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AEW Full Gear results, live streaming match coverage: Cody vs. Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley, more!

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AEW’s YouTube

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sat., Nov. 9, 2019) at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, with Full Gear. This is their first big event since they started airing Dynamite live every week on TNT.

The Buy In, a one match pre-show, will stream live and free starting at 7:30 p.m. Eastern / 4:30 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel and B/R Live.

The seven match main card is available on B/R Live and via cable & satellite providers in the U.S. & Canada for $49.99, on ITV Box Office in the United Kingdom for £14.95/€17.95, and on everywhere else for $20 (US).

We’ve also got predictions from the staff for each of the eight matches here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Full Gear below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!


  • Jon Moxley def. Kenny Omega
  • Chris Jericho def. Cody
  • Riho def. Emi Sakura
  • SCU def. Private Party and Lucha Bros
  • Shawn Spears def. Joey Janela
  • Hangman Page def. PAC
  • Proud -N- Powerful def. The Young Bucks
  • Britt Baker def. Bea Priestley


Dealing out the agony within, charging hard and no one’s gonna give in. Living on your knees, conformity, or dying on your feet for honesty. Inbred, our bodies work as one, bloody, but never cry submission. Following our instinct not a trend, go against the grain until the end. Blood will follow blood, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for your folks.

Bea Priestley vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Priestley throws her jacket at Baker before the bell! At the bell, charging in, Britt with right hands, whip across, Bea bails to the floor and the doctor chases after. Back inside, boot to the head, whip across, Baker with a Lou Thesz Press into mounted punches! Shoulder thrust from the apron, Britt passes her aside, mat slam into more mounted punches!

Sidestep the charge, Priestley rolls through a backslide, pumphandle, roll through, thinking Lockjaw but Bea rolls away and stomps her head in! Hammer whip, putting Baker hards into the turnbuckles, stomps in the corner, Priestley heads to the floor, bow-and-arrow over the ringpost! Back inside, choking Britt over the ropes, following it up with a reverse chinlock briefly, then a kneeling surfboard but Baker gets the ropes!

Going for a slam, Baker’s back gives out and Priestley nails her with a roundhouse kick... NOPE! Bodyscissors to follow it up, rolling the good doctor around, then into slugging it out in the middle of the ring with forearms. Bea with a whip, Britt ducks the back elbow, double lariat leaves both women laying as Darby Allin looks on from the crowd! Slow to rise, Britt blocks forearms and fires her own back before hitting a series of lariats!

Back elbow connects, running knee in the corner, whip, Bea with a springboard up and over but Baker hits a Sling Blade! Fisherman’s neckbreaker connects... NOT ENOUGH! Charging into a back elbow, Priestley sidesteps a followup and heads up top. Baker cuts her off, jockeying for position, Britt gets a superplex! Rolling through, her back gives out before a followup!

Sidestep a knee, Ace Crusher... STILL NO! Reverse the pin into a crucifix... only two! Bridging back suplex, no dice, Bea follows it up with a modified Regal Stretch! Britt gets the ropes to force the break, trying to drag herself up the apron... PRIESTLEY HITS A DIVING DOUBLE STOMP ACROSS THE BACK OF HER NECK BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH! Electric chair to follow it up, Britt slips out, rolling elbow connects!

Flip piledriver follows it up with a nearfall! Bea gets a nearfall off a folding press, Baker a kick and into the Lightning Spiral, she gets Lockjaw on but Priestley reverses to a pin! A kick sets up a second attempt and she’s got it...

Britt Baker wins by submission with Lockjaw.

Post-match, Brandi Rhodes shows up with Awesome Kong in tow!

Kong hits the ring... URAKEN LAYS BEA PRIESTLEY OUT! Awesome takes one of her gloves off and she’s holding a karambit! She passes the knife to Brandi... IMPLANT BUSTER! Rhodes hands the knife back and grabs a lock of Bea’s hair for Kong to saw off!

The main show opens with a video package hyping tonight’s show around the concept of pressure.

