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AAA Guerra de Titanes recap: Rush forms new Ingobernables, Vampiro challenges Konnan, more!

AAA’s big blowout event to end the year did not disappoint. Guerra de Titanes (Dec. 14) provided a bevy of entertainment in the ring, surprise stories, and another round of everybody’s favorite rivalry, Vampiro versus Konnan.

Before we get started, check out the two major moments of Sin Cara’s surprise appearance (here) and the hair vs hair match of the year between Big Mami and Lady Maravilla (here).

La Faccion Ingobernable

The main event had major star power. Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr., & Drago competed against Rush, Rey Escorpion, & Blue Demon Jr. It was the typical main event trios style with brawling all around the ring and into the crowd. The rudos dominated early until the tecnicos turned it around with the use of GREEN MIST from Drago. He spritzed Blue Demon in the face. Wagner then superplexed Blue Demon. Psycho followed with a frog splash. Instead of a pin, Psycho went wild with a broom stick.

“Bad to the bone, B-B-B-B-Bad to the bone.” LA Park’s music hit. He was joined by Killer Kross and Konnan to dominate the tecnicos. The no disqualification stipulation now made a ton of sense. The match ended with a super powerbomb through a table from Rush to Psycho Clown.

Masks were yanked off the heads of Psycho, Drago, and even rudo partner Blue Demon. LA Park has beef with Blue Demon and cashed in a receipt.

Rush grabbed the mic to announce a new formation of Los Ingobernables. The crew includes Rush, LA Park, Killer Kross, Konnan, and Bestia del Ring. They cussed up a storm to insult the crowd for cheering their names. The goal is to destroy AAA. Konnan has been trying to achieve that for over ten years. Apparently, it is a tougher task than it looks.

The final moment of the show was a four man fist pound in true Ingobernable fashion.

Rush and LA Park joined forces earlier this month at Triplemania Regia, but that show wasn’t aired live. For myself and many others, this was our first glimpse of the duo together. It was also my first time seeing Rush in a AAA ring. It felt surreal when Rush entered wearing his bull mask and hit all his signature moves. This was equivalent to a main event defection during the WWE/WCW war.

There are a couple of directions this story could lead. Rush and Psycho Clown primarily focused on each other during the match. If AAA can pony up the money for hair vs mask, then that could end up being the main event for Triplemania 2020. Another direction could be LA Park fighting Blue Demon Jr. Park hates Demon for being underhanded in the mask vs hair match with Wagner at Triplemania XXVII. There is also the possibility of Blue Demon and Wagner joining forces for the greater good against this invading faction.

“Let’s go, motherf***r!”

Just when you thought the fighting between Konnan and Vampiro would cease due to health issues, it is time to think again. The two have been engaged in surprise fisticuffs a few times this year at AAA’s major events. Guerra de Titanes would be no different.

This particular story started early in the evening with an in-ring promo from the Lucha Bros. They sent a message to Konnan that he can bring whoever he wants to challenge them for the AAA Tag Team Championship.

Fast forward to the Lucha Bros title defense. They competed in a three-way against Australian Suicide & Rey Horus and Hijo del Vikingo & Myzteziz Jr. It should be noted that Myzteziz returned from competing on a reality show and Horus appears to have signed with AAA for the time being.

Fenix and Pentagon were victorious via their teamwork finisher.

After the match, Konnan’s music hit as a distraction so Killer Kross could ambush the Lucha Bros. Argenis was there too. I’m not sure if he was with Konnan or freelancing with his revenge. Argenis attacked Myzteziz Jr. about wearing the Myzteziz mask originally worn by his brother, CMLL’s Caristico.

Who would save the day? Vampiro! He came out to get in Konnan’s face. Vamp shouted in English, “Let’s go motherf***er. Right now. Si or no!?!” Konnan backed out and paced around the ring. That set up another ambush by Kross.

Vampiro always falls for those tactics. All the rudos remaining in the ring put the boots to Vampiro. I couldn’t help but laugh. I enjoy Vampiro, but he gets treated like a real goober sometimes.

The big question is if these two will ever have their one final blow-off match. Assuming their health permits, I actually have high hopes for it to be an entertaining spectacle. AAA knows how to pull rabbits out of hats. Although, they’ve also been known to pull out skunks on occasion.

As for the Lucha Bros, if they are focused on feuding with Konnan, that would mean a two-man combination from Rush, LA Park, Killer Kross, and Bestia del Ring. Add in the Mercenarios looking to get their tag gold back, and we have enough pairings to last an entire calendar year.

The rest of the matches at Guerra de Titanes were multi-luchador displays of flippy stuff. There wasn’t much story, just constant in and out action. Get the full results here. This section is going to focus on the coolest moves from those other bouts.

Arez caught a suicide dive and turned it into a Spanish Fly on the floor.

Mack busted out a Macarena moonsault.

Poder del Norte launched Keyra into the air. This one looks kind of fun to be in Keyra’s place.

Octagon Jr. (aka Golden Magic) had a dope springboard corkscrew dive to the outside.

Mascarita Dorada (aka El Torito in WWE) went around Demus’ world several times on way to victory. Mascarita treated Demus like a pommel horse.

Honorable mention include a super monkey flip by Dinastia, Faby Apache getting destroyed by Poder del Norte for their teamwork finisher, Texano superplexing Murder Clown through a table, and Fenix with a crazy dive.

Guerra de Titanes was a thumbs up show. Thrills, spills, chills, and all that jazz. I’ll toss it over to Cagesider The Great Wall of Slow for the live results comment, “Welp, another good AAA show. Been a running theme all year. Wild, wacky, zany with good lucha and some high-stakes drama at hand.” I fully agree.

How do you rate Guerra de Titanes? What was your favorite moment? Which match stole the show? Do you like the newest version of the Ingobernables? Are you ready for the next chapter of Vampiro vs Konnan?

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