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AEW Rewind: Christopher Daniels finding mindset to beat Pentagon, Dark Order new member tease, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

We’ll start with Christopher Daniels being disappointed with himself for coming back too early from injury at the hands of the Lucha Bros. He will have to find the right mindset to beat Pentagon.

Good job making me wonder if CD’s springboard botch was accidental or part of the story.

AEW upgraded Aubrey Edwards’ job duties to include Project Coordinator.

She may have to coordinate a project of kicking Jack Evans’ butt after he sassed her refereeing skills.

AEW wasted no time putting out t-shirt merch for the Nightmare Collective.

‘A little bit of the 40’ shirts for Santana & Ortiz are also ready for your consumer dollars.

Chris Jericho shared more #SammyAndChris memes.

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The gift that keeps on giving.... #SammyAndChris #LeSexGods

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AEW posted a video (here) surprising a super fan from Champaign, IL with backstage access. It is amusing to see Jericho as himself while also flashing the quick wit of Le Champion as they share A Little Bit of the Bubbly.

Being the Elite

“Sprinted” - Being The Elite, Ep. 182 (here) featured:

  • The Young Bucks sprinted around the block. Matt Jackson passed out. They were mocking losing the AEW/NXT ratings war for a week. Kenny Omega reminded him that it was a marathon, not a sprint. Then, Omega got all worried about it being game over now.
  • The Young Bucks were trying to reach someone (Hangman?) on the phone but no answer. However, Omega did take their call (off-screen before this scene) and his spirits are up after having a great match in Mexico with AAA against Dragon Lee.
  • Michael Nakazawa was frustrated about Hikaru Shida getting matches every week. He asked Kenny Omega to be booked more. Omega told him they need body guys, so Nakazawa moved up from 5 pound curls to 10 pound curls. He offered them to Shida but she went with 25 pound curls instead.
  • Peter Avalon was ecstatic about finding the kidnapped Leva Bates. She walked up as he was planning to form a search party. Big Swole sat there the whole time with her headphones in and was completely oblivious to the Librarians’ presence.
  • Alex Marvez interviewed Scorpio Sky. Sky used the word quest, so Matt Jackson approached with a Quest bar, which Sky ate.
  • BTE mailbag: Jurassic Express fielded the questions. The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy crashed the segment. Who’s the leader of the Jurassic Express? OC spoke up to say him. Stories were told of Chuck Taylor’s little dinger being exposed during a match and Marko Stunt crapping his pants after giving a Code Red.
  • Sky and Christopher Daniels tried cutting a heel promo about Champaign being the worst town, but they couldn’t get it right without Frankie Kazarian there. Kaz called on the phone. CD said they miss him. “Do ya?”
  • MJF and Wardlow approached Sky in the dressing room. As MJF and Sky chatted about 90 Day Fiancé, MJF kept trying to raise his ringed hand up to Sky’s face. Sky kept pushing his hand away. MJF wanted Sky to kiss his ring. The camera widened to Matt Jackson holding his tights. He wanted Sky to kiss the ring, so they could all leave and he could finish putting on his gear. MJF pushed his ring into Sky’s lips. That counted as a kiss.
  • The Young Bucks and Omega were in a good mood over their recent wins in Champaign. They talked about how audio on TNT was bad. The reason was that satellites in Atlanta were having issues.
  • Flash to Evil Uno of the Dark Order. “We can help you.” Cut to the Bucks, Brandon Cutler, Omega, and Nakazawa walking through the hallway. They passed by a tear-off flyer promoting the Dark Order. Cutler looked intrigued. Nakazawa was close to tearing off a phone number, but he scurried away to catch up to the crew. Flash back to Evil Uno. “Aren’t you tired of losing yet?” Cut back to the flyer. A mysterious hand tore off a phone number tab.

The key points for this episode of BTE are the Young Bucks and Omega finding their winning groove once again and the Dark Order possibly getting new members. If the Dark Order thing turns out to be something for TV and not just a BTE goof, then AEW better do it right and show that clip on Dynamite.

Also to note, Cagesider Some Dude Somewhere posted two more entries in a series explaining BTE’s running gags: Arthur & Trevor and Merch Freak. They are very helpful for new viewers of BTE.

We’ll close with Hikaru Shida doing the Britt Baker challenge.

What will Christopher Daniels have to do to be ready to beat Pentagon? Who do you suspect to be the first wrestler to join the Dark Order?

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