Proud-n-Powerful (Ortiz & Santana) vs. the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Santana and Nick to start, slugging it out, Matt and Ortiz in but referee Rick Knox restores order. To the floor, beating the Inner Circle men down and sending Ortiz over the barricade! Santana back in with Matt legal, Jackson in control, tag ot Nick. Working him over with quick tags, targeting the arm with their offense but Santana rolls away and tags Ortiz in!

Arm drag into an armbar, Santana tries to make the save but Knox admonishes him and he’s forced to back off. Nick legal, still targeting the arm but Agenl breaks away and tags Santana in! Targeting Jackson’s arm on his own but referee Rick Knox didn’t see the tag and orders him back into his corner! Side headlock,Ortiz catches the superkick and follows iwth a dragon screw!

Boston crab / camel clutch combo on Nick while Matt is trapped in the Gory Special! Ortiz shifts to a half-crab, Santana to the apron but Jackson gets the ropes for the break! Santana tags in, straight suplex for two, raking the back, scoop and a slam and a tag to Ortiz! Sentons, off the ropes, big splash... NOPE! Back rake, threatening Knox with more of the same, Santana running interference.

Back suplex, nick lands on his feet, roll through, tags made! Shoulder thrust from the apron, Matt up and over, off the ropes, double clothesline takes out the Inner Circle men! Plancha off the top, back inside, diving elbow... NOT HAPPENING! Hard whip, double leg, tag to Nick and he lands a hard gamengiri and follows it up with a diving double stomp!

Running knee, Jackson to the apron but Ortiz ducks the kick and Nick nails the post hard! Angel follows it with a lariat to sweep his legs out from under him, pass out over the barricade and Santana puts Matt into the Rock ‘n Roll Express at ringside! Taking Nick back in, working him over in the corner, Jackson stumbles away and the Inner Circle men pose for the crowd!

Taking Nick up top, jockeying for position, sidestep, boots up on the charge the erstwhile EYFBO take his legs out from under him with stereo dropkicks! Nick back on his feet, slap, forearms, ducking haymakers from Ortiz! Off the ropes, caught by a headbutt to the midsection but Jackson thinks fast... SUPERKICK! Tag to Matt, rolling northern lights suplexes, again and again, five in total, the last two on both opponents... NOT ENOUGH!

Bucks hit the powerbomb / enzuigiri, Nick up top, stereo splash / moonsault... STILL NO! Ortiz yanks Nick off the apron, they get Matt in the ring but he ducks an enzuigiri and nails ‘em both with forearms, fast thinking, back roll Ace Crusher into a double overrotated back suplex for a nearfall! Powerbomb lift, Matt with mounted punches to block, he counters Street Sweeper into a crossbody!

Inside cradle, only two, superkick and the path is clear! Ortiz dragging himself up the ropes, biting the rope... SUPERKICK PARTY! Santana with a quebrada... SUPERKICK PARTY FOR HIM AS WELL! Setting Ortiz up in the corner... POWERBOMB SHIRANUI FOR A TIGHT NEARFALL! Scoop him up, springboard for the Meltzer Driver but Nick’s leg gives out! Matt sets him up top, thinking More Bang For Your Buck but Santana tags in!

Superkicks cut the Bucks off but Nick is able to tag in. Willing life back into his bad knee, getting hot at Santana, he spits in his face... SANTANA EATS THE GUM! Jackson with forearms, staggering them, Santana spits the gum back and Nick goes mad with rolling solebutts and roundhouse kicks! Double birds, running knees, but the Inncer Circle boys get a strike-assisted powerbomb for two!

Matt charges in and eats post, Santana nails him with a kick, Street Sweeper... IT’S OVER!

Proud-n-Powerful win by pinfall with the Street Sweeper on Nick Jackson.

Post-match, Santana and Ortiz keep beating the Bucks down and Sammy Guevara comes down to join them! Hugs all around from the Inner Circle boys as Guevara vlogs... THEY’VE GOT A SOCK FULL OF BASEBALLS! THE ROCK ‘N ROLLS MAKE THE SAVE! Robert Gibson nailing Santana with right hands, Matt Jackson with the assist while Ricky Morton beats ‘em down from the apron... SLINGSHOT FLIP PILEDRIVER FROM RICKY MORTON 2019 MY GOD! HE FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A BATTERING RAM OFF THE APRON!

