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AEW Rewind: Big brothers vs brothers match, records to reset, rankings news, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week.

There is no live Dynamite on Christmas, but there will be a special Best of 2019 episode on Fite TV for AEW Plus subscribers. That monthly membership gives you unlimited access to all Dynamite episodes. If you have been on the fence about getting AEW Plus, it gets my stamp of approval. That is how I watch, and I haven’t had any negative issues pop up.

The Rewind is coming a day early to keep you in the loop for Wednesday announcements. Cody Rhodes teased good news to share on Christmas morning. It was also announced that the AEW rankings will now be revealed Wednesday mornings at 9 am. That is a smart choice to avoid the unnecessary confusion of Dark wins and losses affecting the rankings before Dark airs.

To be clear, the rankings will not be Cody’s announcement.

If Cody’s Christmas news is better than this next bit, then it should interesting.

Cody and brother Dustin will wrestle the Lucha Bros on the January 8 episode of Dynamite. That match should be fire. With Cody not challenging for the Heavyweight Championship ever again, I like the idea of teaming with Dustin to grab tag gold. It is also important to note Cody’s mention of the win/loss records resetting in January.

The Rhodes Bros better be ready, because Cero Miedo is a lifestyle.

When 2020 rolls in, who knows what surprises Santa Claus could bring to AEW. Jolly ole St. Nick isn’t the only big guy who dresses in red.

Don’t get your hopes up to be fed more just yet. Ryback is still recovering from stem cell procedures to heal his back and shoulder. He does want to return to the ring in 2020, but it may take a few months. I’d be happy if Ryback and AEW did business together. He would be a monster in that size-deficient company.

Here is a video of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara using cue cards during the commercial break last week on Dynamite. It also includes Sammy solo backstage finishing the message that was interrupted.

Being the Elite

“Blood On My Hands” - Being The Elite, Ep. 184 (here) featured:

  • SCU and the Young Bucks had a little Christmas shindig. SCU was happy as can be, while the Bucks were mopey chumps. The champs were wearing their title belts. The Bucks weren’t too pleased despite mouthing off last week that they were going to do the same if they won. The Jacksons kicked out Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky from their home. Christopher Daniels was kicked out too, then he insulted the food. Matt Jackson speared him onto a bean bag chair and threw poorly faked punches to mock the Dark Order hullabaloo.
  • A freezing SCU was outside the Bucks’ house looking in the window. Matt’s Wife, Dana, let them back in the house.
  • Michael Nakazawa held up photos of different Johns for Justin Roberts to name. Roberts pronounced John as Jeyon. Merch Freak Nick offered Roberts a Jeyoooon (with many more O’s) t-shirt. Roberts didn’t understand the reference.
  • Hangman Page was boozing backstage. He walked around looking for Kenny Omega to apologize for the Buckshot lariat. He rode Darby Allin’s skateboard, sat atop a crate like a bucking bronco, listened to Leva Bates read a story, danced with Private Party, wore a jean jacket like Orange Cassidy, mistook Riho for Omega, and got ‘Do Ya’d’ by Kaz. Hangman eventually found Omega. He passed out before apologizing.
  • Back to the party. SCU and the Bucks were sitting by a fire. Nick commented that they should have booked themselves to win the tag titles. Daniels brought out cups of Arabian hot chocolate, but he botched again and spilled everything on the floor. Daniels hung his head and said, “Maybe I don’t still got it.”
  • Kris Statlander made coffee in a giant metal bowl. The Best Friends approached to ask if she likes aliens. She is an alien. They have aliens in their entrance video. Statlander asked, “Are you going to take me to your leader?” Orange Cassidy walked up. Statlander tried to boop his nose. OC caught her hand then booped her nose. The two walked away together.
  • Matt Jackson was icing his neck next to Omega. Omega said the Dark Order needs to be taken care of before their numbers get out of hand. Nakazawa came in the room. He’s sick of losing. Nakazawa wanted a match against PAC. Omega tried to talk him out of it, but Nakazawa doesn’t want to feel like a loser.
  • New Dark Order members Alex Reynolds and John Silver walked backstage. Silver pushed Reynolds to the side and said that wasn’t what he signed up for. Reynolds told him to trust Evil Uno.
  • In the bathroom, a mysterious Dark Order member was washing blood off his hands. A purple mask was thrown into the trash.

We’ll close with some holiday cheer as Cody gives a pig ear present to his dog, Pharaoh.

What do you think Cody’s big announcement will be? Will it live up to something worth teasing the wait?

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