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ROH Wrestling, Ep. 432: Taven, Scurll, & Lethal in killer ladder match

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Episode 432 of ROH Wrestling (Dec. 27) featured matches and highlights from the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden. Trust me, this episode is worth watching even if you don’t know squat about ROH. It is available for free on Fite TV (here). It had two great matches with Jeff Cobb against Will Ospreay and Matt Taven vs Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal in a ladder match.

Quick results:

Highlights of Kazuchika Okada defeating Jay White after a spinning Tombstone piledriver and a Rainmaker to win. Okada won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship with that victory.

Jeff Cobb vs Will Ospreay. Full match. It was title vs title, ROH World Television Championship vs NEVER Openweight Championship. The story was power moves vs aerial moves. Top highlights were a delayed vertical superplex from Cobb and a dramatic kickout by Cobb after a backward leaping OsCutter from Ospreay. For the finish, Ospreay was setting up the Storm Breaker finisher, but he was too close to the corner. Cobb escaped and smashed Ospreay with a super Tour of the Islands. Cobb then hit a second Tour of the Islands to win.

Highlights/full match of Rush beating Dalton Castle in under 20 seconds. Rush used three consecutive Bull’s Horns running dropkicks to win.

Honor Rumble highlights. The final two of the 30-man Rumble were Jushin Liger and the Great Muta. Kenny King snuck in to toss out both legends. King had never been officially eliminated.

Matt Taven vs Marty Scurll vs Jay Lethal in a three-way ladder match for the ROH World Championship. Full match. Nick Aldis was on commentary. Lethal was the champ going in. There were plenty of wild ladder moments. In the end, Taven and Lethal were fighting atop a giant purple ladder. Taven knocked Lethal off to crash down on a horizontally hung ladder. Major ouch. Taven grabbed the belt to become new World Champion.

ROH Wrestling has made their weekly format basically into a sales pitch for buying shows on Fite TV or joining Honor Club. So far, it hasn’t really worked on me. That was until episode 432. I am now very curious about watching a replay of the G1 Supercard show. Too bad Fite TV doesn’t seem to have a replay available for purchase (here). Oh well. That makes this installment of ROH Wrestling even more worthwhile to watch.

Cobb vs Ospreay was a cool clash in styles. The championship ladder match delivered the goods. I was unaware of the results, so these two bouts still held their shock value for me. Kenny King winning the Honor Rumble was a downer. It was exciting to see Jushin Liger and the Great Muta get it on. I understand having swerves, but this was the kind of swerve that could be a detriment to fan trust. Give us what we want. In that moment, we wanted to see the two legends find out who was best.

Last note. The MSG atmosphere was rocking. It truly added to the viewing experience as I sat here in my underwear watching on a laptop. I felt their energy, and it pumped me up to the max.

What did you think about episode 432 of ROH Wrestling?

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