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ROH Wrestling, Ep. 427: Six-man title defense with all the beef

Episode 427 of ROH Wrestling (Nov. 22) featured a ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship bout with three hosses, a true heavyweight, a colt, and a cheeseburger.

Quick results:

This episode was a fan special. They voted for participants and stipulations.

Highlights of Dragon Lee vs Jeff Cobb. Cobb went for his Wrath of the Gods spinning finisher, but Lee countered into a crucifix pin to win.

Rush & Shane Taylor vs Matt Taven & Dalton Castle. Full match. Taylor picked up the pin on Castle after a headbutt and a spinning sitdown shoulderbreaker/piledriver.

Video package for Tyler Bateman. He is an undiagnosed sociopath with violent tendencies.

Ryan Nova vs Dak Draper. Full match. Draper is the winner of ROH’s top prospect tournament. Promo from Nova to say Draper never beat him, so we’ll find out who the real top prospect is. For the finish, Draper escaped an armbar by powerbombing Nova. A fireman’s carry front slam finished the match for Draper’s win.

There was a recap of PCO beating Marty Scurll in the #1 contender tournament final. The end showed Scurll congratulating PCO for his win and Villain Enterprises standing tall together. ROH neglected to air that important detail when they showed the match on episode 425.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Marty Scurll, PCO, & mystery partner Dan Maff versus Colt Cabana, Jeff Cobb, & Cheeseburger. Maff was a replacement for the injured Brody King.

Highlights include behemoth showdowns of Cobb and Maff and Cobb and PCO, a rolling bowling ball by Maff into the corner while Cheeseburger was on his back, PCO with a cannonball dive to the outside, a suicide dive by Maff, Maff running to step up off PCO’s back for a big air senton, Cobb suplexing Maff into the ring over the ropes, and a standing moonsault by Cobb.

For the finish, PCO kicked out of a flying stomp from Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger went on the attack, but PCO snatched him up for a tombstone piledriver while also double chokeslamming Cabana and Cobb all at the same time. Maff blind tagged PCO as he executed a moonsault onto Cheeseburger. Maff shoved PCO off the pin attempt then clobbered Cheeseburger with a Burning Hammer to win. The champs retained.

The main event was a bit thick on the comedy side, but the big men went big with big boy moves to make it more entertaining than I was expecting. That step-up senton by Maff was awesome. I’d love a three-way between Cobb, Maff, and PCO.

Speaking of wild scenarios, what would happen if Cheeseburger met Niño Hamburguesa from AAA? I assume they’d become best of friends.

Dak Draper looks like an interesting prospect. He had a nice mix of suplexes and slams in his match. The wrestling world always needs giants. At 6’7”, Draper isn’t super tall, but he would be the giant of ROH.

If you are interested in ROH merch, they currently have a sale until December 1.

What did you think about episode 427 of ROH Wrestling? Did the comedy weigh down the main event or pick it up? Who’s your favorite big man in ROH?

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