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AAA Roundup: Lucha awards, first show of 2020, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. AAA announced their first card for 2020, and TV Azteca handed out year-end awards.

AAA’s first show for 2020 will be a TV taping on January 25 from Mexico City. The theme for the year is, “Nacemos Para Luchar” (Born to Fight/Wrestle).

The advertised card is:

  • Psycho Clown, Pentagon, & Fenix vs Rush, LA Park, & Bestia del Ring
  • Pagano, Aerostar, & Drago vs Blue Demon Jr., Chessman, & Monster Clown
  • Murder Clown, Puma King, & Hijo del Vikingo vs Rey Escorpion, Texano, & Taurus
  • Octagon Jr., Myzteziz Jr., & Aramis vs Poder del Norte
  • Taya, Mr. Iguana, & Mascarita Sagrada vs Abismo Negro Jr., La Hiedra, & Demus
  • Mixed Tag Championship: Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa vs Lady Shani & Dinastia vs Keyra & Arez vs Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr. (champs)

That looks to be a standard TV card. It is interesting to see the Lucha Bros against Los Ingobernables. I’m really hoping that Fenix and Pentagon defend the tag titles against Rush and LA Park at Rey de Reyes in March.

Let’s look at other potential feuds. It would not surprise me if Psycho Clown and Rush main event Triplemania in August. Drago and Blue Demon Jr. have been paired together more recently. That could be a mini feud until AAA decides if they want to run Blue Demon versus Dr. Wagner Jr. again. The feuds with Pagano & Chessman and Aerostar & Monster Clown still rage on.

The opener is the most newsworthy bout. Big Mami and Niño Hamburguesa will get their chance to win back the Mixed Tag Championship from Lady Maravilla and Villano III Jr. in a four-way. I don’t see it happening on a TV taping, but it should provide another interesting chapter in the story.

It is interesting to note that Sin Cara, now named Cinta de Oro, is not on the card. Perhaps he will fulfill WWE’s no-compete clause after all.

What do you think about AAA’s first card for 2020? What sticks out most to you?

Lucha Awards

TV Azteca presented awards as voted by the fans.

  • Best Match: Kenny Omega vs Fenix
  • Best Luchadora: A tie between Lady Shani and La Hiedra
  • Most Spectacular Luchador: Niño Hamburguesa
  • Best Rudo: Dave the Clown
  • Best Tag Team: Lucha Bros
  • Best Mixed Tag Team: Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr.
  • Best Trio: Poder del Norte
  • Best Newcomer: Mr. Iguana
  • Best Dive: Hijo del Vikingo

This video below has the best dive candidates of Aerostar falling from the heavens, Hijo del Vikingo with a moonsault off the upper level, and Fenix with a suicide dive tumbling into the crowd.

Considering these awards were a fan vote, most of the winners are appropriate. I would question Dave the Clown as Best Rudo and Niño Hamburguesa as Most Spectacular Luchador. Killer Kross or Monster Clown seem like better fits to win the rudo award. Hijo del Vikingo is clearly the most spectacular in all of AAA, but I guess they didn’t want to give him too many award opportunities.

Do you agree with the TV Azteca awards? If not, who would you pick instead?

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