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Sin Cara makes first non-WWE appearance at AAA’s Guerra de Titanes

It didn’t take Sin Cara long to find work after leaving WWE. The man with no face used his same name down in Mexico when he made a surprise appearance at AAA’s Guerra de Titanes last night (Dec. 14).

Back in early November, Sin Cara asked for his release from WWE. It was finally granted on December 8. It took less than a week to spring up in another wrestling promotion.

After a rudos victory in a TLC match, the bad guys proceeded to put the boots to Pagano. That’s when a mysterious man ran down to help Pagano. The announcers were confused at first as to who it was, then the name Sin Cara flashed on the big screen.

Sin Cara grabbed a mic to declare AAA is his new home. He came down to help Pagano to show his unconditional support for a fellow luchador from Ciudad Juarez.

It appears that Sin Cara will be working with AAA going forward, but there may be a slight snafu. Luchablog and Dave Meltzer both commented that WWE has a trademark in Mexico for the name Sin Cara. If Sin Cara re-emerges with a new name, now you know why.

There is also the issue of the typical 90 day non-compete clause in WWE contracts. Luchablog stated that it usually only applies to US television. Even if Sin Cara has to comply through threat of litigation, it may not affect AAA’s plans to use him. They usually take a month off after Guerra de Titanes, and the next major show is Rey de Reyes in March. It might line up that Sin Cara’s next appearance with AAA would be at Rey de Reyes anyway.

Whatever happens with that copyright situation, we can always look back at this chummy photo of Sin Cara and Pagano being pals.

What do you think they are talking about? Is AAA a good move for Sin Cara? Who would you like to see him wrestle in Mexico?

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