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AAA Guerra de Titanes preview: Rush trios main event, Maravilla & Big Mami hair vs hair, Lucha Bros!

AAA’s Twitter

AAA’s Guerra de Titanes is here. The show airs tonight (Saturday, December 14) at 9 p.m. ET for free on Twitch in English and Spanish. Let’s run down the stories and make some predictions.

No Disqualification: Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr., & Drago vs Rush, Bestia del Ring, & Blue Demon Jr.

The hook to the main event is Rush and his father, Bestia del Ring, competing in AAA. Rush debuted at Triplemania Regia earlier this month and formed an alliance with nemesis LA Park, but that event hasn’t been released worldwide yet. (It will be posted to AAA’s YouTube channel on Sunday.) That means this is essentially Rush’s debut for the eyes of the masses.

Two feuds to keep an eye on are Psycho Clown vs Rush and the never-ending Wagner vs Blue Demon. AAA likes to announce their main events for Triplemania half a year in advance, so seeds could be planted here.

Prediction: Rush, Bestia del Ring, & Blue Demon Jr. Rush has sided with evil Konnan. That is sure to mean nefarious antics to ensure victory.

Hair vs Hair: Big Mami vs Lady Maravilla

If you are expecting a clinic of technical women’s wrestling, then you will most likely be disappointed. If you want to see a sports entertainment spectacle, then this bout should deliver the goods.

The story has had a lengthy build-up. It began when Lady Maravilla wanted to learn the secrets to man-eating from Keyra. Keyra chose Niño Hamburguesa as the mark for Maravilla to hone her skills. Maravilla charmed Niño into buying her gifts, and it eventually paid of with gold in the form of the Mixed Tag Championship (with Villano III Jr.).

Niño and Big Mami were partners, but their relationship went through a rough patch when she caught him two-timing. It boiled over when they lost the Mixed Tag titles at Triplemania XXVII. Maravilla faked an injury, Niño bit the bait, and that cost him the match. When Niño fell for the same trick again at Héroes Inmortales XIII, Mami was let down. Niño was promptly dumped by both women, and the feud transitioned to hair vs hair for the ladies.

Prediction: Lady Maravilla wins. My gut is telling me to go with Big Mami as Niño Hamburguesa will find a way to redeem himself, but I could also see Niño bumbling his good intentions to cost Mami the match.

Tag Team Championship: Fenix & Pentagon vs Australian Suicide & ??? vs Hijo del Vikingo & a surprise luchador

The Lucha Bros have come back to AAA. They will finally defend the Tag Team Championship. I do not believe they have had a defense since winning the belts back from the Young Bucks at Verano de Escándalo in June.

Angelico was advertised for this bout to team with Australian Suicide but stated on Twitter that he will not attend. That means two spots are open for surprises. I’d look down to the opener for Aramis and Arez to get bumped up. There is also the possibility for Laredo Kid and Myzteziz Jr. to return from filming a reality TV competition show.

A Lucha Bros victory seems safe, but the wild card could be Hijo del Vikingo. He currently has a rocket strapped to his back to collect accolades. He is part of the Trios champs with Myzteziz Jr. and Octagon Jr. (formerly Golden Magic), won the Copa Antonio Peña, and won the Lucha Capital tournament.

Prediction: Lucha Bros. The only reason I could see them dropping the belts is if they decide to fully focus on AEW.

TLC Atomicos: Brian Cage, Puma King, Murder Clown, & Pagano vs Killer Kross, Taurus, Texano, & Chessman

Mesas, escaleras, sillas! This bout has potential to be off the charts in excitement or completely swing the other way into an over-booked mess. Pagano vs Chessman is the primary feud, while Killer Kross and Puma King have beef that never truly paid off yet.

Prediction: Killer Kross, Taurus, Texano, & Chessman. It looked like Kross was receiving renewed focus on a push, so we’ll see if that translates into a win here.

Lumberjack Match: Taya, Faby Apache, & Octagon Jr. vs Poder del Norte vs Abismo Negro Jr., Ayako Hamada, & Keyra

This one will probably be the stinker of the evening. That’s not a statement on the talent involved. It is more about the stipulation. I have yet to see a multi-team lumberjack match in AAA excel. It is usually bogged down by the lumberjacks occupying prime realty on the floor for diving maneuvers.

Prediction: Poder del Norte. They are the only trio in this matchup that is a genuine team.

Niño Hamburguesa, Mascarita Dorada, & Mr. Iguana vs Demus, Villano III Jr., & Latigo

Niño Hamburguesa, Mascarita Dorada, and Mr. Iguana are a good mix as fan favorites. They are all unique and family friendly. The only potential story could be between Niño and Villano III Jr. They are likely choices to be seconds for the women’s hair vs hair match. Their interactions in this match could lead toward something for Lady Maravilla vs Big Mami.

Prediction: Demus, Villano III Jr., & Latigo. Villano has potential to move up the ranks. I believe he will anchor his team while showing his best moves.

Aramis, Dinastia, & Octagoncito vs Mini Psycho Clown, Arez, & Parkita Negra

Minis can sometimes be awkward. Not in this case. Aramis, Dinastia, and Arez can fly with the best of them. Octagoncito might be able to as well, but I haven’t seen much of him yet. Expect a high-octane opener that could steal the show.

Prediction: Aramis, Dinastia, & Octagoncito. Dinastia has been on a roll lately as World Mini-Estrellas Champion. I think he’ll captain his team to victory.

What are your predictions for Guerra de Titanes? Which match will steal the show?

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