The babyfaces stand tall.

”Hangman” Adam Page vs. PAC

PAC charges in, Page rams him into the corner, punches and chops and punches and chops and he dumps the Bastard to the floor! Following out after him, throwing him into the barricade again, then back in the ring. Knees up, PAC turning the tide but Hangman punches him to the floor! Off the ropes, suicide dive! Back inside, Adam with a pumphandle fallaway slam, PAC to the apron, kicks to the face and he slowly starts coming back around.

Referee Bryce Remsburg giving him a talking to, PAC disregards it, stomp to the face, choking him and grinding his face with his boot. Snapmare, dropkick to the back of the head, whip across, elbow to the dome, only two! Pressing the attack, more kicks to the face, following it up with a rear chinlock and breaking it with a stomp! Another headkick, inverted headlock applied on the mat, looking to follow with the second rope Phoenix Splash... PAGE GOT OUT OF THE WAY!

Whip reversed but Hangman explodes out of the corner with a lariat! Drawing him up for chops as the chants of “Cowboy shit!” ring out, whip, PAC ducks a lariat and hits a pump kick! Off the ropes, Page counters a dropkick with a spinebuster for two! Jockeying for position on the apron... ADAM WITH A ROCK BOTTOM ON THE EDGE OF THE RING! Orihara moonsault right on the button!

Back inside, off the ropes with a big boot... STILL NO! Page has him lined up but the Bastard rolls to the floor, lying in wait, front kick... BRAINBUSTER ON A CHAIR! Hangman barely beats the ten count back inside! PAC nails him with a missile dropkick but it’s not enough to finish it! Page kneeling, hurt, the Bastard starts laying probing chest kicks in, jawing at him the entire way.

Gamengiri sets him up but Page cuts him off before he can hit the Black Arrow. Avalanche fallaway slam, Hangman getting fired up on the apron, calling for it... BUCKSHOT LARIAT COUNTERED WITH A SUPERKICK! Rebound German suplex, the Bastard is fighting hot but Adam plants him with a powerbomb! Primal scream, thinking Deadeye but PAC reverses... STANDING BRUTALIZER!

Page flagging, his legs give way and he collapses into the ropes, inadvertently forcing a break! The Bastard up top, Black Arrow... NO WATER IN THE POOL! Page lines him up, Buckshout countered, waistlock, jockeying for position, Hangman blocks the low blow! Rolling elbow, discus lariat, Adam running hot...

”Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Deadeye.

We get a recap of the Brandi Rhodes / Awesome Kong stuff from the preshow.

Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears

Janela right in with chops and forearms, ripping Spears’ shirt off as he bails to the floor. Back inside, Joey meeds him with a forearm and knocks him down again. Back inside, duck a lariat, off the ropes, snap off the tijeras and the Bad Boy is firmly in control! To the apron, basement superkick, but Spears catches him with a snap scoop powerslam!

Tossing him back inside, forearms to the kidneys, Shawn takes control! Trading chops, Spears takes him to the apron and regains control before bringing him inside for a backbreaker and a rear chinlock. Off the ropes, Shawn passes Janela over and hard into the apron and then the floor! Unlashing the tag rope, he ties Joey’s hair back with it and leaves him unable to protect himself from straight right hands!

Janela with kicks, to the apron to try and pull himself looks... AND HE GETS FREE! Missile dropkick caught, Spears has the Scorpion Deathlock! Joey crawls to the bottom rope for freedom! Janela with right hands, backing him into the corner, smashing his face into the turnbuckles and putting boots to him! Off the ropes, running knee in the corner, Joey thinking about another but Shawn bails to the floor.

Janela with a cannonball senton off the top and to the floor! Back inside, perching but Shawn runs right up... avalanche belly-to-belly suplex for two! Small package gets Joey a two count, he dumps Spears to the floor, suicide dive follows it up! Back inside, boot to the face, chest kicks, off the ropes, northern lariat, straight suplex... NOPE!

