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Cody Rhodes attacked by The Butcher and The Blade? Who?

Swing and a miss.

Perhaps chalk this one up to not being able to win them all. Tonight (Nov. 27) Cody Rhodes made his in ring return to Dynamite. The live crowd in Chicago gave Rhodes a hero’s welcome and he was matched up with a jobber.

Cody put away Matt Knicks in less than two minutes via figure four leglock. Post-match, Cody got on the mic and demanded a fight with MJF right here, right now.

Before anything could really happen or anyone could answer Cody, the ring opened up and a masked man emerged from underneath. With Cody’s backed turned, the masked man spit in his face and then attacked.

Another man than climbed from underneath the ring to attack Cody. The problem? Nobody in the live crowd had any idea who just assaulted AEW’s number one baby face. Even Jim Ross seemed more confused than usual.

Excalibur did his best to explain that it was in fact The Butcher and The Blade who got the best of Cody Rhodes.

Umm, come again now? Who?

AEW reaching deep into the indie scene for this one. You can honestly excuse any AEW fans for not getting an obscure Butcher and The Blade reference.

Oh that Butcher and Blade? Of course!

These two guys were then joined by Allie, now known as The Bunny. So this new group consists of The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny.

Maybe something great comes from tonight’s sneak attack, but AEW should have explained this shocking appearance better for their fans.

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