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Give me Cody Rhodes and MJF in hair vs hair for 2020

Merry Christmas! Or the appropriate equivalent for your December celebration. Santa Claus made his rounds last night. I sent a wrestling wish list to the North Pole, but time will tell if Santa thought I was naughty or nice enough to make my squared circle desires come true. Oh, you would like to know what I asked for? I don’t think Christmas wishes get spoiled if revealed, so here we go.

Cain Velasquez to return to AAA as a luchador. I believe Velasquez is better of in lucha libre. There is something to be said about climbing to the top of the largest wrestling company in the world, so I can’t fault Velasquez for taking the opportunity with WWE when it was offered. However, it is a lot more fun as a fan to see him walk down the aisle wearing a luchador mask and pulling off wild flippy maneuvers. If it turns out that Cain’s body is not cut out for the wear and tear of WWE’s busy schedule, then he could take the less strenuous journey of AAA’s five big events per year while he continues to hone his craft back home. Velasquez has a ton of interesting matchups in Mexico: Rush, LA Park, Taurus, Texano, Killer Kross to name a few. Plus, there could be a mask vs hair match down the line.

Speaking of hair...

Hair vs Hair in AEW. AAA has mastered the spectacle of those bouts, as evidenced by Big Mami vs Lady Maravilla being my match of the year. It has been far too long since I’ve seen one from a major US promotion. I’d like AEW put their touch on the hair vs hair match. Cody Rhodes vs MJF would be a perfect feud to try it. Both men would most likely be embarrassed about being shaved bald by their nemesis.

Jake Hager vs Luchasaurus to get the big fight treatment. AEW weaves lots of wrestlers in and out of different stories. One of those instances was the Jurassic Express getting involved with the Inner Circle’s nefariousness. We had a pay-off of Jungle Boy surviving ten minutes against Le Champion, but the matchup I really want is Jake Hager versus Luchasaurus. There is nothing I look forward to most in wrestling than a clash of two unstoppable beasts. Every time they exchange punches, the crowd goes wild. That is a match that must be delivered in 2020. When the time comes, I hope it gets the big fight treatment with a proper build and hype videos. That match could blow the roof off the building.

Dynamite Diamond power suit. The Dynamite Diamond Ring was awarded to MJF after winning a battle royal then defeating Hangman Page in the finale. It is already worth its weight in gemstones with the gimmick of MJF forcing people to kiss his ring. I’m thinking, why stop at a ring? Why not go all in with AEW’s cosplay reputation? Next year could be a special hat or a super cane. I hope they develop a full ensemble over the years for wrestlers to collect. Yes, this idea is stupid and silly, but so is professional wrestling at some of its best times.

A conclusion to the Lucha Underground story. Lucha Underground faded away after season four. Most of their top talent has moved on to greener pastures, so it would be practically impossible to shoot more episodes. That doesn’t mean we have to go on never knowing how the war between gods and Aztec warriors would end. Ideally, an animated special would be sweet. It could open up the story world out of the confines of the Temple if needed. Heck, I’d settle for a simple podcast where the plans are discussed. That story is too cool to never know the ending.

Taya to remain Knockouts Champion for the entire year. Taya is the longest reigning women’s champ in Impact at 352 days and counting. In my opinion, she’s far and away the most entertaining person in the Impact women’s division. I don’t want to see her title run end anytime soon. It is also amusing to see Taya clown fans on Twitter who complain about her as champ.

Besides, Taya’s reign was foretold by prophecy. Don’t mess with prophecies.

What wrestling wishes do you have for 2020?

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