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NWA Powerrr: Pope!

NWA Powerrr returned with episode 11 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. The show featured two TV title tournament matches, a new woman on the NWA roster, the debut appearance of Pope, and a threat for Ricky Morton.

New contract and new manager

Trevor Murdoch has put in the hard work and it paid off with an NWA contract. The crowd erupted in cheers. Zicky Dice interrupted the jubilation. He wanted less noise since he was a little hungover from celebrating his victory in last week’s episode of Powerrr. Murdoch mocked Dice’s flashy suit. Dice demanded respect.

Enter The Pope (aka Elijah Burke).

He’s looking to form a new crew to run their own trail. Dice asked if he was the talent Pope was looking for. Pope just walked away.

NWA TV Title Qualifying Match: Ricky Starks vs Eddie Kingston

These bouts have a 6:05 time limit. Highlights include a flying shoulder block by Starks, a flying crossbody by Starks, an exploder suplex by Kingston, and a tornado DDT by Starks. Starks was victorious via double underhook facebuster.

Pope had been on commentary during the match. He put over Kingston’s fighting spirit. After the match, Pope shared a nod with Kingston.

Royce Isaacs’ new lady

Royce Isaacs has been described as a bit of a grump, but he’s happy to introduce the newest member of the NWA. May Valentine! Isaacs was giddy with sexual energy.

As part of global expansion with Nick Aldis, Isaacs wants to prove himself as a singles competitor to show his girl what he can do. Isaacs read a lengthy poem off a piece of paper on the podium. Isaacs basically offered an open challenge. James Storm answered. Storm will kick Young’s ass then tip Valentine’s ass.

Danny Deal$$$ was back with another commercial as he interrupted a promo by Preacher Jones.

James Storm vs Royce Isaacs

Isaacs had to warm-up with kisses and a massage from Valentine. The match started with brawling on the floor. Storm smacked Isaacs around then got ready for a super kick. Isaacs escaped the ring and took the count-out loss.

Holiday libations and song

Eli Drake came out drinking from a champagne bottle. A new year means new gold.

Jocephus Claus and another lady started singing a holy tune. Drake joined in and pumped up the crowd.

Ricky Morton better think twice

Nick Aldis, Wild Cards, and Kamille entered. Aldis was feeling festive and gifted custom track jackets to his squad. Dave Marquez asked about Kamille’s actions. Aldis stated that all the mystery we’ve seen over the weeks was all part of the plan.

The next question was about Aldis’ thought on Ricky Morton’s comments last week. Morton had said Aldis has a long way to go before being compared to NWA’s legends. Aldis requested that Morton clarify his statement. Morton knows Aldis spent the last two years building NWA, but the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express have spent their whole life. Since it was Christmas Eve, Morton apologized for any bad feelings. He offered his hand for a shake. Aldis accepted then gave a stern warning. “You saw what happened to James Storm. You saw what happened to Tim Storm. I’d think very carefully before you open your mouth again.”

Melina, Thunder Rosa, & Marti Belle vs Allysin Kay, ODB, & Ashley Vox

This bout had a stipulation. The wrestler who wins the match gets to make a singles bout against one of the opponents. The bad girls controlled the ring until hot tag flurries from Allysin Kay and ODB. In the end, Thunder Rosa crushed Ashley Vox with a shoulderbreaker then a sitdown driver.

Thunder Rosa is going to pick... Melina butted in to say Rosa would pick ODB. Rosa obliged, “I choose ODB, I guess.”

TV title tournament matchup for next week

Anastasia Fletcher (sp?) picked the random draw for next week’s TV title tournament matchup. I couldn’t figure out her name. I’m not sure if Anastasia is a women’s wrestler, but she has that look. The match she picked was Tim Storm vs Nick Aldis.

Tim Storm is bad

Tim Storm addressed his future in the ring. Mama Storm turned 95 this week. That’s a shoot. She didn’t retire until she was 78 years old. He got his work ethic from her. Storm isn’t doing it for money. He’s bad, and he knows he’s bad. Storm has something to prove. It starts with Nick Aldis.

NWA TV Title Qualifying Match: ¿The Question Mark? vs Colt Cabana

Aron Stevens was not present ringside. The NWA has banned all outside interference during the TV title tournament. The top move was a flying splash from Colt Cabana. Cabana later went high risk again. This time ¿The Question Mark? caught Cabana with his Mongrovian throat strike to win.

¿The Question Mark? was joined by Shooter Stevens backstage. Stevens already has the National Championship. ? has his sights set on the TV Championship. Together, they have their sights set on tag gold. Once Mercury gets out of retrograde, Stevens will have his sights set on the Heavyweight Championship. That will give them all the belts with the power of karataaaay.

The Pope coming to NWA was quite the surprise. I was not expecting him to show up. In fact, he had completely fell of my wrestling radar. It will be interesting to see who he chooses for his new faction. Eddie Kingston seems like a fit with the way Pope nodded to him even though Kingston lost. I’ll be curious to see if Pope’s crew eventually clash with Nick Aldis’ team down the line for a War Games match.

The TV title tournament matches were solid for how quick they were. Ricky Starks and ¿The Question Mark? were good as the winner, since they are the more interesting choices to progress further. Starks is a serious threat to win it all. I don’t envision ? being triumphant in the end, but he is the most over character in the building.

On the topic of the TV title, here is an exclusive promo from Starks.

Nick Aldis versus Tim Storm should be fire next week on Powerrr. The bad blood will be boiling. The 6:05 time limit is rather short for these two, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to a draw. Due to the abbreviated nature of these matches, I hope it is full steam ahead rather than strategic chess. These tactical veterans won’t have time to waste.

Aldis is rounding into form nicely as the top villain. Bullying older legends is a splendid story move, however, I’m going to have to agree with Aldis. He is the main reason the NWA has risen again. Well, aside from Billy Corgan and his cash. Aldis has worked hard to carry the torch. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express should show a little more respect to the champ. I hope Aldis forces them to kiss his boots.

There were plenty of little moments to enjoy in this episode: Trevor Murdoch getting his NWA contract, Royce Isaacs’ new lady friend, Eli Drake drunk on the bubbly, the comical acceptance after Melina butt in to choose Thunder Rosa’s opponent, Tim Storm’s passionate speech, and the closing promo with Shooter Stevens. All of it made for a well-rounded show.

By the way, Mercury’s next retrograde period will be February 17 to March 10.

What was your favorite moment from episode 11 of NWA Powerrr? Who do you think will be Pope’s picks? Who are you predicting to advance between Nick Aldis and Tim Storm?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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