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AAA Lucha Capital, Episode 4: Rich Swann stole the show

AAA’s eight-week Lucha Capital tournament rolls on with its second season. Episode 4 featured Rich Swann grooving down and a main event with a ninja, a puma, and a dragon. That sounds like the start of a ‘walk into a bar’ joke.

36 luchadores are split into twelve teams of three. The matches will be three-way dances with the winner earning points for their team. Three men’s teams and two women’s teams advance to the semifinals, then only one luchador and one luchadora will be crowned Lucha Capital champ in the finale. The venue is Pinche Gringo BBQ restaurant in Mexico City. The Lucha Capital preview will get you caught up on the participants and teams. Also, check out the reviews for episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3.

Episodes can be viewed live on AAA’s Facebook page airing at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday nights. Episode 4 (here) featured:

  • Tito Santana vs Dinastia vs Maximo
  • Keyra vs Ayako Hamada vs Faby Apache
  • Argenis vs Dave the Clown vs Rich Swann
  • Puma King vs Octagon Jr. vs Drago

The regular crew of Vampiro and La Regia as hosts with Jose Manuel Guillen and Adrian Mendoza on Spanish commentary opened the show. Piero was the referee.

Tito Santana vs Dinastia vs Maximo

Dinastia was the star of the bout with high-flying maneuvers. He even executed a double Code Red to Maximo and Tito Santana at the same time. It wasn’t the prettiest looking, but it was cool nonetheless.

For the closing sequence, Santana flew for a suicide dive onto both opponents. He then bashed Dinastia into the ring post atomic drop style. After Maximo kicked out from a missile dropkick, he kissed Santana then pinned him via flying splash.

Maximo defeated Tito Santana and Dinastia.

Keyra vs Ayako Hamada vs Faby Apache

This was more of a grounded affair. The first close call was a pretzel leg submission by Faby Apache to Keyra. The fight raged on. Another close call was a double underhook sitdown facebuster by Keyra to Faby. In the end, Faby won via sitdown powerbomb to Keyra.

Faby Apache defeated Ayako Hamada and Keyra.

Argenis vs Dave the Clown vs Rich Swann

Dave the Clown played the power role, while Rich Swann did the high-flying. Highlights include a powerbomb by Dave, a chokeslam by Dave, Swann with a flipping cannonball over the ropes, a frog splash by Swann, and a 450 splash by Swann. In the end, Swann pinned Dave on a Phoenix splash.

Rich Swann defeated Argenis and Dave the Clown.

Puma King vs Octagon Jr. vs Drago

The main event had a great pace with plenty of stupendous moves. My favorites were a springboard corkscrew to by Octagon Jr. to the outside...

And a sunset flip powerbomb by Puma King off the apron to send Drago crashing onto Octagon.

For the finish, Octagon hit a 450 splash on Drago, but he got too selfish and rolled through to try a super hurricanrana on Puma. Puma countered it into a super powerbomb to win.

Puma King defeated Octagon Jr. and Drago.

Episode 4 of Lucha Capital’s second season was a good time of lucha libre action. The main event with Puma King, Octagon Jr., and Drago was the best match, but Rich Swann stole the show with his dancing, energy, and flips.

Here is the updated standings.

Lucha Libre AAA

Which match was your favorite from Episode 4? Which luchador impressed the most?

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