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AEW Rewind: Cody Rhodes gets emotional, Jungle Boy training montage, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

We’ll start with Cody Rhodes putting over QT Marshall’s performance in their tag bout last week on Dynamite. “A guy went out there and they were chanting ‘Cody’s partner’ and by the end of the match they were chanting his name.” It brought an actual tear to his eye.

Cody also took Darby Allin up on his offer to team against the Blade and the Butcher in exchange for a rematch of their draw at Fyter Fest back in June.

Many fans are confused about Brandi Rhodes’ Nightmare Collective group. Cody has been busy making security passes for his dogs, but he appears to be just as confused about Brandi wheeling and dealing. He wondered if she at least signed new bald member Melanie Cruise to the roster, the cutting of hair, and who was the bald guy from last week. Strangely enough, they never discussed the topic while Christmas tree shopping.

Chris Jericho did an unboxing for A Little Bit of the Bubbly. They’ve sold over 16,000 bottles so far.

Jericho will be having a non-title bout against Jungle Boy to close out the year. Jericho better take this match seriously, because Jungle Boy put out a TRAINING MONTAGE!

There can never be enough training montages in professional wrestling. If Jungle Boy is somehow successful and earns a World Championship shot, then I’d like an alternate cut with jungle training.

Enjoy this nifty video package hyping up the Young Bucks for their tag team title shot against SCU. I don’t agree that they are the best tag team in the world and I also think their AEW characters are a touch arrogant, but this video does a great job promoting the bout from their view.

SCU won’t be running or ducking from anyone.

Being the Elite

“Chris Daniels Botch” - Being The Elite, Ep. 183 (here) featured:

  • The first scene took place before last week’s Dynamite. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks talked about someone not picking up the phone, but no name was mentioned. Hangman Page did pick up the phone for Omega. They will team together. There was this odd thing where Omega was forgetting his lines. They presented it as the whole thing being fake. I don’t know what purpose that served.
  • Sonny Kiss talked about loving Christmas. Kaz walked,up, “Do ya!?!” Kaz loves Christmas too. High five with Kiss, who was frightened by his, “Do ya!?!”
  • Private Party was talking about a wild lady. Isiah Kassidy turned the corner and went lips first into MJF’s diamond ring. MJF had been standing there waiting with his arm extended and said that counts as kissing his ring. Wardlow’s presence prevented them from chasing down MJF.
  • Michael Nakazawa visited the gym to get bigger to get booked in more matches. Hikaru Shida was lifting 25 pound weights, so Nakazawa tried that too. Shida responded by lifting 30 pound weights. Nakazawa put his headphones in to listen to a motivational tape to become a body guy. It sounded like a Dark Order voice.
  • Music montage of finely cleaning the title belts, someone tight-walking the railing, Nick Jackson prepping for his leap off the entrance tunnel.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver have got to stop losing. Reynolds was revealed has the hand that ripped a number off the Dark Order flyer. Next were highlights of them getting beat up by Jon Moxley. Silver was venting his frustration about losing. Reynolds shoved the Dark Order flyer into Silver’s chest.
  • Hangman Page was in a good mood while drinking whiskey shots. He was a little tipsy chatting with Private Party. Page wanted to show them a video on his phone, but a Dark Order commercial played. “Aren’t you tired of being the least successful member of your group?”
  • Leva Bates is in demand to read stories out loud to various wrestlers after reading to the Inner Circle. She was chatting to Big Swole. Bates was flattered that Peter Avalon missed her. “Do you think he likes me?” Swole had her headphones in and didn’t realize Bates was talking to her.
  • SCU was taking Christmas sweater photos, but Christopher Daniels was focused on his botched springboard move against Pentagon. Pentagon is stuck in CD’s brain, and he doesn’t know how to get him out.
  • Nick Jackson revealed that he had a bad case of the flu just before the Texas Street Fight, but he pushed through anyway.

The Dark Order was heavily featured in the background of this episode. A lot of names were teased as being ripe for the picking as potential recruits. It would be interesting if Nakazawa and Hangman join to feud with Omega, who would be trying to save them.

MJF’s shtick of kissing the diamond ring is my favorite part. He can keep that gag going for a long time, especially with Wardlow there to protect him. I hope MJF tries that on Jon Moxley one day.

We’ll close with a couple of new t-shirts. At least, I think they are new.

Sauce god Jim Ross has a slobberknocking top for you.

The Young Bucks are celebrating the holidays with a superkick party.

Now is your chance to join the Dark Order.

It seems Jack Evans was denied membership to the Dark Order.

He can buy that t-shirt to rub it in their face.

Does Jungle Boy’s training montage pump you up? What’s your theory about the lack of communication in the Rhodes household about the Nightmare Collective?

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