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AEW Dynamite Fallout: MJF behind Bunny, Butcher, & Blade, Nyla Rose suspended, Fenix dressed as The Rock

AEW released a couple of interviews during Dynamite (Dec. 4, 2019) as fallout from the show.

MJF had a response to Cody’s desperate attempt to get him in the ring. He also dropped a bomb that he is behind the Bunny, the Butcher, and the Blade.

Let’s ignore the fact that this should have played on TV and focus on the masterpiece in smarminess by MJF as he showed off the Dynamite Diamond Ring and called Cody champ. This makes more sense than BBB going after Cody on their own accord, since AEW didn’t run the angle attached to the beef between Brandi and Allie. It also makes BBB’s promo on Dynamite feel like it was written by MJF. As for the friend MJF picked for Cody, that would be QT Marshall. He’s kind of a jabrone in AEW.

Santana and Ortiz blew a gasket backstage after their six-man loss to the Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes. They are going to teach them a lesson in a Texas street fight next week. Santana did the speaking, but I can’t help focusing on Ortiz in the background making a mess of furniture.

I really hope the Young Boys get their butts kicked hard in the street fight. They might be the better team in the ring, but no way are they better street fighters. And I don’t mean the Street Fighter video game the Young Boys are so fond of cosplaying.

Nyla Rose’s punishment for powerbombing referee Rick Knox through a table has been handed down by AEW. She will be suspended without pay for the remainder of the year.

Hmm, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, the suspension makes sense and is deserved. On the other hand, Nyla’s absence could stifle her momentum. I was fully ready for a match against Shanna. I don’t know how excited I’ll be in three weeks or longer when it eventually occurs. It will be key to give us a teasing taste of fisticuffs before an official match between the two. There is also the possibility that Nyla ignores the suspension and does as she pleases.

Hangman Page had the night off, so he indulged in tasty beverages.

Does real cowboy shit mean the lack of capitalization and minimal punctuation in tweets?

That’s pretty much it for this week. It was light in fallout material, but I saved the best for last. Here’s Fenix dressed as The Rock’s iconic turtleneck image.

Do you like the connection of MJF to BBB? Is Nyla Rose’s suspension a good idea? Where does Fenix rank in the best homages to The Rock?

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