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Jon Moxley flying close to the flame of danger is part of his marriage with Renee Young

Jon Moxley sat down with 101WKQX to promote tonight’s Dynamite at the Sears Centre in Chicago. He addressed Renee Young’s reaction to his match with Kenny Omega, the creative freedom in AEW, and starting from scratch after leaving WWE.

Moxley’s Lights Out match against Kenny Omega at Full Gear was a wild affair that put his wife, Renee Young, through the ringer. Moxley’s attitude about how it may affect her is that it is part of the deal when they got married.

She’s overdramatic. Come on. It comes with the territory. You know what I mean? You signed the contract. We’re together forever, and I will love you forever, but you got to understand that if you’re one of my friends or loved ones, especially if you’re my wife, you’re going to deal with some moments where things get a little cringy and weird, you know?

I tend to fly close to the flame sometimes. Not just in wrestling but just in general in life. I’m a lot better now than I was in my younger days as far as making poor decisions. I’m always going to be, you’re going to have those moments. That’s part of a marriage. I could roll my bike down a mountain tomorrow and break my neck. Know what I mean? These things are constantly on the precipice of happening.

Young rolled her eyes at that overdramatic comment.

Moxley is proud of the picture that Omega and he painted. It is something he’ll look back on as one of the accomplishments of his wrestling career.

Accomplishments in this is not so much anything tangible or whatever. At the end of the day when my career is over, I want to be able to have... The accomplishments are little pieces of work, whether they be one match, one promo, one program, one thing start to finish, your body of work. To me, the Kenny Omega match is an accomplishment. That’s something I can hang on my shelf. Look at this ten years from now. It’ll still look just as gross ten years from now. I just want to keep doing stuff like that. No matter how big or small they are. Like every weekend, have little moments and cool creative things.

Part of the wackiness with the mousetraps and barb wire spider web from that match is due AEW allowing their talent to be creatively free.

There’s so much creativity going on in AEW. Nobody’s being hindered whatsoever, for better or for worse. Everybody is throwing everything against the wall just to see what sticks. If Darby Allin wants to do some thing with a body bag and get crowd surfed because he is a creative guy, we’re going to be like, “Cool, let’s do it.” We’re not going to be like, “Oh, it’s stupid.” You know? We’re going to let him do it. If somebody comes up with a crazy, high-flying, ridiculous, death-defying spot on a match, we’ll be like, “Okay, go for of it. Just don’t die.” Everybody’s just doing whatever they want to do. That’s fun.

That open attitude has allowed Moxley to restart his wrestling persona from scratch after leaving WWE.

I want to kind of start from scratch and rethink my whole style and who I am as a character. I don’t even really have a character, per se. I’m just kind of messing around. I know the roles that I like to play in the ring. I like to be an aggressive, antagonist motherf-er. That feels comfortable and good, so that’s the position I try to keep myself in.

Moxley also had this to say about challenging Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship.

The whole interview is pretty interesting as it also touches on the topics of reactions to Moxley vs Omega at Full Gear, who he’d like to wrestle, his reaction to Fenix vs Nick Jackson, benefits of Dynamite being unpredictable with no patterns or formulas yet, and his movie career.

Will Moxley vs Omega be one of the moments you remember most when Moxley’s career is over? Do prefer his character in AEW over his work in WWE?

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