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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Nov. 27, 2019): Kenny Omega vs. PAC

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we're looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This episode comes our way from Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Advertised for tonight: Chris Jericho’s “Thanksgiving Thank You Celebrashon for Le Champion”, Kenny Omega vs. PAC, Hangman Page vs, MJF for the Dynamite Diamond Ring, Cody in action, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


Cain here filling in for the evening.

JR welcomes us to Dynamite in Chicago.

There is a marching band performing on the entrance ramp. The ring is set up for a big “Thank you” celebration, and Soul Train Jones has the mic. He introduces the greatest of all time, Chris Jericho.

Out comes Le Champion with a little bit of the bubbly, to a raucous ovation. The audience chants “Thank you Jericho.” The champ tells them to sit down and shut up, and the cheers quickly turn to boos. Tonight he will get his well-deserved “Thank you” from the AEW brass.

He offers some 50 cents coupons for his merch before moving on to the reveal of the official “A Little Bit of the Bubbly”, which you can order now. Jericho and Jones share a toast.

Here comes Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz down to the ring.

Guevara offers Jericho a gift, a cardboard cut out depiction of Jericho and Guevara hugging. Santana and Ortiz offer him some home flu remedies, among other items from their neighborhood gift basket. They give him A Little Bit of the 40, and Jericho is loving every bit of this.

Now Jake Hager is out, with a real live Jeri-goat, though there may be some confusion as to whether it is a male or female goat. A little bit of topical humor, perhaps.

Santana and Ortiz now open up a giant box to reveal Chris Jericho’s dad sitting inside, wearing a New York Rangers jersey. His dad says it’s great to be here in New York City, and the Chicago crowd boos while chanting for the Blackhawks. Jericho’s father gloats about how often he and the Rangers beat up on the terrible Blackhawks, who will always be wimps. Personalized New York Rangers jerseys are handed out to each member of the Inner Circle.

Le Champion now brings in Justin Roberts to read the official thank you note that was written to him by the AEW brass. Jericho doesn’t know Roberts’ name, and Roberts says he’s from the Chicago area.

The note talks about Jericho’s exemplary service to AEW and thanks him for being Le Champion. Jericho didn’t appreciate Roberts’ tone in reading the note, and now the entire Inner Circle goes after the announcer and knocks him to the mat, stripping his suit jacket.

The marching band storms the ring and chases off the heels. Soul Train Jones is left in there to take a beating from the marching band, which happens to be the members of SCU!

Tony Schiavone is out on assignment this week, replaced on commentary by Marco Martinez.

The Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) make their way to the ring. They are attacked from behind by the Lucha Bros! The Best Friends quickly regroup and then Orange Cassidy, dressed as a turkey, flies off the top turnbuckle to wipe out the Lucha Bros. The commentators make a joke about flying turkeys and appealing to the over 50 demographic.

Best Friends vs. Lucha Bros

The match officially begins and we get the Hug spot from the Best Friends. It doesn’t take long before the Lucha Bros distract the ref and gain the upper hand. We go to break.

We’re back from break, and Trent is nailed in the balls from the top rope by Pentagon. Chuck Taylor tags in and hits Sliced Bread on Fenix. Now a single leg crap on Pentagon, but Fenix breaks it up with a kick. Trent is back in, and Taylor wipes out both members of Lucha Bros with a dive on the outside, while JR jokes about not knowing the names of the moves.

Orange Cassidy distracts Pentagon, but it only leads to a two count. Fenix and Trent are inside the ring. Fenix goes for a rolling cutter into a Canadian destroyer, but Trent counters it into a sudden pin.

Best Friends defeat Lucha Bros.

We get a quick look at some of the official AEW rankings.

It’s time for some tag team action in the women’s division.

JR inappropriately uses the term “oriental” while Emi Sakura makes her entrance, but then immediately corrects himself.

Bea Priestley & Emi Sakura vs. Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida

Statlander exchanges blows with Sakura, and then takes out Priestley on the outside. Shida tags in and sets up her jumping chair spot on the outside. Sakura sits on the chair before Shida can get to it. Priestley and Shida are now brawling on the outside as we go to break.

