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Chris Jericho has a rocking Christmas tune for a great cause

Chris Jericho plays a egotistical jerk on Wednesday nights, but he’s an alright dude in real life.

Okay, I don’t know the man personally. So I can’t swear to that. Don’t put people on a pedestal, etc, etc. What I can vouch for is that he has a pretty good set of pipes (at least for classic rock/hair metal) and he’s a big supporter of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Funding).

He’s also got good taste in Christmas songs. Because when Le Champion decided to get together some musician friends and record a holiday track to benefit JDRF, Jericho decided to cover The Kinks’ “Father Christmas”, as punk rock a tune as you’ll hear most Decembers.

It also works really well for pro wrestler, since it already had a line about “Steve Austin” (Ray Davies wrote it about The Six Million Dollar Man, but hell yeah Y2J made it about a certain Rattlesnake).

Check it out:

All proceeds go to JDRF, a cause near and dear to Jericho’s heart because, as he told Uproxx:

“Two of my kids have type 1 diabetes, just diagnosed over the last three years. It’s a disease that everyone knows about but no one really knows. It’s every minute of every day, checking your blood sugar constantly. It’s not like you just have to avoid sugar or something. It’s a real balancing act. You have no idea how much goes into it until you’re in it. It’s one of those things I’m very involved in. I don’t know if we’re going to raise billions of dollars from a cover of a Christmas song, but anything we do make, I thought we’d just put it toward a good cause, that way we can give a little back and do more than just put money in Chris Jericho’s pocket.”

See, told you he wasn’t as bad as that jerk on Dynamite.

The Fozzy front man won’t reveal the identity of the Christmas Helves, but says it’s possible he could be back with more holiday covers or even an original in the future.

So don’t mess around with those silly toys. Put this version of Father Christmas in your playlist and give JRDF some money.

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