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Featuring Virgil, this Chris Jericho video mocking Cody Rhodes is great

Soultrain Jones is a real american hero.

This week on Dynamite, AEW hit their world title match this Saturday at Full Gear from all angles. In stark contrast from Cody Rhodes’ very good, very emotional promo from earlier in the episode, Chris Jericho went straight Spinal Tap on his opponent.

Starring Virgil as Soultrain Jones, Patricia Bobski as Chris’ Aunt’s friend from Church, and Jericho as AEW’s youngest world champion ever, the video brutally mocked Rhodes’ serious side.

As far as pro wrestling comedy bits go, this AEW vignette hit all the right notes.

“I don’t know what a GOAT is, because I’m not a farmer. But I know what Chris Jericho is. The Greatest of All Time.”

Virgil also said this:

“Jericho’s talent is like the Olive Garden’s bread sticks.....unlimited.”


Greatest video package in pro wrestling history? Eh no, but Le Champion came pretty close here.

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