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Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho react to NXT drawing more viewers than Dynamite

While there were plenty of caveats - most importantly that AEW’s show outperformed WWE’s in the ratings with everyone but fans over 50 (okay, boomers). But in terms of audience size, NXT beat Dynamite for the first time in two months worth of shows on Weds., Nov. 20.

And because it’s the world we live in now, that meant people were asking and/or taunting top All Elite names about the result on Twitter.

Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes, who wasn’t on Dynamite this week, had a very babyface response when asked:

Chris Jericho, who was on the show, is one of those assholes:

Now, Le Champeon is a heel, and was having one of his past comments raised as a “gotcha”. But Cody thinking Jericho is an asshole fits nicely with AEW kayfabe.

Where was I going with any of that? Got sucked into a whole ‘Reality’ era game of work or shoot about guys who blend kayfabe personas and non-kayfabe ones on the regular...

Oh yeah. That’s how Jericho & Cody reacted to NXT having more viewers than Dynamite a couple nights ago.

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