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AAA Guerra de Titanes: Big Mami & Lady Maravilla hair vs hair was the match of the year

AAA’s Guerra de Titanes (Dec. 14) was witness to the match of the year. Big Mami and Lady Maravilla tore the house down in a hair vs hair lucha de apuesta. This was far from a technical classic, but it was a masterpiece in sports entertainment. There was an emotional story, savage action, a feel-good ending, and a celebration for the ages with big boy strippers.

The set-up going in was that Lady Maravilla trifled with Niño Hamburguesa to practice her man-eating ways. Niño and Big Mami were a couple and Mixed Tag champs. Maravilla manipulated Niño like a lovesick puppy as she and Villano III Jr. won the Mixed Tag belts at Triplemania XXVII. Mami dumped Niño for being a sucker, and she focused on Maravilla to get payback in the form of hair vs hair.

That brought us to Guerra de Titanes. Villano III Jr. was the second for Maravilla, while Octagoncito was the second for Mami. Earlier in the evening, Mami told Niño not to come out. She was tired of him costing her matches. She didn’t want to risk it with the stakes being so high. If he cared for her as much as he claimed, then he would stay in the back.

The bout started out with a bang as Maravilla took to the air before the opening bell.

Maravilla unleashed a vicious chair attack to make Mami bleed. Maravilla took flight again for a super splash down onto the floor. Mami rebounded with power moves and a Death Valley driver through a leaning table.

It wouldn’t be a AAA feature bout if it didn’t have chicanery and shenanigans. Both were served in heaping helpings. Villano frequently assisted Maravilla by attacking Mami any time Mami’s momentum was rising. Octagoncito was too small to stop him. To make matters worse, rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes was doing blatant slow counts whenever Mami attempted a pin. He even tripped Mami on purpose when she was running across the ring.

The action raged on with a flying crossbody by Mami to the floor and a Gory bomb by Mami.

The finish was wild in all the right ways. Villano took out Octagoncito with a powerbomb. Maravilla’s best friend, Keyra, ran down to slide a bottle to Maravilla. Smash! Maravilla shattered the bottle over Mami’s head. That wasn’t enough to keep Mami down as she had a dramatic kick-out.

It became 4-on-1 when ref Tirantes joined in on putting the boots to Mami. That’s when lover boy came to save the day. Niño Hamburguesa stormed the ring to execute his patented running bowling ball into the corner. He smashed into a triple stack of Tirantes, Keyra, and Villano.

Maravilla tried to sweet talk Niño. This time Niño wasn’t biting what Maravilla was feeding, so she tried to punch him. Niño blocked it then landed a big smooch on Maravilla’s lips. A kick to the gut and a sitdown powerbomb put Maravilla on the mat. Mami took flight for a flying splash. The only problem was that ref Tirantes was still knocked out.

Backup referee Piero sprinted down the aisle and slid into the ring. 1, 2, 3. Big Mami defeated Lady Maravilla in hair vs hair.

Check out the final minute. It is so freaking good. Maravilla was a real scumbag villain, so it was ultra satisfying seeing her get comeuppance. Niño breaking the love spell of Maravilla was another great moment. Mami flying with heavy impact was awesome. Icing on the cake was ref Piero trucking down the ramp. His shirt came untucked and his pants fell down a little. Just listen to the crowd erupt to understand how well this sequence played out.

Maravilla’s hair was chopped off.

They cut a lot more hair after that GIF. It wasn’t a buzzcut, but Maravilla was fuzzy headed when she exited.

Believe it or not. The scene got even better. Mami got on the mic to forgive Niño for his past mistakes. They reunited back together as a team. Niño had a surprise up his sleeve. I was thinking a proposal, but it was something much more outlandish.

“Everybody, rock your body, everybody, rock your body right, Backstreet’s back alright!”

Niño’s surprise was Los Strippers Big.

Other tecnicos came out from the back for a dance party to celebrate Mami’s moment.

Update: Lady Maravilla went full buzz.

That match was a perfect piece of sports entertainment. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the match of the year. It had all the elements to tell a captivating story in the ring.

The feud was heated enough to truly deserve hair vs hair. Big Mami and Lady Maravilla had clear roles for babyface and heel. No tweener stuff. No good guys acting like buttheads. It had a tale of friendship between Mami and Niño Hamburguesa. It had a redemption angle for Niño. It had the equivalent of a hot tag spot when Niño ran down to even the odds. That hot tag moment was excellently built to as well. The rudos were out of control and needed to be stopped. It had a dramatic finish with the backup referee zooming down the aisle to make the three count.

The special celebration was a fantastic cherry on the sundae. Los Strippers Big blew my mind. They are a hot, new comedy act on the Mexican Indie scene. I never would have expected them. It was an off the charts level of surprise.

All of these elements combined to elicit a screeching reaction from me. I’m more of a quiet fan, but this match caused me to make noises and clap out of a natural involuntary response. It just came out of me. When wrestling can make that happen, it is to be appreciated. That is why Big Mami and Lady Maravilla in hair vs hair is my match of the year.

If you saw the bout, what did you think? Where does it rank on your best-of list?

Get the full results for Guerra de Titanes here.

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