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Teddy Hart out, ACH in with MLW

Not to pre-empt our man Manolo and his always comprehensive coverage of MLW, but Court Bauer’s fed made a couple of noteworthy roster moves today (Dec. 4) which warrant coverage before the Saturday MLW Roundup.

This morning, in a brief statement posted on the company website, MLW announced they’d released Teddy Hart.

While there’s little to the statement, there’s plenty of speculation about the timing of MLW parting ways with a performer who’s been a staple with them since their 2017 relaunch. Hart’s been featured along with Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. in a new interation of The Hart Foundation. With the group, he’s been a Tag champion. He also held the promotion’s Middleweight belt until dropping it to Myron Reed last month.

It was also last month that allegations Hart was involved in the 2016 disappearance of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Fiddler re-surfaced. He tweeted a denial, stating they’d broken up before Fiddler moved to Florida, where she was last seen. MLW hasn’t commented on the allegation, but again, it’s easy to see how the timing of the title loss and release could be taken as their comment.

A short time after that announcement, they announced that ACH, formerly known as Jordan Myles, would be returning to MLW.

After accusing WWE of racism in several tweets and videos over the past couple months, the NXT Breakout Tournament winner was released from his WWE contract in mid-November. The company announced his official return for Jan. 11, 2020 in Dallas, but they’re also tweeting about his “surprise” return at their Opera Cup taping in New York City last night.

ACH worked for MLW in 2018, a tenure which included a feud with The Hart Foundation.

Interesting times...

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