Priestley attempts a cover on Shida when we return from break. Sakura tags in and uses her mic stand to assist with an abdominal stretch. “Shida” chants break out from the crowd.

Shida suplexes Sakura, and Sakura’s boots nail Priestley right in the face. However Shida still can’t make the tag before the heels regain control. Priestley plants Shida with a german suplex, but Shida counters her followup and finally tags in Statlander!

Statlander with a version of the Oklahoma roll on Sakura for a two count. Sakura takes over and hits Kris with a twisting facebreaker. Emi with a diving crossbody, and then Priestley stomps Statlander from the top rope. Sakura misses a moonsault, sits up to recover, but is nailed from behind with a running kick from Shida. Statlander tries to put Sakura away with a scissors kick, but Sakura manages to kick out of the pin at the last second. Now a Michinoku driver on Sakura, but Bea breaks up the pin attempt.

The ref doesn’t see a cheap shot with the mic stand, and Sakura takes advantage to roll up Statlander for the win.

Bea Priestley & Emi Sakura defeat Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida

Now we have a Jon Moxley pre-taped promo. He refers to himself as napalm death who will eventually come get you. Moxley is calling out anybody who has a death wish or wants to be a hero to step up and try their luck.

We go to break.

Back from commercial, and Cody Rhodes makes his entrance. The crowd erupts for this man. He has a giant scar over his right eye, and his ribs are taped up.

Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Knicks

Cody takes control with a headlock, but Knicks damages him with a kick to the ribs. Cody fires up and lands a cutter. Cody tosses his belt into the audience and then applies a figure four leglock. Knicks taps out.

Cody Rhodes defeats Matt Knicks.

The crowd chants for Cody. He grabs a mic and calls out MJF. A masked wrestler rises up from a hole in the ring mat. He takes out Cody and removes the mask. The commentator calls him The Blade, and then The Butcher also emerges from the hole in the ring mat. Allie also comes up from the hole, and is referred to as The Bunny by commentary. The Blade, Butcher, and Bunny stand tall over a wounded Cody as we go to break.

It’s time for PAC vs. Omega, while we are reminded of PAC’s win over Omega from All Out inside this building.

Kenny Omega vs. PAC

Omega drops PAC with a basement dropkick and then a snap dragon suplex on PAC. Omega follows up with a buckle bomb, but PAC kicks out of the pin attempt. PAC takes a breather on the outside, but Omega doesn’t let up, nailing him with a running dive over the top rope. Kenny seems to have hurt his tailbone or leg on the landing. He rolls PAC back into the ring.

One more snap dragon suplex from Omega inside the ring onto PAC. Both men are on the ring apron. PAC punches Omega down to the floor below, and then follows up with a moonsault. Both men are laid out on the floor outside the ring, and we go to break.

Back from break, both men are exchanging blows to alternating “Yay” and “Boo” responses from the crowd. Omega sends PAC down for good in the corner with a running thrust kick. Omega follows up with a couple Polish hammers. Now a fisherman’s buster, but PAC keeps kicking out at two.

The two men exchange an assortment of kicks, before PAC finally takes Kenny out with a lariat that took him off his own feet. PAC sits Omega on the top buckle and climbs up after him. PAC hits a Falcon Arrow off the top rope! Omega kicks out at two.

PAC is back up top, and misses a Black Arrow. Omega runs across the ring and strikes with the V-Trigger. PAC avoids the one-winged angel. Omega now with a crucifix pin, PAC kicks out into his own pin attempt, but Omega readjusts his weight and this time secures the three count.

Kenny Omega defeats PAC.

Now we have a recap of last week’s Battle Royal, setting up the next match between MJF and Hangman Page for the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

MJF makes his entrance with Wardlow, and an inset promo explaining why he is better than you and deserves the diamond ring. Hangman Page gets an inset promo as well during his entrance. He wants the 45K ring and needs a big win to hang his hat on. He’s not much of a ring guy, but if MJF wants it so badly, he’ll shove it up MJF’s ass after he wins it. That sounds like something they should save for AEW Dark.

