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The Young Bucks did the sensible thing

Matt and Nick Jackson, collectively known as The Young Bucks, made the smartest decision any person can make as we go into the next decade: they got off Twitter.

They actually deleted their accounts, with only an official account of the two of them remaining. Their dad made some comments as to why they did it, but those have since been deleted. Just a short while ago, Matt himself took to Instagram — which they’re going to keep — and explained exactly why they bailed:

There will continue to be asinine criticism of their decision — you’ll see plenty of aggressively stupid takes like “they couldn’t take the heat they themselves have dished out, what hypocrites” and things of the like — but this is, quite simply, the sensible thing to do. Twitter is nothing more than a distraction from your actual life, and if you have a life worth living, and I assure you you do, you shouldn’t be spending it on Twitter.

Social media is damn near a sickness, one that feeds on the ego within us all, that fosters the kind of narcissism we should all be trying to rid ourselves of. It rewards all the worst qualities within us while too often stifling the best, as Matt himself said here regarding their creativity.

That they are facing any criticism at all over this is evidence they made the right decision.

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