Wrist clutch stomps, headed up top, Spears cuts him off... BACKBREAKER INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLES! Tully Blanchard running interference, forcing referee Earl Hebner to fix a turnbuckle... BLANCHARD SPIKES JANELA INTO A PILEDRIVER FROM SPEARS! Fireman’s carry...

Shawn Spears wins by pinfall with a running Death Valley Driver.

Backstage, Kip Sabian is interviewed.

He talks about how he wanted to go straight down the middle when he joined AEW but he found alliances everywhere and he realized he had to carve his own path and joined up with TH2, and he introduces Penelope Ford as his newest ally, trying to bring some sex appeal to this company. Ford asks why be bad when you can be superbad and then insists on leaving.

Lucha Brothers (Pentagon, Jr. & Rey Fenix) vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) (c) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Quen and Kazarian to start, Frankie with waistlock takedown, into a front chancery, Marq reverses to a wristlock. Roll through, side headlock, slide low to block the shoot off, takedown, reversed into a pin but Kazarian maintains control. Up and over, legsweep, Quen gets one, Kaz returns the favor, stalemate! Fenix tags in on Marq, Frank sidesteps, schoolboy, whip, inverted Tiger feint kick and a buzzsaw roundhouse!

The ring fills, all-out brawling, Private Party malfunction at the junction to set up stereo superkicks! Fenix with a Falcon Arrow, no dice! Tag to Pentagon, double whip, knees and kicks, victory roll into a Frankensteiner! Cover for two, Penta jockeying for position with Kazarian, double lariats and both men are down and out! Kaz tags out to Kassidy, Fenix with a right hand but he gets a 540 roundhouse and a springboard X-Factor! Bulldog leg drop... NOPE!

Private Party running double teams on Penta, not enough to put him away. Pentagon electric chair... FENIX DOOMSDAY DROPKICK! Cero Miedo singalong, military press Isiah into a superkick from his brother Rey! Monkey flip senton, cover... NO! Quen slips out of a package piledriver but takes a lungblower... KAZARIAN BREAKS IT UP! Pass Kassidy to the ramp, leave the ring.

Marq dodges the pumphandle driver, dropkick sends Jr. reeling! Sky tags in, beating Fenix down, kick combos, double stomp, slingshot Ace Crusher into the Dragon sleeper and Kazarian plants Kassidy with one of his own only for both their partners to break it up! Off the ropes, guillotine leg drop from Frankie, slingshot Frankensteiner on the floor after! Quen off the ropes... CORKSCREW TOPE! Scorpio sizes the crush up... AND REY FENIX COMES OUTTA NOWHERE WITH A KNEE TO STOP HIM SHORT!

Isiah Kassidy with a tornillo, Fenix with a springboard dive of his own! Springboard crossbody nearly puts Scorpio Sky away! Rey charges in, Sky passes him into the turnbuckles, tag to Kazarian... AVALANCHE DDT BUT PENTA BREAKS THE COVER UP! Private Party dump Jr to the floor, Quen tags in on Fenix and hits an enzuigiri on Kazarian! Kassidy with an Ace Crusher, assisted shiranui connects!

Marq Quen shooting star press... SO CLOSE! Thinking about Gin and Juice, SCU block it, malfunction at the junction, Gory Special...

SCU win by pinfall with SCU Later on Isiah Kassidy to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Lucha Brothers attack SCU, Penta gets Kazarian in place for a package piledriver onto a chair-- aand the lights go out!

When they come back up, another Pentagon is in the ring! They Cero Miedo but the new Penta drops him with an STO! Fenix makes the save and gets Angel’s Wings’d onto his brother! The new Penta takes his mask off... IT’S CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! HE RUNS THEM OFF WITH A CHAIR! HE’S BACK!

Emi Sakura vs. Riho (c) (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Circling, test of strength, Sakura bridging Riho back and then trying to break the bridge with her body weight and failing! Mat slam on the break, putting boots to her, big hair whip, World’s Strongest Slam, Matrix evasion, trading dropkicks! Emi with a leaping boot, drawing her up, chops against the ropes, charging in, shoulder thrust, jockeying for position over the ropes and Sakura blasts her to the floor with a freight train crossbody!

