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AAA Guerra de Titanes live results: Women’s hair vs hair, Lucha Bros tag title defense


The fifth of AAA’s ‘big five’ events is going down tonight (Saturday, December 14, 2019). Guerra de Titanes will emanate from Domo Madero in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. The card features Rush in a trios main event, a women’s hair vs hair, the Lucha Bros defending the tag titles, TLC, and lumberjacks.

Guerra de Titanes can be viewed live for free on AAA’s Twitch channel in English and Spanish. Another option is paying $5 US to subscribe on Twitch and get AAA content on demand.

Check out the Guerra de Titanes preview to get you in the mood.

Join us at 9 p.m. ET for some wild lucha libre action. There are bound to be surprises and unintentional laughs. AAA’s shows never run 100% smoothly. Enjoy the event and have fun chatting it up in the open thread.

Quick results:

No Disqualification: Rush, Rey Escorpion, & Blue Demon Jr. defeated Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr., & Drago. The tecnicos had momentum, then LA Park’s music hit. He, Killer Kross, and Konnan ran down to beat up the tecnicos. Rush won the bout with a super powerbomb to Psycho through a table. Afterward, a new Ingobernables faction was made with Rush, Park, Kross, Konnan, and Bestia del Ring, who was not present.

Hair vs Hair: Big Mami defeated Lady Maravilla. Fan-f’ing-tastic. Awesome sports entertainment. Maravilla had all kinds of shenanigans in her favor. Eventually, Niño Hamburguesa ran down to clean house when it was 4-on-1 against Mami. He powerbombed Maravilla. Mami finished the job with a flying splash. Maravilla’s hair was cut. Mami forgave Niño for his past transgressions. He gave her a surprise, Los Strippers Big. Chubby dancing fellows. Outstanding.

Tag Team Championship: Fenix & Pentagon retained against Australian Suicide & Rey Horus and Hijo del Vikingo & Myzteziz Jr. in a three-way. Australian Suicide ate a superkick on a shooting star press. That set up the Lucha Bros teamwork finisher of flying stomp into package piledriver. Afterward, Konnan came down to answer the Lucha Bros’ words from earlier. Killer Kross ambushed the Lucha Bros. Argenis attacked Myzteziz Jr. for family honor. (His brother, CMLL’s Caristico, aka original Sin Cara, was the original Myzteziz.) Vampiro! He came out to challenge Konnan. In English, “Let’s go motherf#$%er.” Here and now. Konnan left the ring in a huff. Kross snuck up to beat down Vampiro.

TLC Atomicos: Killer Kross, Taurus, Texano, & Chessman defeated Willie Mack, Puma King, Murder Clown, & Pagano. “Hot Chocolate” Willie Mack replaced Cage. Plenty of TLC spots. In the end, Mack hit Kross with a stunner, but Kross reacted with a Saito suplex to win. Afterward, the rudos beat up the tecnicos. Sin Cara made the save. He grabbed a mic and the sound promptly went out. No idea what he said.

Lumberjack Match: Poder del Norte defeated Taya, Faby Apache, & Octagon Jr. and Abismo Negro Jr., Ayako Hamada, & Keyra in a three-way. Faby hit an angel wings driver on Carta Brava Jr., but rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes was too busy to count when he cleaned the ring of a single strand of hair. Poder del Norte regrouped for their triple running attack to Faby in the corner, then Mocho Cota Jr. hit a frog splash to win.

Niño Hamburguesa, Mascarita Dorada, & Mr. Iguana defeated Demus, Villano III Jr., & Latigo. Demus yanked the mask off Mascarita Dorada’s head. Dorada got a replacement mask from a child in the crowd then did a marathon whirling session on Demus’ body leading to a winning pin.

Lucha Bros in the house! They cut a promo calling out Konnan to bring whoever to challenge them. If this leads to Rush & LA Park versus the Lucha Bros at a future date, then time to lose my pants.

Aramis, Dinastia, & Octagoncito defeated Mini Psycho Clown, Arez, & Parkita Negra. Dinastia pinned Parkita Negra after a super monkey flip then a standing moonsault.

Big Mami had a backstage interview that was interrupted by Niño Hamburguesa. He confidently and proudly stated he would be her second for the hair vs hair match. Mami took him to the side and cut him off. She doesn’t want him out there. If he cares for her like he claims, then he won’t come out.

Check back Sunday for a full review right here on Cageside Seats.

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