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Chris Jericho is out here referencing Katie Vick during an AEW Dynamite commercial break

Leave it to Chris Jericho to riff off the cuff about one of WWE’s past storylines they would like to sweep under the rug. I’m referring to the name Katie Vick and necrophilia from the Big Red Machine, Kane. Allow me to explain.

One of the benefits of watching AEW Dynamite through AEW Plus on FITE TV is that there are no commercial breaks. Sometimes funny things occur during those dead spaces. Well, Jericho was at it again. In the debut episode, a wiener was thrown into the ring during Jericho’s match. He reacted with quick wit for a funny moment. On last night’s Dynamite, Jericho provided more chuckles when trying to decipher the fans’ chant during a commercial break.

The seed was planted earlier in the evening when Cody Rhodes called Jericho, “A stupid dick,” in what was possibly the best promo of his career. Even the Rock expressed praise for that promo.

Later in the evening for the main event, Chris Jericho grabbed a mic during the commercial break. That’s when silliness ensued. It started with a little bit of chatter on commentary about the Fozzy song, “Judas.”

Jim Ross: I love that song.

Tony Schiavone: One of my favorites too. I’ve got it on Spotify.

JR: You’ve got it on 8-track.


(Chris Jericho is handed a mic.)

Tony: (in a sarcastic tone) Don’t talk over Le Champion.

Fans: “Stupid dick” chant

Jericho: What? What are you saying? I can’t understand you. Your Southern accents are too messed up for me to understand what you’re saying.

Fans: “Stupid dick” chant gets louder then transitions to “Asshole”

Jericho: (to Justin Roberts) What are they calling me?

(Roberts reluctantly whispers it in Jericho’s ear.)

Jericho: An asshole?!?!

Fans: “Stupid dick” chant resumes

Jericho: Super cool? What?

(High-five and a hug from Sammy Guevara for that smart retort.)

Jericho: Stupid...

Fans: Dick!

Jericho: John Wick? Stupid, what?

Fans: Dick!

Jericho: Katie Vick?

Fans: Ooooohhhh!

Jericho: Believe me, it wasn’t my idea.

Jericho: How about this, Charlotte? I’ve got something to say to you. Maybe I’m not the asshole, MAYBE YOU ARE THE ASSHOLES!

Fans: Loud boos

Here’s a clip of the Katie Vick portion for you to enjoy.

That goes to show Jericho is also Le Champion in playing to the crowd. He had them against him, lured them in with comedy, then riled them up to hate him again right as the commercial break concluded. Well played.

Is Chris Jericho the best in the world at what he does? Did you get a chuckle from that moment? Is Katie Vick better left buried or do you enjoy the quips poking at WWE’s past?

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