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AAA Triplemania Regia results: Rush & LA Park join forces, Monster Clown loses mask, Omega retains

AAA’s Triplemania Regia took place last night (Dec. 1) from a baseball stadium in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It featured an unthinkable alliance between enemies Rush and LA Park, an 8-luchador mask vs hair cage match, and Kenny Omega defending the AAA Megacampeonato against Dragon Lee.

The show was not aired live, but it sounded like the typical chaotic flavor of big AAA events. Good news is that AAA announced it will be available for viewing next week on their YouTube channel. Let’s go over the big moments as best we can for now.

Quick results:

8-luchador Mask vs Hair Cage Match: Monster Clown lost his mask as the last one remaining inside the cage. His nemesis Aerostar was the last man to escape. Other participants were Psycho Clown, Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., Texano, Rey Escorpion, and Chessman.

Rush defeated LA Park and Pagano in a three-way. I believe Rush pinned Pagano. Afterward, Rush, LA Park, Bestia del Ring, and Konnan joined forces as a new faction in AAA.

Megacampeonato: Kenny Omega defeated Dragon Lee to retain the title.

Reina de Reinas Championship: Taya defeated Faby Apache, Ayako Hamada, Keyra, and Lady Shani in a five-way to retain. Keyra took the pinfall. I wonder if that closes Keyra’s claim for a title shot after relinquishing due to injury earlier this year.

Copa Triplemania: Niño Hamburguesa won a 12-luchador over-the-top elimination bout. Hamburguesa tossed La Hiedra out last for victory. The prize was a snazzy title belt.

Taurus & Villano III Jr. defeated Hijo del Vikingo & Aramis, Cage & Puma King, and Octagon Jr. & Dulce Canela in a four-way dance. Taurus pinned Vikingo. Luchablog notes that there were shenanigans between Konnan and Vampiro during the bout. Bandido & Flamita were scheduled but did not appear. It seems Bandido is with CMLL now.

La Familia Real (Hijo de LA Park, LA Park Jr., & Hijo del Volador) defeated Poder del Norte via disqualification when Hijo de LA Park’s mask was yanked off. That type of finish rarely happens in AAA. It is more of a CMLL move.

Lady Maravilla, Cassandro, Demus, & Dave the Clown defeated Big Mami, Pimpinela Escarlata, Mascarita Dorada, & Dinastia. Maravilla pinned Mami.

Aerostar finally achieved revenge on his bitter rival by winning (or not losing) the 8-luchador mask vs hair cage match. Monster Clown was forced to unmask. He was joined by Psycho Circus former allies, Psycho Clown and Murder Clown, for the moment to reveal his face.

Coming from the extremely unexpected file, Rush and LA Park became faction companions. It sounds like Bestia del Ring and Konnan had a role in the finish. Afterward, Rush offered a spot in Los Ingobernables to LA Park, which was accepted. This group seems to fulfill Konnan’s warning of darkness sweeping over AAA. A post-show interview with +Lucha TV confirmed them as an outside force desiring to take down AAA.

Kenny Omega pinned Dragon Lee via One Winged Angel. Reviews for the match seem to be good but not epic.

We’ll close with a few clips of cool moves. Mocho Cota Jr. had a doomsday suicide dive. The impact to the floor isn’t shown but the sound sounded brutal.

Hijo del Vikingo had a fancy cannonball dive off the ropes to the outside.

Pagano attacked LA Park with a suicide dive while holding a light tube.

Last one is a super hurricanrana by Rey Escorpion to Psycho Clown through a table.

Were you surprised at all at Monster Clown losing his mask? Do you like the new group with Rush and LA Park? Who would you like to see be the next challenger for Kenny Omega?

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