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AAA Roundup: Hijo del Vikingo, Taurus, Arez, & Aramis steal show, Dragon Lee challenges Jushin Liger, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total.

We’ll start with a reminder that Guerra de Titanes is Saturday night, Dec. 14 at 9 pm ET. The show should stream live for free on AAA’s Twitch channels in Spanish and English. Check back with Cageside Seats for full coverage of the event.

It has been a slow news cycle since the last AAA Roundup. The focus has been on Triplemania Regia, where Rush and LA Park joined forces, and the Lucha Capital finale, with Hijo del Vikingo and Keyra as the winners.

Speaking of the Regia show, it will be posted to AAA’s YouTube channel on Sunday at 4 pm ET. Aerostar celebrated not losing his mask at Regia by giving his dog a bone. Meet Tequila, the time-traveling space pooch.

Dragon Lee, now Ryu Lee, is a free agent, but he’s spent time with AAA recently. That’s good enough to get this next piece into the AAA Roundup. Lee challenged Jushin Liger to a match during his retirement tour. I have no clue what Liger said in response. Judging by the enthusiastic grunts on commentary, it sounds like that match has a good chance of happening.

One piece of interesting information I stumbled across came from a podcast with Konnan and Disco Inferno. On the topic of intergender wrestling with Tessa Blanchard, Konnan revealed that he had planned to put a secondary men’s title on Chik Tormenta. Tormenta ended up getting pregnant before those plans came to fruition.

Time for a double scoop of Conquista Total from Toluca.

Conquista Total: Toluca, Part 1

Part 1 (here) featured:

Poder del Norte defeated Mr. Iguana, Octagon Jr., & Niño Hamburguesa. Top highlight was Niño on a cannonball dive through the ropes. He was caught then dumped over the guardrail onto vacated fan seats. For the finish, Carta Brava Jr. hit Mr. Iguana with a chair. That led to a teamwork running train attack in the corner and a frog slash by Mocho Cota Jr. to win. Niño was stretchered out. If it was real, then it must not have been too bad. He has since participated in following shows.

Pentagon cut a promo in the ring about challengers for the tag team titles that he and his brother Fenix have in their possession. They are ready for whoever.

AAA World Mini-Estrellas Championship: Dinastia retained in a five-way against Drago Kid, Laredo Boy, Demus, and Mini Psycho Clown. Dinastia was the champ going in. Move of the match was Laredo Boy with a springboard flying attack over the guardrail onto Demus and Drago Kid. In the ring, Dinastia rebounded from a beating at the hands of Mini Psycho Clown to hit a super hurricanrana and a standing moonsault to win.

Pentagon, Psycho Clown, & Pagano defeated Rey Escorpion, Averno, & Chessman. The finish began with a tope con hilo by Pentagon onto Averno then a cannonball dive by Pagano onto Chessman. That left Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion in the ring. Psycho quickly prevailed with an up and over El Torito roll-up to win.

Afterward, the tecnicos were beat down when Texano, Taurus, and Superfly joined their compatriots. Rey Escorpion grabbed a mic to trash-talk his rival Psycho then challenge Pentagon for the tag belts. (Plans must have changed, since Los Mercenarios aren’t challenging the Lucha Bros at Guerra de Titanes. Pentagon and Fenix will wrestle in a three-way against Angelico & Australian Suicide and Hijo del Vikingo & a surprise luchador.)

Conquista Total: Toluca, Part 2

Part 2 (here) featured:

Big Mami, Bengala, & Dinastia defeated Ultimo Maldito, Lady Maravilla, & Keyra. This match was about the hair vs hair rivals, Big Mami and Lady Maravilla. In the end, Mami smashed Maravilla with an airplane spin slam then a flying splash, but Maldito broke up the count. Bengala swooped in to submit Maldito with a whirling armbreaker.

After the match, the rudos put the boots to the tecnicos. Niño Hamburguesa made the save. Maravilla tried to woo him, but he belly bounced her instead. Mami challenged Maravilla to hair vs hair. Maravilla declined since it wasn’t worth her time. Niño tried to get back into Mami’s good graces, but she reiterated that they aren’t a couple any more. Sad Niño slunk away.

Murder Clown, Drago, & Puma King defeated Texano, Superfly, & Abimso Negro Jr. The tecnicos brought the excitement with high flying. In the end, Murder took out three others with a tope con hilo. Puma and Abimso were left in the ring. Stop the presses. Referee Hijo del Tirantes actually did a good deed. Abismo had Puma up for a spinning tombstone piledriver. That outlawed move is treated like death in Mexico. Tirantes purposely pushed Abismo forward to turn it into a slam instead of a piledriver. Puma rebounded with a powerbomb and Code Red to win.

Taurus defeated Hijo del Vikingo, Arez, and Aramis in a four-way. It was billed as a match of high quality (lucha de alta calidad). That classification was accurate. This bout was pretty cool and the one to watch from the card in Toluca. Taurus acted as the power man while the others brought the flippy goodness.

Two super dope moves were Vikingo with a moonsault off the upper railing near the roof of the entrance tunnel and Taurus powerbombing two bodies at the same time.

For the finish, Taurus took over. He smashed Vikingo with a rodeo driver on the apron. In the ring, Taurus speared Aramis then won with the rodeo driver.

We’ll close with a photo of Pagano with his best pals, Chucky and a demon doll I don’t recognize.

What do you think of the idea of Chik Tormenta wearing men’s gold? Who is the better pair, Aerostar and Tequila or Pagano and Chucky?

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