Emi up top, Riho cuts her off... DIVING TREE OF WOE DOUBLE STOMP OVER THE APRON! Back inside, corner double knees, cover for two and she immediately shifts to a half-crab! Emi crawling, desperate, she makes the ropes! Champion looking for a suplex, blocked and reversed into a rolling cutter! Stomp stomp clap, freight train crossbody in the corner!

Following it up, Romero Special applied, rolling it around. Trading shots, Riho with the drop toehold into the ropes, Tiger feint kick, diving crossbody... NOPE! Whip reversed, champion with a running knee, off the ropes, caught by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Underhook backbreaker, Sakura drags her over for a slingshot stomp! Twisting Vader Bomb... NOT ENOUGH!

Tiger Driver... STILL NO! Sakura pressing the attack with chops, Riho returning forearms, Emi with kicks, more chops, off the ropes, victory roll into a double stomp and Riho drags her to her feet for a northern lights suplex with a bridge! Sliding knee misses, diving stomp, Riho diving knees... EMI SAKURA BRIDGES UP! Riho clubbing away, Emi hits a Saito Suplex, uhnderhooks, letting her think about it... YOKOSUKA CUTTER! FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Riho lands the knees, second try reversed, suset flip for two! La Casita, denied, rolling through, La Casita again, blocked, knee to the head from the champion! Off the ropes, satellite...

Riho wins by pinfall with a folding press to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Your judges for the world title match are Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and the Great Muta!

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW World Championship)

Jericho bailing at the bell, back inside, circling, collar and elbow and an almost instantaneous break! Back to the lockup, arm wringer, Chris stepping in the pit of his knee but Rhodes blocks and gets him in the ropes. Feeling frisky, cartwheel from the challenger, back to the lockup and Y2J hits a cheap shot before bailing! Whispering something in Jake Hager’s ear, back inside, headlock, shot off, drop down, leapfrog, Jericho throwing chops!

Off the ropes, front kick, drop down slap ala Goldust! Y2J out of the ring, he tries to intimidate the judges, and when he goes back inside Cody grabs a waistlock. Standing switch, another, back elbow reverses it right back. Rhodes pries his hands apart, reverse to a hammerlock but Chris goes right back to the waistlock. Reversals, Cody passes him to the floor and lays him out with a suicide dive!

Back inside, up top, missile dropkick for a nearfall! Putting Jericho in the corner, wrenching his arm over the ropes, laying chops in, shoulder armbreaker, stomps to the elbow! Snap scoop powerslam for two, following it up by clotheslining Jericho to the ramp! Off the ropes, slingshot tope... Y2J SIDESTEPPED AND RHODES ATE DIAMOND PLATE! HE’S BUSTED OPEN!

A ringside medic checks on Cody’s forehead and clears him to continue as Jericho grabs a chair and has a seat. Boot to the face, Y2J hammers the cut to try and open it more as MJF inadvertently creates an opening for Jake Hager to run Cody over! Back inside, Jericho punching away, Rhodes fires up, right hands but Chris nails a hard knee to the midsection!

Working Cody over in the midsection, Cobra Twist, Rhodes escapes with a hip toss! Jericho dropkick, cover gets two, follows it up with a rear chinlock but Cody fires up and breaks free. Off the ropes, dropkick comes up empty, Y2J Lionsault... THE KNEES ARE UP! Rhodes with the Ace Crusher... STILL NO! Cody fires up, lariat, pump kick, mounted corner punches and the champion is reeling!

Beautiful Disaster connects and a bloodied Cody sees victory in his sights! But Jericho picks him up on the floor and rams him into the post! Chris gets in Cody’s mom’s face... AND SHE HAULS OFF AND SLAPS HIM! Rhodes hits a spear in the confusion and hugs his mom! Back inside, whip across, catch him on the tijeras attempt, Alabama Slam connects for two!

Leg pick, spinning toehold, into the figure four leglock but Chris turns over and reverses the pressure! Cody reverses right back into the ropes only for Hager to interfere with a punch! Referee Aubrey Edwards admonishes him but Jericho knocks his man off trying to attack Rhodes! O’Connor roll, kick out... AND JAKE COLD COCKS CODY A SECOND TIME!

