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The Young Bucks leave Twitter for ‘a well deserved break from the toxicity’

Late last week, Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks deactivated his Twitter account. Brother Matt tweeted...

“I’ve had a fun time on this app for over ten years, but it’s time to finally hit the X. I’ll see you on BTE!”

... then did the same. He’s since re-opened it, but as a “Young Bucks Official” branded account. There are no messages from the @MattJackson13 as of this writing.

While Matt & Nick didn’t offer an explanation, their father Matt Massie (aka Papa Buck), did:

It’s a move a lot of folks can relate to, and most of us aren’t on the front lines of social media in the way the All Elite Executive Vice-Presidents are. However, given how instrumental their online presence was to their popularity, there is some risk involved in stepping away from a major component of life on the internet.

And the timing - just after Dynamite’s first ratings loss to NXT on Dec. 18, and the criticism that show’s main event angle has received - also gives the “haters” something else to “hate” on The Bucks for... being thin-skinned.

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