Hangman Page vs. MJF

We go to break right after the match begins, with Wardlow already about to get involved by distracting Page from executing a buckshot lariat.

Back from commercial, Page with a fall away slam on MJF. He follows up with a suicide dive on the outside, driving MJF into the barricade. Hangman is on fire, now landing a beautiful moonsault. Hangman tries for the Buckshot lariat, but MJF grabs hold of the ref to block Page’s path.

Both men exchange some moves until Page finally hits the Buckshot lariat. Wardlow puts MJF’s foot on the rope to break the pin. Page eats a right hand from Wardlow when the ref’s back is turned. MJF then hits Page with Cody’s finisher, and he gets the three count.

MJF defeats Hangman Page.

DDP comes out to present the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF. DDP is a friend of the Rhodes family, so I’m sure this will go well.

The crowd chants “asshole” at MJF as he takes the ring from the box. DDP begins to lecture MJF about how disappointed he is by MJF’s actions. Yet he still offers MJF a handshake. MJF disrespects DDP, which brings in Wardlow to get in DDP’s face. DDP says Wardlow better watch out, because he’d look real stupid getting his ass kicked by a 63 year old man in Chicago. Officials get in the ring to break up the escalating situation while the crowd chants “Let them go.”

We go to break.

Dustin Rhodes is in the ring for an interview with Jenn Decker. He talks trash towards Jake Hager and says he is out for blood. Santana, Ortiz, and Guevara quickly hit the ring and beat Dustin down to the mat like a pack of jackals. The Young Bucks join the fray, and all three faces join in on a superkick party. The Inner Circle are set up for three separate Shattered Dreams in the corners. All sets of testicles are kicked in with authority.

We cut to another Dark Order recruitment video, this time a little bit creepier than the one from last week. This one shows an actual meeting of the Dark Order and all of their potential pledges.

Time for a commercial break.

Back from break, Scorpio Sky makes his entrance, and commentary reminds us that nobody from SCU or Inner Circle is allowed ringside for this AEW championship match. There is a 60-minute time limit, with about 15 minutes of television time left as the bell rings.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Scorpio Sky (AEW championship match)

I believe there is a “Stupid idiot” chant at the outset. Jericho takes Sky down with a shoulder block. Sky bounces back with a dropkick, clotheslines Jericho over the top rope, and hits Jericho with a boot to the face on the outside. He rolls Jericho back into the ring. Sunset flip on Jericho gets a two count.

Jericho takes Scorpio down with a spring board dropkick, and we go to break.

There are about ten minutes of TV time left as we return from break. Jericho is in control with some chops, but Sky counters with a hanging neckbreaker. Sky hits an explosive dropkick. Jericho runs into a back elbow, and then Sky nails him with an Ace Crusher.

Scorpio misses a dropkick and Jericho catches him in the Lion Tamer. Sky crawls over to the ropes, and Jericho has to break the hold. Sky catches the champ in a dragon sleeper. Jake Hager is suddenly on the ring apron even though he is barred from ringside. His distraction allows Jericho a chance to put Sky down and recover a bit.

The rest of SCU runs out and lays into Hager. Jericho tries to hit Sky with the championship belt while the ref is distracted, but Sky ducks and catches Jericho with a TKO! 1...2..kick out!

We get another close two count, before Sky is caught in a mid air codebreaker. Sky kicks out at two. The crowd thinks it’s time to say this is awesome.

Sky almost wins the championship on a backslide! The challenger avoids the Judas Effect, but Jericho catches Sky’s boot and puts him back in the Lion Tamer. Sky has no choice but to tap out.

Chris Jericho defeats Scorpio Sky.

Jericho isn’t done yet. He goes back inside the ring and puts Sky back in the Lion Tamer.

Wait a minute, that’s Jon Moxley!

Moxley menacingly glares at Jericho from his perch high up in the audience. Jericho shows off his old man armpit to celebrate his championship win, while Moxley now heads down towards the ring!

Oh, nevermind. Moxley only takes a few steps, and halts, continuing to stare a hole into the champ. That’s the end of the show.

Thanks for hanging out during Dynamite, everyone!

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