meeting we had to the dirt sheets...

Lethal slapped me in a hotel room because he didn’t like me using the n word which he uses as well. He tried to pull my bish cars in front of the locker room, but I defended myself. I hit him back and took him down. And I was told I had to apologize for it because it would be In my best interest.

Jimmy Jacobs a person who I respect was the reason I felt I had too. When I went to Lethal he never apologized to me for putting his hands on me. All he did was tell me how he’s felt with racism etc etc. but not ONCE did he ever say my bad for hitting you.

So till this day I’ll say it loud and clear. I don’t like him. I never will. Stop asking me to apologize for what I’ve said because I won’t ever. ROH locker was the worst time in my career for me. I’m over it! I dont care to talk about it. And I’ll do whatever in my powers To make sure I’m never ever belittled, embarrassed, or bullied again.

No I’m not crazy, I dont need to chat with a doctor. I’m completely happy. I have a crush on Kayla Braxton. I’m far from fine and good. I’m super!

Where I’m from that word [the n word] isn’t to belittle anyone. That’s my culture and how we communicate. If he would have pulled me to the side and spoke to me like an adult rather than trying to belittle me in front of others. I would have listen.

Going in to ROH I was excited to be around lethal just because he was another African American who I thought was someone I could look up too. But after he hit me and I saw how he acted towards others. I lost all respect for him.”

When asked about the comment “I saw how he acted toward others”, ACH replied:

“Ask the female talent.”

Which is perhaps in reference allegations made by Taeler Hendrix, which Lethal denied and that Ring of Honor said they were investigating, back in 2018.

Neither ROH or Lethal has replied as of this writing.

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