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AEW’s Revolution PPV quickly sells out

There was a time - all the way back in the summer of 2019 - when these stories felt routine. All Elite Wrestling announced a show, tickets went on sale, minutes later the show sold out.

But with weekly Dynamite filmings making each show less of an event, and with their analytics possibly leading them astray in picking the venue for their November Full Gear PPV, we haven’t had regular sell out announcements in a while.

To change that, AEW returned to Chicagoland, and tied their next PPV to a pop culture convention which has averaged around 80K attendees a year since 2015.

That did the trick. Tickets for their Feb. 29 Revolution show at Chicago’s Wintrust Arena went on sale at noon Eastern, and by 1 p.m...

We now leave you to calmly and rationally analyze this news without any emotion or partisanship.

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