Cageside Community Star Ratings: WWE TLC 2019

This month's TLC PPV didn't have a lot of hype going into it. Most of the matches were only announced in the week leading up to the event. Did this have any impact on how the matches were perceived? As with all WWE pay-per-views,each match has been rated by members of the Cageside Community in order to a cSs rating. All the votes have been tallied and compared with the scores awarded by Dave Meltzer and

Highest Rated match of the night

Aleister Black v Buddy Murphy - Cageside Rating: 4.33

Votes: 623

Meltzer Rating: 3.5

ESPN Rating: 4.25

TLC Rank: 4th out of 35

  • Aleister Black receives match of the night honours from Cagesiders for the second consecutive time. This score beats his bout with Cesaro, which received 4.29.
  • Murphy has gained five four plus scores from his eight PPV matches from CSS.

2nd Place - SDL Tag team title match - New Day v The Revival - Cageside Rating: 4.16

Votes: 154

Meltzer Rating: 3.75

ESPN Rating: 4.5

TLC Rank: 6th

  • The SmackDown tag title ladder match came in second place with Cagesiders, but received match of the night honours from both Meltzer and ESPN.
  • This is The Revival's highest Cageside score, beating the 3.89 they received at Extreme Rules against The Usos.

3rd Place - Andrade v Humberto Carrillo - Cageside Rating: 4.04

Votes: 61

Meltzer Rating: 3.25

ESPN Rating: 3.25

TLC Rank: 8th

  • Despite receiving the lowest number of votes, the Kick off show match makes it into the top three.
  • Both men have yet to receive a Cageside score of less than 3 in singles matches.

WWE women's tag team title match - Kabuki Warriors v Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair - Cageside Rating: 3.50

Votes: 668

Meltzer Rating: 2.25

ESPN Rating: 2.75

TLC Rank: 18th

  • The main event received the highest number of votes, and a higher score from Cagesiders than from the professional journalists.
  • The average score was boosted by the 108 voters who gave it five stars. Only Black v Murphy received more.

Bray Wyatt v The Miz - Cageside Rating: 3.25

Votes: 423

Meltzer Rating: DUD

ESPN Rating: 3.25

TLC Rank: 24th

  • Talk about divisive! Cagesiders and ESPN awarded this match the same score, but Meltzer hated it, and gave it a DUD rating.
  • The 3.25 difference is the largest Meltz gap ever.

Roman Reigns v King Corbin - Cageside Rating: 2.23

Votes: 341

Meltzer Rating: 1.5

ESPN Rating: 1.75

TLC Rank: 34th

  • King Corbin and the Big Dog failed to impress all three judges. This match received the highest number of zero star ratings, 69.

Raw Tag team title match - Viking Raiders v The OC - Cageside Rating: 2.12

Votes: 75

Meltzer Rating: 1.5

ESPN Rating: 1.75

TLC Rank: 36th

  • Another disappointing showing from The Viking Raiders, their PPV matches involving The OC have been poorly received.
  • This did get a better score than their six man tag at Hell in a Cell (1.31).

Bobby Lashley v Rusev - Cageside Rating: 2.00

Votes: 182

Meltzer Rating: 1.5

ESPN Rating: 1.75

TLC Rank: 37th

  • Rusev and Lashley's table match brings up the rear.
  • This match received the joint lowest score from ESPN of 1.75, along with the Raw tag title match and Reigns/Corbin TLC battle.
TLC received a match average score of 3.21 from Cagesiders, down from last year's 3.42. ESPN's average was 2.91, Meltzer's was 2.19

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