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NWA Powerrr: Nick Aldis’ team of fixers

NWA Powerrr returned with episode 10 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. It was fallout from the Into the Fire PPV and the new direction forward. The show featured Shooter Stevens, participants for the NWA Television Championship tournament, and Nick Aldis forming a new team of fixers.

Third degree National Heavyweight Champion

Aron Stevens came out for an interview with Dave Marquez. He wore his karate gi and was joined by ¿Question Mark? The fans stated chanting ?’s name. Stevens shouted not to call him a mark. ? is a dangerous assassin. It is the fans who are the marks.

Stevens is the first American to earn a third degree black belt in Mongrovian karate. He is also a third degree NWA National Heavyweight Champion. That belt means he is a dirt tough hunk of man. Stevens requested his new moniker to be Shooter Stevens. Stevens and ? have their eyes on the tag team belts.

Colt Cabana came out to complain about losing to Stevens in a three-way at Into the Fire.

Thunder Rosa and Melina entered the area. Ashley Vox tried to ambush Rosa. Bad idea. Rosa and Melina were going to injure her elbow again, but Allysin Kay and ODB chased them off.

Cut backstage to Melina angry at Marti Belle for not backing them up. Belle pointed out that Melina had told her to stay backstage. Melina shot back to do what she needs, not what she says. Melina then told her to be more like Rosa. That seemed like a seed planted to sow future dissension between Marti and Rosa.

The NWA Television Championship will have a tournament final to crown a winner at the next PPV on January 24.

The rules for the tournament matches will be a 6 minute, 5 second time limit (to match 6:05 ET). If there isn’t a winner, then all participants will be booted from the tournament.

Sal Rinauro vs CW Anderson vs Zicky Dice

This was a qualifier to be in the NWA Television Championship tournament. There were several quick pin attempts. Anderson hit Rinauro with a big spinebuster. Dice threw Anderson out of the ring, then Dice hit Rinauro with a neckbreaker to win.

“Outlandish” Zicky Dice did an interview. He had bleach blond hair and a very loud mouth. He doesn’t need luck to win the TV title.

The Dawsons interrupted. Dice fled. The Dawsons claimed James Storm was right about a conspiracy. They had an agreement with the Wild Cards to do the dirty work in exchange for title shots and big money. Wild Cards haven’t lived up to their end of the deal, so the Dawsons are going to expose the truth. Wild Cards chased them off with chairs.

Marty Scurll in NWA

Marty Scurll’s interview after Into the Fire was aired. He’ll do what he bloody well wants. He came to NWA to cause noise. Scurll knows he can beat Nick Aldis. Becoming Worlds Heavyweight Champion is the only thing Scurll is focusing on.

Eddie Kingston was on commentary for the next match. Stu Bennett and Joe Galli inquired about the health status of Homicide, who was injured at Into the Fire. Kingston rudely told them that they don’t need to know. Homicide will be back when he’s back.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs Zach Mosely & Sean Sims

RnR were victorious in a non-title squash with hip tosses and Irish whips to win via double roll-ups. Since RnR have been in NWA for 30 years, they were asked about their thoughts on the legacy of Nick Aldis. They stated that Aldis beat James Storm in the ring to prove he is champ, but Aldis has a long road to go before being compared to the legends.

The Dawsons came back out to expose the truth. Wild Cards brawled with them.

Wild Cards vs Dawsons

Wild Cards picked Zane Dawson apart. They smashed his hand on the ring steps. The winning maneuver was a teamwork powerbomb. They stomped Zane’s hand afterward. Over to the podium for an interview. Bad things happen when you stick your nose in the Wild Cards’ business.

Cut over to Jocephus Claus throwing out gifts to the crowd.

James Storm had a post-match interview after Into the Fire. In due time, there will be due justice. He will work his way back up the mountain and beat the living shit out of Nick Aldis.

NWA TV Championship participants

The men in the TV title tournament were announced: Zicky Dice, Ricky Starks, Caleb Konley, Colt Cabana, Trevor Murdoch, Thom Latimer, ¿Question Mark?, Eddie Kingston, Tim Storm, both Dawsons, and Nick Aldis.

Nikita Koloff came out to pick names for next week’s matches:

  • Ricky Starks vs Eddie Kingston
  • Colt Cabana vs ¿Question Mark?

Nick Aldis was interviewed. Ricky Starks joined him but didn’t speak. I think Aldis just wanted to give Starks face time on camera. Aldis has run through all challengers for the Ten Pounds of Gold. There is no one left, so he wants to bolster his legacy by winning the TV Championship. Aldis put over Starks as high caliber and maybe Starks will be good enough to lose to Aldis in the finals. About Scurll, no comment. Forcing your way into a title shot is not how business is done in NWA. About Kamille, she is no longer Aldis’ insurance policy. Aldis decided he needs to assemble a real team, which we’ll see unfold in the coming weeks.

Marty Scurll had a sitdown interview with Stu Bennett. Why NWA? Scurll wants to keep people guessing. Being in the Ten Pounds of Gold tournament ignited his passion. He respects the honor, tradition, and legacy of NWA.

Tim Storm was on commentary for the main event. He thinks Scurll deserves a title shot and that is a match he’d like to see.

No DQ: Eli Drake vs Ken Anderson

Prior to the bout, Drake had an interview. His voice was gravely due to Anderson’s attack at Into the Fire. Drake pointed out funny business by him not being included in the TV tournament. To Anderson, Drake is still standing. Time for no DQ.

Drake had control early as they fought through the crowd. He stuck Anderson’s head in a seat and kicked it. Drake also took a selfie of smooshing Anderson’s face.

Anderson got back into it by slamming a steel gate on Drake’s head to knock him down the stairs.

Back in the ring, Anderson set up a chair for a Mic Check. Drake blocked the maneuver, then used a drop toehold to slam Anderson’s head into the chair. After some ground and pound, Drake grabbed the chair with bad intentions. Drake decided against that and pinned Anderson ‘clean’ after the Gravy Train finisher.

Team Aldis swerve

Nick Aldis stormed over to commentary to confront Tim Storm about fantasy booking Mart Scurll for a title shot. Storm got heated and headed to the ring. Shoves were exchanged. Wild Cards ambushed Storm. Kamille came in to break it up. She pushed Aldis into the corner, then she turned around and speared Storm. Kamille and Thom Latimer engaged in heavy smooching. Team Aldis shared a group hug to close the show.

Episode 10 of NWA Powerrr was all over the place, in the best possible way. Characters were coming and going with no time wasted. I liked seeing the wrestlers interact with facial expressions even if they aren’t involved in each other’s stories. Despite so much movement, everything was very simple to follow.

The biggest story was Nick Aldis officially forming a team with Kamille and Wild Cards. I don’t think all the swerves were necessary to use just for Tim Storm, but it did create a quality moment. That foursome is a formidable crew. It is interesting to revisit James Storm’s conspiracy claims when Wild Cards were his partners in the six-man tag that earned Colt Cabana a National title shot.

The TV Championship tournament should be a dandy. I was excited to see Tim Storm included. He’s easy to root for and this now give him purpose. Nick Aldis in the tournament was a shocker. His logic, albeit not exactly true, makes sense from his perspective. That is a match I’d like to see again, but I hope it doesn’t happen in the final. That would make the tournament too easy to predict.

How do you rate episode 10 of NWA Powerrr? What was your favorite moment? What are your predictions for the TV tournament?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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