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NWA Powerrr recap & reactions (Nov. 5, 2019): Intrigue abounds for finish to Storm vs Cabana title fight

NWA Powerrr returned with Episode 5 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. It featured the debut of Thunder Rosa, a friendship dissolved, tag team drama with a surprise appearance from legends, and a National Heavyweight Championship bout between James Storm and Colt Cabana.

The show started a with a video package of Eli Drake’s potential manipulation and last week’s six-man tag that earned Colt Cabana a title shot for James Storm’s National Heavyweight Championship.

Dave Marquez interviewed Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana. He talked up his main event match against James Storm. He is 100% and will be ready to go.

Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of William Shakespeare

An Aron Stevens interview was next. No eye contact rule in effect. He addressed the loss to Ricky Starks last week. Bottom line is that Stevens has the career and track record to prove he is better than Starks. Stevens petitioned the NWA for a special rematch befitting of tradition, but he didn’t reveal details. Stevens did reveal that he is the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of William Shakespeare. If NWA doesn’t make right on their promises, then Stevens will go back to Hollywood and leave professional wrestling.

RetroMania Wrestling video game

Nick Aldis pitched an alternative to newfangled video games as the NWA is coming to RetroMania Wrestling. It looks to be a real product for the newest generation consoles. Coming in 2020.

The Dawsons vs Mims & Kingsley

Mims and Kingsley had early control until a fist to the face on a Stinger splash. Double stall vertical suplex, pop-up drop, and double team sidewalk slam/standing elbow drop by the Dawsons to Kingsley. On the cover, Zane pulled Kingsley’s shoulders up off the mat for a chance to inflict pain on Mims. Mims didn’t last long. He was put away by a double powerbomb.

The Dawsons demanded a tag team title shot. Eddie Kingston and Homicide strolled out. They still have a title shot coming and are willing to put it on the line to get another chance at fighting the Dawsons. The Dawsons are going to think about it.

Tim Storm to retire?

Joe Galli interviewed Tim Storm earlier in the day. Does Storm plan to retire? He had hoped to redeem himself back up to the mountain top. No regrets though. He is proud of his effort and proud of his match against Nick Aldis. Storm doesn’t know here he’s going from here and doesn’t know if lower titles are in his future.

Aldis interrupted the interview and pulled Storm to the side. The camera zoomed in and the microphone picked up the conversation. Aldis gave Storm a pep talk about none of NWA Powerrr happening without them. Don’t let Eli Drake put ideas in his head. Don’t say something he will regret.

Ashley Vox vs Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa hails from the graveyards of Tijuana, Mexico. Rosa worked Vox over with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker along with several kicks and strikes to the back. Vox had a moment of trapping Rosa in a standing submission, but Rosa broke free. A dropkick to the face and a flying double stomp gave Rosa the win.

Rosa roughed up Vox after the bell until Marti Belle hit the ring. Rosa offered up Vox to Belle. Belle declined and told Rosa to get out.

Dave Marquez interviewed Belle. She claimed not to know Rosa, then she talked about Allysin Kay’s diss about her not being ready. Out came Kay. Why is Belle airing dirty laundry publicly?

Boom! Rosa attacked Kay from behind. Belle stood by watching in disbelief. Belle entered the ring. Rosa held Kay up as another offering. After a long tease, Belle attacked Kay. Flush that friendship down the toilet.

The ? mark vignette played again. I believe it was the same one that has been played in previous episodes.

2-out-of-3 Falls: Ricky Starks vs Aron Stevens

The secret stipulation was 2-out-of-3 falls match. Aron Stevens hailed from Malibu, CA at a weight he refuses to disclose. Stevens charged while Starks’ back was turned. Starks dodged and got a roll-up to win Fall 1.

Starks dominated the start of Fall 2 until Stevens used an eye poke on a referee’s break in the corner. Stevens was in control until Starks came alive with a few clotheslines. Tornado DDT by Starks. 1, 2, kick out by Stevens. Stevens dodged a flying dropkick. After a curtsy to the crowd from Stevens, Starks rolled up the thespian again to win 2-0. Stevens was shocked at the result.