Finally Edwards ejects Jake Hager from the match! Hager kicks MJF in the gut and throws him into barricade and apron on his way out! Y2J standing tall over Rhodes, he grabs the title belt and lines him up... BELT SHOT TO THE DOME! Aubrey makes the count... CODY KICKS OUT! Jericho beckoning him up, Judas Effect countered... CROSS RHODES CONNECTS BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO WIN CODY THE TITLE!

Trading punches in the middle of the ring, Cody with the Flip, Flop, & Fly into the Bionic Elbow... SO CLOSE! Kicks to the midsection, off the ropes... DISASTER KICK COUNTERED WITH A CODEBREAKER BUT STILL RHODES KICKS OUT! Choking him over the ropes, le champion removes his weight belt and whips Cody with it! Referee Edwards finally takes the belt away and Y2J climbs up top only to get mule kicked for the cut off!

Rhodes up with him, avalanche Frankensteiner countered... AND THE WALLS OF JERICHO ARE LOCKED ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Cody posts up on his hands, crawling, desperate, reaching, the crowd behind him... AND HE MAKES THE BREAK! Jericho rolls him over for mounted punches, trying to open the cut back up, arguing with the ref, small package gets two!


Chris Jericho wins by stoppage after Maxwell Jacob Friedman throws the towel in, retaining the AEW World Championship.

MJF checks on his pal while the Inner Circle celebrate with a bit of the bubbly.

The enormity of what he’s done, costing Cody his only chance at ever winning the AEW title, hits MJF in a big way and he weeps in the center of the ring while Rhodes tries to come to terms with it. Cody helps his friend to his feet... AND MJF KICKS HIS DICK IN, THE SNAKE SON OF A BITCH! He jaws at Cody and dusts his heels in his general direction before walking out.


Cody sits, dejected, in the ring.

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (Lights Out Match)

Right in with the punching at the bell! Whip reversed, Omega ducks a lariat and lands a big boot! Punches in the corner, whip across, back elbow from Moxley! Kenny with a chop, off the ropes, Jon hits a Bossman Slam! Mox heads out to the floor and goes looking for plunder! He gets a trash can and domes Omega with the lid a few times! Setting the body of the can up, underhooks but Kenny bull rushes him to the floor!

Clubbing blows, putting Mox over the barricade... RUNNING DROPKICK OVER THE BARRICADE! Following it up with a chairshot, smashing a beer over Jon’s head, hard whip into a trash can and he follows up by dropping the can on him! Stepping up onto an elevated guard rail... DIVING DOUBLE STOMP INTO THE TRASH CAN! Moxley having trouble breathing, Omega bulldog headlocks him back towards the ring and smashes him with another beer!

Bat at ringside, Kenny perches on the barricade but Jon pushes him down! Back out into the crowd, he dumps Omega back to the ringside area and chases him back towards the ring. Snap suplex on the floor, Mox goes and gets the barbed wire bat and rams Kenny in the midsection with it! Back elbow cuts off the second shot, chops, but Jon waffles it across his back anyway!

A second shot, a third, kneeling on Omega’s back and wrenching him up by the hair before grinding the barbed wire into his back and stomping it as punctuation! Trying to rake the wire across his face, Kenny fights back, whip reversed, duck the bat shot, Dragon suplex countered by raking the wire across his bicep! Omega smashes Moxley with the trash can!

He grabs the bat before tossing it aside and rolling to the floor for plunder of his own! He gets a table out and leans it against a barricade, partially setting it up. Back under the ring, he gets his own barbed wired broom out! But before he can use it, Jon nails him with the can!

Off the ropes for a dive... AND OMEGA CRASHES THE BARBED WIRE BROOM ACROSS HIS DOME! A second shot, blood pouring down Mox’s back, he follows it up by sweeping across his back! Barbed wire bat in hand, Kenny chokes him over the middle rope and grinds the wire into the flesh of his forehead! Off the ropes, drop toehold into the barbed wire broom! KOTARO KRUSHER INTO THE BROOM!

