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Tanahashi re-signs with New Japan, teases an AEW World title match

Ace making moves.

Hiroshi Tanahashi has a big match coming up at Wrestle Kingdom 14 next month, as he face Chris Jericho as part of New Japan’s second night at the Tokyo Dome on Jan. 5, 2020.

While promoting that showdown, the company’s Ace made an announcement about his future - and planted the seeds for something which could be big for the future of the entire wrestling business.

Not that it’s a surprise, but Tanahashi (along with Yuji Nagata) revealed he’s re-signed with New Japan. Sorry to anyone dreaming of the eight-time IWGP Heavyweight champ showing up in WWE or something...

That doesn’t mean he won’t show up somewhere else. Okay, it probably does mean he won’t show up elsewhere, given everything we’ve heard about tensions between NJPW and their former stars Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks. But in an interview with Tokyo Sport, Tanahashi was teasing a rematch with Jericho down the road in Le Champion’s home promotion:

“Isn’t he the champion over there? If I win and Jericho asks for one more match, I think I should be able to get a title shot. That would open a door that hasn’t been opened yet.”

Ace in AEW? Probably not. But never say never, scripted fight fans.

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