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Pentagon could become wrestling’s next mainstream crossover, with help from 49ers TE George Kittle

Pentagon has been on a steady rise in the professional wrestling industry since debuting with Lucha Underground in 2014. His cool style, physical fighting flavor, and Cero Miedo catchphrase have made him a cult favorite. That cult following raised the profiles of Pentagon and his brother Fenix enough so that they became must-have stars on the indie scene. That in turn made them main event acts in Mexico and also top stars in AEW. The next step in Pentagon’s popularity could be breaking through into mainstream culture, and San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle may be able to help.

Kittle has been known to flash the Cero Miedo hand signal on national television and also on the field to celebrate first downs.

Kittle took it a step further by wearing custom Pentagon cleats during last week’s game.

Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images/ESPN

From “Yes!” to “Woo!” to “What you gonna do!?!” to the NWO’s too sweet finger tap, catchphrases and hand signals from wrestling are no stranger to crossing over into professional sports. Cero Miedo could be the next hit item on the market.

It helps that Kittle is a top player on the currently undefeated 49ers. More success will bring more coverage. More coverage will bring more eyes, especially if the 49ers make the Super Bowl. More eyes will lead to curiosity about Cero Miedo. Once that train of momentum leaves the station, who will be able to resist rooting for the skeleton ninja? Pentagon could be on his way to superstardom in mainstream crossover appeal.

I see this as a very real possibility. Cero Miedo is both fun to say and do the hand sign. Pentagon’s swagger and skill in the ring are very capable of captivating new fans. To be biased, Pentagon becoming a household phenomenon is something I’d love to see. caught up with Pentagon to discuss in Spanish his new friendship with Kittle. The two met through a mutual friend at WrestleCon 2019. They exchanged gifts, a mask for a jersey. In regard to Kittle using the Cero Miedo motto, Pentagon was very happy. He’s given his body and soul to his wrestling career. It makes Pentagon proud for it to be shared on such a huge level.

Do you think Pentagon will become pro wrestling’s next mainstream crossover star? Can you see Cero Miedo sweeping the nation by storm? Will little kids across the land demand Pentagon costumes for next Halloween?

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