Cover for two, Omega throws a trash can into the ring and puts it atop a ringpost. Fireman’s carry, Finlay Roll, springboard moonsault, trash can in hand... STILL NO! He goes back out and gets a board... AND IT’S COVERED IN MOUSE TRAPS! Moxley cuts him off as he tries to bring it in the ring, trading strikes, huge lariat wipes Kenny out!

He does a bit of hardcore feng shui with the mouse trap board... AND CRASH LANDINGS KENNY INTO IT! Putting boots to him, Mox goes under the ring and gets a milk crate full of chains! He piles them in the middle of the ring, kicks to Omega... SIDE SLAM INTO THE CHAINS! Cover for two! Neckbreaker on the chains... only two! Punches, wrapping the chains around Kenny’s open mouth!

Wrenching back, Kenny saves himselfw ith the trash can lid! Crossface strikes from Jon, rolling him around into a sleeper hold but Omega breaks free! Big Rock Bottom, Mox goes back under the ring and comes up with an icepick?! AN ICEPICK?! Omega with chain-assisted punches, Jon charges and spikes the top turnbuckle! Dragon suplex blocked, back suplex puts Kenny into the chains hard!

Wrapping the chains around Omega’s neck, drawing him up, he tries to throw him over the ropes but Kenny hits the Dragon suplex! A second Dragon suplex, Mox biting Kenny’s face only to eat a third dragon suplex all the same! Chain in hand, Omega circles, over the ropes and he’s hanging Mox! Jon dangling, fading, hands droppping but Omega gives up soon enough.

Calling for the Terminator dive... TOPE CON GIRO INTO THE TABLE! Kenny looking for plunder, he gets a sack and gets in the ring, revealing a shard of broken glass that he rakes across Omega’s face and between his fingers! Stomping away at the broken glass, Kenny dumps it out all over the ring! LIGER BOMB INTO THE SHATTERED GLASS! Omega with the leg pick, dragging Mox through the glass!

Step through, Sharpshooter applied, he turns it around! Jon crawling through broken glass, desperate, waiting it so back... AND HE MAKES IT! Omega grabs a handful of glass while Mox recovers and rakes them across his face and into his mouth! Off the ropes, V-Trigger denied, German suplex connects! V-Trigger! Off the ropes, a second V-Trigger! Ice pick in hand, Kenny stalks after his prey... ICE PICK TO THE FOREHEAD!

Omega wants the Bucks and Page to bring him something. They argue at first but out it comes... IT’S A TANGLED WEB OF BARBED WIRE! Electric chair...JON SLIPS OUT! FIREMAN’S CARRY BUT OMEGA SLIPS OUT! V-Trigger, block it.... STRAIGHT SUPLEX OFF THE STAGE AND INTO THE WEB! Trainers flood the pit and cut them free! Both men struggling to their feet and Moxley wipes out the staff!

Head and arm triangle, Omega with back elbows, overhead chairshots... V-TRIGGER THROUGH THE GLASS OF THE STAGE LIGHT! Referee Paul Turner is aghast but Mox climbs out of the hole first! Omega climbs out and he’s got wild eyes as he gives chase back into the crowd! Clubbing away, he heads back in, Jon is ready for him... PARADIGM SHIFT INTO THE BROKEN GLASS BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT!

Moxley pulls the ring skirt off and starts cutting the mat free! He peels the mat halfway back, lifts the padding up, and exposes the raw wood of the ring! Piledriver lift but Omega counters with a back body drop! V-Trigger, electric chair, Moxley reverses! Kenny slips around, DDT of his own on the boards... MOX KICKS OUT! Omega climbs up top and perches, Phoenix Splash... BUT MOXLEY MOVED AWAY AND HE GOES FACE-FIRST INTO THE UNFORGIVING WOODEN BOARDS!

Mox with a lateral press... SO CLOSE! Drawing him up, underhooks... PARADIGM SHIFT AS ABRAINBUSTER! IT’S OVER!

Jon Moxley wins by pinfall with a double underhook brainbuster.

Post-match, the Young Bucks check on Omega while Mox counts victories at the camera.

We get recaps of the match before Moxley continues, telling everyone to be careful what they wish for.

That’s the show, folks.

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