National Heavyweight Championship: James Storm vs Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana was backed by Ken Anderson. Eli Drake was there to support champion James Storm.

This title bout went roughly ten minutes, which is long for Powerrr. Cabana had the power and strategy advantage early. Storm kicked the ropes to knock Cabana down then hit him with a DDT. Storm picked Cabana apart by targeting his legs. The contest went back and forth after that. Close calls on pin covers came off a flying elbow drop by Storm, a flying bounce splash by Cabana, and a backstabber by Storm.

After a two count from an Eye of the Storm, Drake hopped up on the apron to voice his displeasure with the referee. Anderson jerked Drake down to the floor, so Drake punched him. Out of nowhere, Camille appeared. She shoved Drake into an Anderson punch then stood over Drake’s body to prevent any further violence.

After all the commotion, Colt Cabana used a superman pin to beat Storm and win the National Heavyweight Championship.

Storm told Cabana that he had him beaten and he knows it. Storm exited the ring to mean mug Anderson.

The Dawsons vs Eddie Kingston & Homicide

The Dawsons came out to accept the earlier offer and demanded the match against Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Outlaw Inc. bum-rushed the Dawsons. As the referee isolated Homicide in an effort to regain order, the Dawsons running sandwiched Kingston. The Dawsons worked over Kingston. Once Homicide got the hot tag, he cleaned house.

Tag champs Wild Card arrived on the scene. Dave Dawson was knocked off the apron onto Wild Card. Homicide put him back in the ring and went up top for high-flying. Wild Card ceased his momentum by grabbing his feet.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Express!!!

The tag team legends engaged in fisticuffs with Wild Card. In the ring, sidewalk slam by the Dawsons. On the running sandwich, Homicide moved. The two Dawsons collided into each other. A spinning backfist from Kingston and a cutter from Homicide earned them the victory. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express raised the winners’ hands.

Episode 5 of NWA Powerrr went down smooth. It was another week of focused promos and brisk matches. Every contest after the first had a purpose or was story driven. It was an interesting call not to have the National Heavyweight Championship as the main event, but it worked well in the flow of the Dawsons’ story. Plus, it had the big moment of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

The involvement of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in NWA has been a known spoiler for awhile, but this appearance caught me for a pleasant surprise. I’m not even that knowledgeable a fan of their work, but how could I not pop when they arrived on the scene?

The National Heavyweight Championship contest was good enough. I can enjoy comedy in wrestling, but I’m not feeling Colt Cabana’s style. I’m not sure why. The real intrigue was with the participants in the floor scuffle. Where did Camille come from? I have to assume Nick Aldis gave the orders. Perhaps he sensed Eli Drake was up to mischief and sent out The Insurance Policy to corral the activity before it got out of hand.

Thunder Rosa’s debut was powerful. She had a vicious streak when dispatching Ashley Vox. Based on Thunder Rosa’s rugged attitude, she seems like the favorite to be queen of the women’s division. I love the drum beat music. I wish that would play during her matches.

Speaking of Belle, she comes across as a chump. Allysin Kay said Belle wasn’t ready for a title shot yet. What does Belle do? She goes out and loses to Vox last week. That proves Kay was correct. This week, Belle has hurt feelings about it. I’m not all that interested in seeing Belle pout, but I am interested in seeing how Thunder Rosa manipulates the situation.

Poor Aron Stevens. Can’t catch a break. No doubt he will resort to rapscallion tactics to avenge his embarrassment at the hands of Ricky Starks. I’m all aboard to see it happen. This is shaping up to be a good mid-card feud to boost Starks’ NWA resume.

How do you rate Episode 5 of NWA Powerrr? What was your favorite moment? Do you enjoy Colt Cabana’s clownish personality in the ring? What are your theories for Camille making her presence known in the title fight?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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