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Chris Jericho struck meme gold again

Chris Jericho has the magic touch when it comes to meme material. Look no further than ‘a little bit of the bubbly’ that gained so much traction AEW is selling actual Jericho branded bubbly.

The newest meme gold comes in the form of a cardboard cutout with Sammy Guevara and Jericho gleefully hugging. Guevara presented it to Le Champion as a present during the Thank You Celebration from the Nov. 27 Dynamite.

Those smiling faces created a perfect photobomb with Jericho and papa Jericho.


Even Jake Hager got in on the grinning action.

Leave it mememakers to make it a marvelous moment spanning the globe.

Twitter user Vince Gentile placed the duo at various scenes in wrestling history. It is hard to see them in Twitter form within this post. This one with New Jack is my favorite of the four, but check out the others here from Vince.


The man himself, Jericho, loves these memes and thinks they are great. I, for one, hope this meme catches fire, so we can all get a giggle provided from the glory of the internet. Don’t be shocked if those smiling mugs get plastered on coffee mugs and t-shirts in no time. Until then, enjoy a rocking Christmas tune from Le Champion.

Where do you want to see Guevericho travel next? Would you buy a t-shirt of smiling Jericho and the Spanish god?

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