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AEW Rewind: Being the Inner Circle?, Virgil calling out Scorpio Sky, more!

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Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

Fresh off the AEW fallout, Jon Moxley shot off another slamming promo after beating Darby Allin. He isn’t playing games. Moxley is the baddest son of a gun in AEW.

MJF is focused on his Dynamite Diamond Ring match tonight against Hangman Page.

The ring may be satisfying for MJF, however, the person to present the prize is not. MJF has no interest in DDP.

Get pumped for Scorpio Sky’s title shot against Chris Jericho with Sky’s big tagline from his promo last week.

Aside from the Inner Circle, Sky may have to watch his back if he keeps poking at Soultrain Jones (aka Virgil).

A note from Cody Rhodes about training younger talent on the AEW roster.

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is keeping the steam on the Pentagon train. Check out this cool shirt inspired by that masked man.

If you like that style, you can buy the merch here.

AEW Road to Sears Centre

The video (here) started with Cody Rhodes being unprofessional by not wanting to comment on legitimate newsworthy questions about his loss to Chris Jericho at Full Gear or the result of not challenging for the AEW World Championship again.

It transitioned into a video package about the importance of Sears Centre in Chicago as giving AEW a shot for their first PPV. It recapped the events of Cody vs Jericho leading up to and at Full Gear and the aftermath on Dynamite. The doctor provided a medical update on Cody’s forehead gash and rib injury. The wound is healing, but Cody wanted a shot for his rib to feel no pain so he could compete in the ring. The doctor talked Cody into waiting a little longer for his body to recuperate.

Rhodes will break his silence about MJF in Chicago. His relationship with MJF meant a great deal to him. MJF was a heel, but he was Cody’s handpicked heel. Cody deserves more of a reason than MJF gave for his treachery, but Cody probably wouldn’t hear it due to a lust for revenge and vindication. Cody will return to the ring in Chicago then grab a hot mic and address MJF.

Being the Elite

“We Lied” - Being The Elite, Ep. 181 (here) featured:

  • Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa were on the couch binge eating. Nakazawa wanted to play a game for fun, but Omega was in a sour mood. A Chip & Dale chipmunk video game was the choice. Nakazawa paused it to have a serious chat with Omega about what he will do next. Omega is going to get revenge on Jon Moxley on live TV. Nakazawa stated that revenge is not the answer. Forget about Moxley. Nakazawa brought out the AAA Megacampeonato to show Omega is a champ. Omega became excited about the idea to defend the belt in AEW.
  • Joey Janela was getting his hair done. He complimented the stylist. Kaz overheard, emptied his suitcase, oiled up, then pumped his muscles.
  • Nick Jackson talked about brother Matt not being there then turned to Christopher Daniels thinking he was Matt. Daniels was confused. Nick was angry about “Matt” not wearing their merch. Turns out that Nick was missing Matt and pretended CD was his brother. CD acquiesced and wore the Young Bucks shirt. Nick told him to wear it all day long. CD wanted his own shirt since he doesn’t get royalty money from that Bucks shirt. Nick paid CD in magic. Snap. Nick’s hat was on CD’s head. CD pulled up his shirt and a $100 bill of merch money was taped to his stomach. Merch freak!
  • The cameramen mocked Jimmy Havoc about using a stapler gun. Havoc stapled and paper cut their hands.
  • Nick Jackson approached Justin Roberts about announcing him as a singles wrestler and bribed Roberts with a Golden Girls tank top.
  • Matt Jackson watched Nick vs Fenix from home.
  • Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt, and Scorpio Sky rode a tricycle around backstage.
  • Hangman Page boot danced in front of Private Party. We wanted to hang out with them for BTE, but Private Party was hesitant. They told Page he used to be the man then pumped him up about cowboy shit. Page went wild and drank their beverages. Page took the whole bottle with him.
  • Back to the tricycle. Luchasaurus pulled Stunt off. What’s the rule? Always wear a helmet. No. Always buckle up. Stunt hopped back on with Jungle Boy.
  • Video of Sky saying he will turn Le Champion into Le Bitch. SCU, Sonny Kiss, and others recreated a popular meme of delivering a verbal knockout.
  • The Librarians were interrupted by Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz. The cameraman told them they were trying to get one last bit for BTE. The Inner Circle apologized and exited. Ortiz, “One last thing. We lied!” The Inner Circle beat down cameraman Brandon Cutler and double powerbombed him through a table. They had the camera and teased Being the Inner Circle for next week. They snatched Leva Bates are took her away.

That last segment is worth checking out. Ortiz’s, “We lied,” as a recurring gimmick is gold. I burst out laughing. I really hope next week is Being the Inner Circle.

The merch freak thing is growing on me. I didn’t understand at first, but, after a few magical appearances, I’m starting to enjoy the goofiness.

We’ll close with two amusing GIFs. Lucha Underground pizza connoisseur Vinnie Massaro had the perfect caption with Darby Allin’s surprise suicide dive on Jon Moxley last week.

Enjoy Big Swole busting a groove with fancy footwork from her match against Shanna on AEW Dark.

Is there anyone badder than Jon Moxley on the AEW roster? Who wants to see more Virgil in AEW? Will Cody Rhodes get the last laugh on MJF tonight? Will MJF get diamonds in the form of a Diamond Cutter? Who’s up for Being the Inner Circle?

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