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MLW Fusion: Top 10 craziest moments

MLW closed the year with a best of 2019 episode for Fusion. It featured two heavy-hitting matches and a top 10 list of craziest moments.

The two bouts were Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Timothy Thatcher and LA Park vs Jacob Fatu for the World Heavyweight Championship. I’ve already written about those bouts here and here. My only analysis for this write-up is that both matches are damn good. Go watch them.

Here are some cool GIFs to get you interested in Park vs Fatu. It was the headliner for MLW’s first PPV.

New content for this episode was a quick promo from Tom Lawlor selling you on joining his dojo.

The top 10 craziest moments in MLW portion begins at the 29-minute mark of the show. You can also check out MLW’s official recap, which has all the GIFs for each moment.

The full list is:
10. Spider Lady attacks Zeda Zhang (with the mandible claw and reveal of Priscilla Kelly under the mask)
9. Ross Von Erich & Tom Lawlor brawl on NYC streets
8. Contra Unit takes out Lucha Bros (via fireball)
7. Mance Warner raises hell on Promociones Dorado (with a chainsaw)
6. Jacob Fatu’s cage dive
5. Tom Lawlor betrays the Von Erichs
4. Mance Warner & Jimmy Havoc’s feud
3. War Chamber
2. Jacob Fatu wins the World Heavyweight Championship
1. Contra’s fireball & Salina speared through table at Superfight

My personal list would have been nine Contra fireballs and Jimmy Havoc with a pumpkin on his head. Off the top of my head, my pick for MLW match of the year would be Tom Lawlor versus Timothy Thatcher at Superfight.

We’ll close with a video package of the Dynasty.

Do you agree with MLW’s picks for top 10 craziest moments? Which wild ones are missing? What was your favorite MLW match for 2019?

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