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CMLL luchador Mr. Niebla has died

CMLL lost one of their valued veteran luchadores. Mr. Niebla (Efrén Tiburcio) has died at the age of 46 due to complications of a blood infection.

Mr. Niebla was a regular on the CMLL circuit until taking leave at the end of October. He had entered the hospital for treatment of a blood infection. His health was looking up. A benefit show had been planned for January 4. Mr. Niebla hoped to return to the ring in 2020.

Early on Monday (Dec. 23), El Dandy posted a Facebook message informing the public that Mr. Niebla was hospitalized with a delicate state of health from the blood infection. Mr. Niebla died at the hospital.

CMLL released a statement.

Rest in peace, Mr. Niebla.

CMLL joins the grief that has seized the luchistic family by the sensitive death of the luchador Mr. Niebla, who had an outstanding career in the history of this sport placing himself as one of the greatest figures.

Mr. Niebla was known for his charisma.

In CMLL, Mr. Niebla won the World Heavyweight Championship, World Tag Team Championship, World Trios Championship, Mexican National Trios Championship, and various tournaments. He was also 9-0 in lucha de apuestas for his mask. PWI ranked him #208 in the top 500 of 2010.

After hearing of the sad news, Rush made the following statement.

In truth, it hurts me in my soul, you were a great friend, more than a friend. You were considered my family. The only thing that remains is to thank you for your advice.

My feelings weigh with all of your family. God has you in his holy glory.

Hijo del Fantasma added his feelings.

Rest in peace my dear Efrén Tiburcio Mr. Niebla. Whenever a friend passes on, I always feel that a part of me also dies. Earlier in the year, Silver King left, now Niebla. There is no doubt that we are nothing... To shine as you know, Chayo, in the heavenly arena! #RIPMRNIEBLA

Cageside Seats’ thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Mr. Niebla following his tragic death.

Que descanse en paz.

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