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MLW Fusion: Tom Lawlor is a filthy traitor!

MLW Fusion was back at Gilt Nightclub in Orlando for a Thanksgiving special with episode 86. It featured King Mo’s MLW debut, a stunningly huge gift from Alexander Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu versus Ross Von Erich in a Heavyweight Championship fight, and a shocking turn of events from Tom Lawlor.

On to a recap and review of the show...

The episode opened with a grainy Thanksgiving film. Con-tra. The Contra Unit interrupted the feed. Josef Samael said that America is a country built on phony traditions, unapologetically arrogant, and worships false idols (like the Von Erichs). Contra invites us to witness the end of a new hope. Say goodbye to Ross Von Erich. Meanwhile, Jacob Fatu had a facial expression like he was going to ravage turkey meat. Hail, Contra!

Survivor Team Rules: Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver vs Gringo Loco & Zenshi

The only way to win is to eliminate both members of a team. Myron Reed joined his Injustice mates. Jordan Oliver grabbed a mic. He sarcastically wished a happy Thanksgiving. Kotto Brazil took over with a F that. Why celebrate the white man taking everything? Oliver and Reed made a fat joke about Gordo Loco not missing any Thanksgiving meals. Oliver is hungry for gold, money, and justice.

The referee immediately threw out Reed from ringside once the opening bell rang. These four did the kinds of crazy aerial moves you would expect from them, such as a 450 clothesline from Zenshi.

First elimination was about 8 minutes into the match. Zenshi was pinned by Brazil after a running Shiranui sliced bread. Second elimination was Kotto Brazil via tombstone piledriver from Gringo. Myron Reed snuck down to hit Gringo. Oliver nailed Gordo with an Ace Crusher to win.


King Mo will be wrestling Ricky Martinez. When Mo is done with pretty Ricky, Ricky will be an ugly clown, jester, peasant. He will show the king has arrived.

Kaci Lennox was told by Priscilla Kelly to meet her for an interview. Lennox peered into a dark room. Kelly ambushed Lennox to feed her knuckle sandwiches and a mandible claw.

Ricky Martinez vs King Mo

Bing bow. The crowd has heavy behind King Mo. He wrestled in black shorts, bright yellow shoes, wrapped hands, and a blinged-out mouthpiece.

Ricky Martinez talked smack, but I couldn’t understand him. He quickly seized control with a jumping neckbreaker. Mo turned the tide with a spear to a leaping Martinez, huge Stinger splash, and a gutwrench sitdown powerbomb/driver. Mo won via leg submission.

More promos

After last week’s super awesome Falls Count Anywhere fight between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc, Ole Mancer has some Thanksgiving words for Jimbo. There’s certain people that you don’t mess with. Mancer is one of those people. He doesn’t forgive or forget. It will be an eye for an eye for Havoc.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Dynastic saw your boys, Hammer and Holliday, speaking with MJF over the phone. They had shared Thanksgiving dinner over FaceTime. Alexander Hammerstone revealed his huge gift.

Holy sh*t!

Hammer’s gift was an enormous dude. MJF asked, “Is that a human?” Richard Holliday was in awe, “That’s a giant man.” Grogan is colossus/giant destroyer for the Dynasty. Grogan is entered in next week’s Battle Royal. Dynasty, bro.

An excited Tom Lawlor chatted with Ross Von Erich in the locker room. It will be the best night in the history of their family when Ross wins. The Von Erichs have been men of their word by watching his back. Lawlor will return the favor tonight. He went on to describe the gold title like that ghouly fellow’s precious in Lord of the Rings.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu vs Ross Von Erich


Tom Lawlor and Josef Samael were ringside in support of their respective steeds. The MARS stat of the week stated that when Jacob Fatu barrels into a cornered opponent, the force is nearly triple his body weight at 854 pounds.

Ding, ding, ding. Collar-and-elbow tie-up led to Fatu swinging Ross around the ring.

Fatu used his power, but Ross used his speed for evasive maneuvers. Fatu dominated early. Ross’ offense finally got churning with two sling blades, a flying dropkick, and a suicide dive. Ross slapped on the Iron Claw. Fatu knocked both himself and Ross over the ropes to break the hold.

Ref down! Fatu kicked Ross into the referee. Suplex to Ross into the corner. I guess Fatu become frustrated with the ref being a chump, because he punched him then hit a running butt smash to his face. Pop-up Samoan drop by Fatu to Ross. Handspring into the ropes to bounce off for a moonsault. Ross dodged a running corner splash then hit a flying crossbody (aka flying Rossbody by AJ Kirsch). Ross had momentum.

Samael entered the ring with a chair, while the ref was still knocked out. Ross dropkicked Samael’s chair to knock Samael out of the ring. Lawlor grabbed the chair. He wound up to hit Fatu...

Scumbag! Lawlor hit Ross with the chair. Lawlor yelled into the camera F#$% Contra, F#$% the Von Erichs. Springboard moonsault by Fatu. 1, 2, 3. Fatu retained the Heavyweight Championship.

Wow! MLW’s Thanksgiving Fusion ended with a shocking betrayal from Tom Lawlor. The hints were there, and his name was even mentioned in the comments to last week’s Fusion as the attacker of Marshall Von Erich. Still, I had to see it to believe it. Lawlor is a filthy traitor. If I had any Lawlor merch, I would burn it. This story should give new blood to Lawlor’s career. I like that he didn’t join Contra. It keeps Lawlor strong as his own man instead of cowering to a force he could not defeat.

Wow. Priscilla Kelly’s attack on Kaci Lennox was brutal. Kelly instantly became someone to keep an eye on. I’m curious if this will lead to Lennox entering the ring for MLW’s women’s division. The signing of Alicia Atout as correspondent could be to fill Lennox’s role.

Wow, was King Mo’s Stinger splash awesome or what? He got major air on lift-off. King Mo did like he said, wreck shop. I’m excited to see how his career unfolds in MLW. Will he enter the shark tank right away or get a few more short matches under his belt as he trains behind the scenes? Whatever the case, Mo will need to tighten his submission game. That leg lock looked like Mo wasn’t even trying to inflict pain.

WOW! Alexander Hammerstone’s gift did not disappoint. Grogan is enormous. He made Hammer look like a mere regular-sized man. Where did MLW find that guy? On first impression, Grogan is a great choice to fill the role of Dynasty bro. MJF, Richard Holliday, and Hammerman have worked so well together as a unit that a fourth member is big shoes to fill. Grogan can literally fill those big shoes. He doesn’t even have to speak much to be a larger than life character.

Overall, MLW’s Thanksgiving episode was a treat. Good action, great surprises, and gargantuan storytelling. I especially enjoyed the little touches like the elimination tag as a nod to Survivor Series rules, the photos of Kerry Von Erich and Ric Flair, and the champion roll call.

Last note. If you are interested in purchasing MLW show tickets, they are having a 20% sale from now until Monday at midnight. Also, check out merch deals at

What was your favorite moment from episode 86 of MLW Fusion? Where do you think Tom Lawlor heads from here? Did King Mo impress? What was your initial reaction to seeing Grogan?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 10 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, and Africa.

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