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Finn Bálor wins his first match back in NXT


Finn Bálor returned to NXT almost two months ago. But he hadn’t had a match yet.

Oh, he’s been busy. He turned heel. He attacked Johnny Gargano. Then he attacked Matt Riddle when Gargano was too hurt to compete. All that was left was that first match back.

Finn made his return in Chicago tonight at TakeOver: WarGames in a battle with the Bro. This would be the first time we ever saw Finn wrestle heel in WWE/NXT.

Heel Bálor’s moveset wasn’t too different, but his pace seemed more methodical at times. And his facial expressions successfully pushed across his change in the demeanor since the last time we saw him wrestle.

It was an even match. Finn didn’t have too many long series of offense. (A baseball slide to the face of Riddle outside was Bálor’s longest on the offensive.) The Bro is very good at reversals when on the defensive to steal the momentum back.

There was a point towards the end of the match where Riddle hooked in the BroMission and maneuvered Bálor to the middle of the ring that things looked dire for Finn. But the Prince fought out and soon delivered at huge 1916 to defeat the Bro.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but Finn Bálor picked up a big win for his first match back in NXT.

For a complete rundown of everything that happened in Allstate Arena tonight, head to our live blog here.

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